spr ing 2013 | st. Lawrence Universit y Magazine 49
Chris Young
wrote in after he and his fam-
ily “drove cross-country last summer on a seven-
week trip that took us through 30 states and over
miles. we visited Brian Hall ‘83 in Missoula,
Mont., tricia MacLaren ‘82 in suburban Los ange-
les and
Tim Browse
in northern new Jersey. it
was a fabulous trip that took us through numer-
ous national parks and beautiful cities.”
chris is a freelance writer and editor who lives
with his wife and two teenage daughters inwren-
tham, Mass. Last fall, he got together with
John Casagrande
and the aforemen-
tioned Mr. Browse for a guys’ weekend in Lake
placid, and they visited the st. Lawrence campus
and t im’s son, collin ’16. Bob is a physician in the
syracuse area and has a son, Jonathan ’16; t im is
in the financial industry in new Jersey; and John
is a lawyer who works for Bright Horizons Family
solutions in suburban Boston. all three guys are
married with two kids each.
Mary Bowman Popovich
sent in a picture (see
page 46) of a bunch of KDsers standing in front of
a blue-planet orb-like thing in Dallas. Of course,
it’s a noteworthy piece by the famous glass blow-
er chihuly and worth a bundle (my taste in art
is grounded in old harpoons and barn boards.)
Mary writes,“t his group has been getting togeth-
er every november for well over 10 years.we span
the ages and locations. Our usual venue has been
newyork city to see a ‘tony’play and do dinner at
the latest ‘chi-chi’eatery.”
Karen helle Nemiah ’82
Oldÿeld Road
Fairÿeld, CT 06824
next r eunion: 35th, 2016 (cluster with ’80, ’81)
weather, these days, is sort of a like hav-
ing a teen: you know what is supposed to
happen and when, but aligning your ex-
pectations with reality is most of the battle.
as i write this in January, my personal need for
winter must be reaching desperation: in a few
hours i am off to 10-degree weather and fi e
hours of daylight in Helsinki. t hat should cure me
of my longings for sure.)
got to relive our sLUdays when Little Feat played
with Leon r ussell at a local venue. i know at least
Beth Butterworth Baker
was jealous; she kept
threatening to come down fromMiddletown and
sit in my seat. i am sorry to report that the audi-
ence was put to shame mercilessly by the crowd
of fall 1978, at least in the dancing and beachball-
batting categories. i do hope that
Alice Sher-
s ears were ringingwhen they played“willin’.”
sad news was received about the passing of
Tammy Voorhees Hand
on Dec. 14, 2012. a
st. Lawrence couple, she and Bob Hand (who
passed away February 12, 2011) married shortly
after graduation, on June 26, 1982, and most re-
cently had been living in antwerp, n.y. tammy
clearly had a passion for children and was not
only a chemistry teacher at Bellville Henderson
High school, but also a bus driver for Freeman Bus
corp. she was also owner of r iver r at tug and
Barge, LLc, since 2011. she is survived by her son,
Logan, and her sisters and brothers.
Elizabeth Gates Clay
wrote, “i earned my physi-
cal therapist assistant (pta ) license in 2011 and
have begun working in the fiel . My oldest son
is a sophomore at Bucknell and my daughter is a
sophomore in high school. Husband Bruce and i
and my daughter) may be found skiing at sugar-
bush in vt., each weekend throughout the winter.”
Hope all is well in your neck of the woods, no
matter what season you are in or wishing you
were! stay warm and hug a loved one. Our time
together is always too short. Until next time....
eric Koslowski ’83
Fernboro Road
Rochester, NY 14618
c) 585-230-7400
h) 585-461-3784
next r eunion: 30
, 2014 (
cluster with ’84, ’85)
start my first report with a thank-you to
for collecting and sharing our class hap-
penings these past three years. i realize what a
difficul task it is as my first outreaches were met
with,“Koz, this is off the ecord.”
please take the time to share important mile-
stones or just what is happening in your life. we
forget to settle back and refle t on a simpler
time. in these days of social media interfacing,
news seems to have a fleeting existence when
we should really savor those quintessential mo-
i have set up a notes section on
where you can post your happenings and photos.
click on the moose and it’s easy to get started!
call me, text me or send emails.
i am sad to report the passing of our classmate,
Eileen J. O’Brien
a memorial notice appeared
in the last issue. if a classmate could send me a
special moment, thought or story about her, i will
begin the next report with a tribute.
Our 30th r eunion is just about 14 months away.
t he 25th was a blast and everyone’s concerns that
they would not fit in quickly dissipated. Don’t
hem and haw about attending; everyone had a
wonderful time reconnecting, and if the crooked
parking jobs after each night are any indication,
people had a great time!
i received a nice message from
Frank Albanese
Frank is working in cleveland as a major market
manager forwells Fargo. He has a 3-year-old, Max,
along with three other wonderful children. He
wanted me to share this in case anyone wants a
reminder about potty training. Frank, whose 100-
plus-footnote economics paper almost derailed
his graduation, says the financial services industry
has become a myriad of regulatory changes and
issues. i can only imagine the number of foot-
notes in the legislation he must review continu-
ally! Frank is an advocate for autism care and has
spent many hours working to raise awareness as
well as money to help with understanding and
i spoke to
who is
living in saint charles, ill. He is president and chief
operating officer of pnc Mortgage, a pinnacle po-
sition in the mortgage business. His foresight in
avoiding sub-prime lending, along with his many
stellar years in management, resulted in this tre-
mendous accomplishment. He is a Usa Hockey
Level-5 certified hockey coach and enjoys coach-
ing his 12-year-old son, Kirk. additionally, he has a
year-old daughter, erica.
Gary Sheldon
shared that the family was in
fine force this past summer at the colgate camp
celebrating his father’s birthday. it’s an annual
event with many Laurentians in tow. Bob “top
Dog”sheldon was the athletics director at sLU for
many years, and still lives in canton. gary lives in
connecticut with his wife, Melissa, and kept close
tabs on the skating saints as his nephew, #77
Mac stratford ’13, completed his final year on the
My 11-year-old son charlie had the flu right be-
fore the holidays, missing a week of school. in an
effort to help him, i built a pyramid for his social
studies class. it was a work of art and had a pull-
out section and hidden area where the pharaohs
would have been placed. t he grade for the con-
struction was a B. although my son was disap-
pointed, i told him not to worry about it because
he would not be going to clarkson.
please post or send me updates and happen-
Laura Curley Pendergast ’84
Rumpenmile Ave.
Westport, CT 06880-5329
next r eunion: 30
, 2014 (
cluster with ’83, ’85)
i got a great letter from
Kristan Carlson
describing a trip that she shared for
their 50th birthdays with her Dean-eaton posse
of ’80. she,
Susie Schoellkopf
Julie Prey Mat-
who transferred out after our sophomore
year but has kept in touch),
Ann Renzi Haynes,
Teal Roscott Elston
Karen Jacobson
traveled to turks and caicos to celebrate our col-
lective 50th birthdays. we had an uninvited guest
by the name of Hurricane sandy.