spr ing 2013 | st. Lawrence Universit y Magazine 51
elizabeth solomon hubbard ’87
Bernard Place
Evanston, IL 60201
next r eunion: 30
, 2017 (
cluster with ’87, ’88)
nursing’s a HUge change for someone who
spent 25 years in sales and marketing.
Sally San-
has received her associate’s degree in nurs-
ing fromnorwalk community college, andwill be
a licensed rn once she passes her licensing exam.
she was class president and earned the connecti-
cut national League of nurses peer r ecognition
when sally contacted me, she didn’t have a job
lined up, but was hoping to secure a position in
an acute care setting. sally has lived in stamford,
conn., since 2005 with paul and their four-legged
children (two dogs, one cat). she stays in touch
with a bunch of st. Lawrence friends through
Facebook. what a great new adventure, sally!
after seeing some great pictures of an sLU get-
together on Facebook, i asked Beth DiMicco ’88
for details.
Karen Zega, Vivian Dwyer
and Beth
met in December for a lovely dinner. t hey try to
get together as much as possible. t hey saw
when he was in san Francisco on business
in the summer of 2012, and went to an event at
Val Kelleher Herzog’s
napa restaurant, Brix, in
the fall.
Beth recently helped launch the first pure Barre
studio in san Francisco. it’s a few blocks from
Karen’s apartment and she’s become a client, so
Beth and Karen get to see a lot of each other these
days. Beth is consulting for a couple other busi-
nesses as well.
Scott O’Connell
was the subject of the lead story
in the December-January issue of
New Hampshire
Business Review,
which came to the University’s
attention. t he article traces his career, his many
high-profile cases and accolades, and his involve-
ment with horse farming and the Mack Hill r id-
ing academy. it also discusses his pro bono work,
quoting scott as saying he believes attorneys
bear“the responsibility of helping those who can-
not afford representation. t he (legal) system de-
grades for all unless it can be used effectively by
the least able among us,”he states.
i have my own big news. in addition to getting
an adorable black lab puppy named Mini, i be-
came the proud owner of a café in our local train
station. Our hours are 5:30 to10 a.m., so between
the puppy and the new job, i am defini ely not
getting enough sleep. t he train station is located
above street level, so we are calling it the Upstairs
café. Like us on Facebook!
i knowwe have lots of classmates who have sent
kids to college, travelled to interesting places
and have curious and quirky hobbies. share all
this with me so i can keep our class in touch! t he
first person who contacts me with an update, af-
ter this column comes out, will receive a chicago
deep-dish pizza frommy favorite pizza place, Lou
Malnati’s! t hey can be shipped anywhere! Be well!
On the St. Lawrence n etwork
We’re excited to see Laurentians gathering all across the country, far from campus,
in Georgia, California, Missouri and...
Last summer, several Laurentians traveled to south Hero, vt., for the annual Music in the vineyard
event at snow Farmwinery. For four years, Laurentians in the Burlington area have gathered at the
vineyard to enjoy live music, local wine tastings and the company of good friends.
More than 300 Laurentians gathered in Lake placid, n.y., in their best scarlet and brown to cheer
on the saints at the annual st. Lawrence-c larkson Festivus Faceoff in me ’s hockey in December.
Mary c laire schwab ’02 and other members of the a lumni executive council conducted a silent
auction to raise money for council support of saints network events of all kinds. Five people even
saw the game all the way from Denver, via television, thanks to the efforts of skylar van steemberg
front right.
co-coordinator steve wahl ’62 reports a suc-
cessful alumni gathering in scottsdale, a riz., on
november 15, 2012, culminating in hopes for
similar gatherings each spring and fall. attend-
ees were, from left, Lindsay Hamula Bryant ’03,
Lizzie salomon ’06 and steve watson ’05, paul
LaMarca ‘09, ian Hackett ’93, steve and vivian
wahl, Mary Masters Opila ’81, and ashley abare
and Joe Barth ’06. t he watsons and Barths
were also co-coordinators.