spr ing 2013 | st. Lawrence Universit y Magazine
One our most challenging classes at st. Law-
rence was statistics, so this report is in statistical
form,”Kristan continued. t he six of us are married
times), widowed (twice), divorced (fi e times),
remarried and single. we have 13 children, includ-
ing two sets of twins, who range in age from 5
to 25. two of us live in Buffal , one on cape cod,
one in chatham, n.J., one in r ye, n.y., and one in
cheboygan, wis. t hree are real estate agents, one
owns her own business, one is starting one, and
one is a computer consultant.
Over the years, we have gathered several times
besides our weddings, in places such as connecti-
cut, cape cod, the British virgin islands and turks.
t he older we get, the longer and more cushy the
trips become!
i won’t figu e out how much we spend annu-
ally on hair color. i will report that we enjoy each
other’s company and that it’s as if we are at 24
Mechanic st. and have not missed a beat during
the past 30 years. Many secrets were revealed,
and many more secrets will be kept. we still have
lively discussions about politics, sex, drugs, rock
and roll, and which establishment in canton had
the best pizza rolls.
we missed
Cindy Deatly Ross
who would’ve
changed our statistics but brought many smiles
to our faces. she was working too hard in
chatham, n.J. we will expect her beautiful smiling
face the next time!”
My younger sister, gretchen, lives inwilliamsville,
n.y., and i introduced her to Kristan via a short
email. turns out they’ve known one another for
years (gretchen, who is eight years my junior, met
Kristan at st. Lawrence when she was only 13 or
belong to the same club and their teen-aged
children even know one another. small world!
each year in early December a few very generous
Laurentians host a terrific party at the r ound Hill
club in greenwich, conn. t his year i had a great
time seeing a few from the class of ’85 and was
happy to get a fun-filled report from craig somer-
by ’85 that the annual ski trip at
Keefe Gorman
place in park city, Utah, was again filled with
the spirit of regression. i am sure gorman,
somerby and the rest of the usual suspects
have some great skiing stories to tell.
i had a great time running into
BethCuda Baker.
she’s still living in new canaan, conn., and enjoy-
ing life as an empty-nester.
Bruce Catlin
and wife Holly Harder catlin ‘83
continue to split their year between Lincoln, vt.,
and the adirondacks. t hey have a daughter at
wesleyan, one son in 10th grade, a freshman and
a seventh-grader. t hey are gearing up for another
season operating t imberlock, their resort on in-
dian Lake, n.y., where they specialize in family
vacations and reunions.
S. Lue McWilliams
wrote to the alumni office
that her acting career was going well. she’s been
in two award-winning films:
The Pill
which is now
on netflix; and
Naked as We Came
in theaters this
spring. she’s also been involved in theatrical proj-
ects that she hopes will go off-B oadway in 2013.
t he
also learned that
an attorney with
choate, Hall & stewart
LLp in Boston, has been
named to the elite 2012
top Massachusetts su-
per Lawyers®” list for at-
taining the highest level
of peer recognition and
ment in the state for
she was also listed among the “top 50
women in Massachusetts.” t he final published list
represents no more than fi e percent of the law-
yers in the state.
Diana co-chairs the government enforcement
compliance practice group at choate, and rep-
resents clients before the sec and the Financial
industry r egulatory authority. she received her
M.a. and J.D. from newyork University.
Here is a link to a video that all proud sLU alumni
should watch. it’s a tribute to coach Joe Marsh,
who retired last year, and was co-produced by
Ray Shero
men’s+hockey/story/11253. great story, r ay! and
congrats coach! what a legacy.
i have been looking for pictures of the Lauren-
tian singers’ r ussia/r omania trip of 1982. can
anyone please email them to me if you have cop-
ies, or maybe even make a few.
My daughter charlotte turned 3 in December.
Sue Kiley Taylor
and daughter Jane, 13, joined
the festivities in westport, conn. sue’s daughter
Kate ’16 is on the volleyball team. we marvel at
the fact that our st. Lawrence friends met at 18
and many now have children that age.
i am still busy writing for film and the theater and
just started auditioning again for theater, com-
mercials, tv and film in new york city. it’s been
fun going to auditions again, and much easier to
keep it in perspective at this point in life.
please let me know how you are doing, where
your children are going to school (if you have any)
and what you are up to in your lives.
cary r egan and Michael Keigher ’85
MacPherson Drive
Greenwich, CT 03860
next r eunion: 30
, 2014 (
cluster with ’83, ’84)
in December, president Fox and his wife, Lynn,
made their annual trip to connecticut to host
the Lower Fairfield county alumni gathering. a
decent number of classmates joined the group.
we saw
Craig Somerby
and his wife, Bebe. craig
visited st. Lawrence last fall with their oldest son,
Michael, a senior at groton.
Sue Nicolais
Bob Weaver
were in atten-
dance, as well as
Jackie Elliman Leonard
we see
Jackie occasionally; one of her daughters attends
the same high school as our daughter allie.
it was great fun to have
Donna Winston
out from the city for this event.
David Ball
there as well. t he month prior, Donna, David,
Mike and i went to the annual st. Lawrence-yale
men’s hockey game in new Haven. we joined
several alums in the sLU section and had a great
time! i ran into
Bill Helene
who lives in Milford,
conn., and is an eMt.
we encourage you to send a newsy email to our
addresses above or find us on Facebook. Look
forward to hearing from you all soon!
Joy Ciarcia-Levy ’86
Sherbrooke Rd.
Hartsdale, NY 10530
next r eunion: 30
, 2017 (
cluster with ’87, ’88)
Matt Armstrong
a commercial real estate devel-
oper in greenwich, conn., recently led the team
that developed the expansion and renovation at
the Hard r ock Hotel and casino in Las vegas. He
lived at the hotel and commuted back and forth
to connecticut for two years while it was being
built. His latest project is a 500,000-square-foot
luxury retail outlet mall at Foxwoods/MgM casino
in upstate connecticut. He is planning a spring
opening, and hopes his fellow alums will all
Matt and suzanne have two children: a daughter
who is a sophomore at ithaca college, pursuing a
career in the television business and last summer
worked for Katie couric at aBc-tv in new york;
and a son, 16 and a junior at greenwich High
t he new york state
chapter of the ameri-
can college of surgeons
announces that Dr.
vid W. Wormuth
been elected president.
according to the an-
nouncement, the albany-
based body “advocates
for improving patient
safety and represents
the interests of surgeons
throughout the state.” David lives in Jamesville,
n.y., and is a board-certified thoracic surgeon and
chief of thoracic surgery at University Hospital in
syracuse. at crouse Hospital he works on a clini-
cal information system in support of patient care
protocols, according to a hospital statement. He
received his medical degree in 1990 from sUny
Upstate Medical University, completed his resi-
dency there in 1998, and did one-year fellowships
at Harvard Medical school in medical informatics
and the University of r ochester Medical
center in cardiothoracic surgery (2000).
Roger “Bart” Sherwood
works for the eneslow
pedorthic shoe company in new york city. He
has three kids: Morgen, 15; r oger, 14; and Berna-
dette, 13.
Joe Snapp
and his business, snapp & son, are
featured in a January
Seattle Business
article. He
has developed an app, FloodBuddy, that explains
flood insu ance and simplifies its pu chase.