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next r eunion: 35
May 30-June 2, 2013 (cluster
with ’77, ’79)
Much of the news for this installment resulted
from efforts to get the word out regarding our
upcoming 35th r eunion, May 30-June 3.
Bob Dickhause
and Maggie have celebrated
their 30th wedding anniversary. t hey are fulltime
working (i.e. not retired!) residents of grayton
Beach, Fla. t heir son charlie married his college
sweetheart in October. He’s a financial analyst
for a healthcare real estate company. Daughter
Lauren had a wedding planned for March 23; she
is an er trauma nurse in atlanta. Both children
bought houses this year, taking empty-nesting
to a new level for Bob and Maggie. Bob is build-
ing workOasis, a web-based software platform
designed for facility managers responsible for
large real estate portfolios (
Tom Legg
and Joanne sent their typically hu-
morous holiday letter, with Joanne skewering
tom about his personality quirks. t here was a
hint that they are planning to attend the 35th.
i received a newsy email from
Mark Kaufman
aka “elmo the r ip”). He made it to the novem-
ber sLU-yale men’s hockey game in new Haven.
even though the saints got stomped, Mark none-
theless had a good evening. He ran into
and her husband, arthur. wanda went
to the University of Buffalo for her law degree; her
husband is also an attorney. she is chief of the
special victims division for the District attorney of
Kings county of newyork. (For wannabe hipsters,
that’s Brooklyn). in spite of the seriousness of her
professional focus, Mark found her to be down-
to-earth and funny. t heir daughter is attending
college in Minnesota; it appears that st. Lawrence
was not cold enough for her.
Mark got together with
Henley Smith
Michele De Luca
and found them doing well.
Henley is president of commonwealth asset
Management, a short-term fi ed income fund.
in December, Mark ran into steve pryor-Bennett
who started in our class but took a year off to
travel. steve is doing well, living in new Milford,
conn., and editing magazines. He and Julie have
three boys, two in the process of completing col-
lege while the third is just entering college. Best
of luck with that!
after 30+ years in institutional investments, Mark
is embarking on a new life and career. He is en-
gaged and expects to become a personal finan
cial planner.
Midwest snowboarder fans had a chance to ride
with Olympian Louie vito Jr. at Ohio’s Mad r iver
Mountain for his annual rail jam on saturday, Dec.
Louie Jr. began snowboarding there with his
Bruce Carlisle
sent this
picture of his california
license plate in January.
He lives in Larkspur, where
sLUpUcK”must prompt a
few questions.
in november, your class reporter started a con-
sulting assignment withMajescoMastek, an insur-
ance software and services provider.
Kimhoffmann moroso ’79
Cedar Street
Marblehead, MA 01945
Next Reunion: 35
May 30-June 2, 2013 (clus-
ter with ’77, ’78)
t hanks to all my Facebook friends who sent me
some information for this column!
speaking of Facebook, we have a reunion com-
ing up with‘ 77 and‘ 78. so get on your Facebook,
twitter, email, Linkedin or whatever you use and
contact at least 10 classmates and encourage
them to come! (
Ken Noble
stated on his alumni
Fund pledge sheet that he has been in consul-
tation with
Mary “Middy” Whelley
about doing just this.) Let’s make this one
the best r eunion so far. t hose of you who haven’t
been back in a long time need to come and see
all the beautiful changes that have been made to
the campus.
also, let’s do ourselves proud and get the level
of participation in donations up. so when the call
comes in, givewhat you can. For those of youwho
can do more, that’s even better. Let’s beat‘77 and
Cindy Craig’s
daughter graduated from Uc san
Diego with a major in neuroscience and physi-
ology in 2010. she then spent a year and a half
doing field work in Hawaii and ecuador. cindy
took advantage and visited. at home, she is a
consultant-in-training for an it company called
Bluewolf. t hose who have recent grads still living
with you: cindy says they have been hiring in the
Boston area.
Gloria McAdam
gave back to st. Lawrence by
having two students shadow her for the month of
January. gloria is the longtime president and ceO
of Foodshare in Bloomfiel , conn. if anyone else
would like to participate in st. Lawrence’s “shad-
ow” program, or might have any internships for
the summer, please contact career services and
let them know.
Pete Sullivan
is looking forward to his daughter
amy’s graduation from the University of washing-
ton in May, a family reunion in upstate new york
and, of course, our r eunion in June. see you there,
Chris Sarosky Hand
has published yet another
helpful ebook: "your college planning survival
guide: smart t ips for students, parents and pro-
fessionals who Made it t hrough." it can be found
at every copy sold makes a dona-
tion to angel’s Hope.
My two sons are both gainfully employed, while
my daughter, Megan ’14, is in r ome for the se-
mester. i am an english as a second Language tu-
tor to firs , second and third graders and loving it.
My husband works from home for iBM and loves
not having to commute in Boston traffic.
Lisa Robbins Cissel
passed away on December
she was surrounded by her family in Fairfiel ,
conn., when she lost her battle with multiple my-
eloma. she had taught science and history at her
alma mater, greens Farms academy, where her
husband also worked and all three children, ellie
KDs sorority sisters gathered at the Chihuly exhibit at the Dallas Arboretum last fall. f rom
left are
Karen Krehbiel Keasler ‘81, Elizabeth Collins Macomber ‘79, Mary Bowman Popo-
vich ‘81, Lisa Weaver Bejian ‘80
Class Reporter
Kim Hoffmann Amoroso ‘79, Chris Sarosky
Hand ‘79
Chris Koski ‘79.