spring 2013 | st. Lawrence Universit y Magazine
susie somerville swindell ’88
Weed Street
New Canaan, CT 06840
next r eunion: 25
, 2014
Whitney Flegal Pierpont
and i are excited to be
your class reporters! we have such fond memo-
ries of st. Lawrence and love the connections we
have with our fellow Laurentians. Our 25th r e-
union is this spring and we hope that many you
are planning a trip to canton to see all of the excit-
ing changes on campus.
r esource
group, inc., white r iver
Junction, vt., has an-
nounced the appoint-
ment of
Stephen Lawe
as ceO. rsg works in
transportation planning,
market strategy, environ-
mental management and
custom software devel-
opment, and has been a
Best places to work in
vermont” company since 2006. steve joined rsg
the year he graduated, and has worked in every
aspect of the company, serving on the Board of
Directors 1996-2009. He has a master’s focusing
on resource policy management fromDartmouth
college, and a Master of studies in environmental
Law from vermont Law school, where for several
summers he taught environmental law.
we know you have been busy and our class
notes have been empty for a long time. get in-
spired! call or email with your news. your class-
mates will enjoy hearing about you.
Debbie Burdette Ritter ’89
Mooreÿeld Road
Springÿeld, OH 45502
next r eunion: 25
, 2014
r etired Lt. col.
Brent Reinhardt
enjoys living in
Bozeman, Mont., with his wife, tanya, a Montana
state University alumna who works for the col-
lege of agriculture. Brent works at the University
for the army r Otc program.
Bob Rich
lives in Buffal with his wife, Karin,
daughter Jenna, 15, and son eric. 10, and hopes
that both of his kids will consider st. Lawrence
when looking at colleges. eric is following in his
father’s musical footsteps by playing drums. “it
would be cool to see him end up at st. Lawrence
playing on the same stages i played with story
Lloyd,”Bob writes.
Bob is president of r Oar Logistics, a company he
started in 2003 that has grown to include 47 em-
ployees and offices in Buffal , atlanta, peoria, ill.,
and soon Los angeles. He also has a music career,
performing with two groups, t he pillagers and
Dick whiskey. His own band, t his is now, has re-
corded several albums, including his latest, Hear
and now, available on itunes.
i often think back on the years at st. Lawrence
and all of the amazing musicians that i met there
as well as the time that my band, story Lloyd,
opened for the r amones at Madill Hall,” Bob
says. “i still have a cassette tape of that gig. i am
looking forward to coming back for our 25th r e-
union and hopefully another jam session at the
Hoot Owl.”
Bob keeps in touchwith
Sandy Luick
and adrian
Jones ’90, who lives in illinois, and recently ran
into the Hackett brothers (Jason ’92, ian ’93 and
austin ’98) in scottsdale, ariz. For the last five
years he and
Peter Forelli
have taken an annual
fishin trip to the Florida Keys.
My last column included
Dick Ziegler’
s ques-
tion to our classmates: “what 10 words summa-
rize your st. Lawrence experience?” i promised to
include my response in this column but found it
difficu to do that in so few nouns and adjectives.
t his is what i came upwith: engaging, friends, fun,
memorable, international, Laurentian singers,
cold, challenging, eye-opening and life-changing.
i hope you’ll take up Dick’s challenge and send
me your own unique list. Meanwhile, i hope you
are all enjoying a healthy and happy 2013.
Lynne Gilbert Agoston ’90
Farmland Drive
Rockville, Maryland
next r eunion: 25
, 2015
Rob English
K.C. Swenson
met up for a
long weekend last august at r ob’s family’s sum-
mer cottage in newHampshire.t hey went canoe-
ing and did plenty of lake fishin , and also spent
an entire day sea fishin on a mutual friend’s boat
many miles off the coast.
r ob has seen chris galanty ‘91 a few times, and
also caught up with chris at Dick ’86 and
Edwards Niles’
holiday gathering in December,
where he also saw
Jennifer Curley Reichert,
Jennifer Hammer McGee
sarah Lindsay
watkins ‘91 and nancy Juda ’88. chris continues
to work at Booz allen Hamilton and lives inwash-
ington, D.c. r ob says he hopes to revitalize their
annual canoe trip up the potomac r iver withtodd
stribley ‘92 in July.
in October, r ob and sara norman ‘88 caught
up with suzanne Duvall ‘90n at the international
gold cup Horse r aces in t he plains, va. r ob, K.c.,
sara and andy smith ‘91, along with four other
regulars, were planning their annual March trip to
see the allman Brothers Band in nyc . For some of
them, this will be the fi th year in a row.
Brendan McLaughlin
reports that r ob Marcia-
no ‘90n has left his role as cnn weather anchor to
join nancy O’Dell as co-host of the entertainment
news program “entertainment tonight.” Brendan
enjoyed running into eric sauereisen ‘85 along
with spencer ’93 and wendy Hillman todd ‘91 at
christmas parties in pittsburgh. He was looking
forward to donning his new st. Lawrence saints-
wear cycling jersey that he received as a christ-
mas present.
Matthew Redding
reports that he has been
redeployed from afghanistan, where he was
training afghan army and police units to operate
against insurgent threats. He moved to europe
last summer and is now stationed in Kaiserslaut-
ern, germany, where he commands the U.s.
army’s 598th transportation Brigade. His unit
oversees all Department of Defense seaports and
surface cargo contracts for europe and africa.
Matt says, “t he job is very intense and involves
travel to most of europe and many of our nat O
partner nations. i enjoy the mission and am really
enjoying being here with my family, as we have
been able to travel around and see lots of cool
things in europe!”Matt says he occasionally hears
Adam Lange
who is commanding a U.s.
army helicopter squadron in alaska.
Holly Joel Mudd
Karyn Edwards Niles
traveled out to colorado in October to visit
Reed Walker
and Megan champney Meagher
t hey had a long girls’ weekend in Brecken-
ridge, where they went hiking and hot-tubbing,
and even resurrected Mad Dog Monday. ani is a
part-time travel agent; Holly manages acquisi-
tion strategy for small business at sovereign/
santander Bank in Boston; Megan is a specialist
at OsHa; and Karyn is an assistant principal at a
middle school in Fairfax, va. plans are already in
the works for the next reunion (i will join you guys
if you promise not to bring out the Mad Dog!).
Holly reported that her husband,
Mike Mudd
attended the retirement gala for Joe Marsh, along
Joe Day, Brad James
t he
event included a dinner and ceremony, a trip to
the Hoot Owl, an alumni game and amen’s hockey
game (we won!). a highlight was a DvD created
about Joe’s career, narrated by tom Brokaw.
Look for a reminder about when the next notes
are due on the class of 1990 Facebook page.
Ken Polk ’91
Rana Court
Williamsville NY 14221
716-830-6438 (
716-626-6120 (
Fax: 716-626-6099
next r eunion: 25
, 2016
Molly Mullady Arbogast
is back with the
philadelphia eagles as vice president, corporate
partnership development. while Molly enjoyed
her three years at Learfiel sports in the college
sports world, she says,“it’s nice to be‘home.’” Mol-
ly had previously worked for the eagles, where
she sells advertising and corporate sponsorship.
f amil y wEEKEnd 2013
t here’s something for
October 4-6