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He added that his business, sas, “con-
tinues to grow, providing digital marketing and
website development.” He also enjoys his radio
show: tune in Fridays at 7:40 a.m., for “t he Digital
power Hour,”also at
er.“i wouldwelcome any classmates calling in and
being a guest to promote their business or chari-
table cause,”he commented
Sue Eichman North
who rotates between
homes in Jacksonville, Fla., and woolwich, Maine,
is excited to report that she and pete will be
grandparents in april. “it’s taken a while to get
used to that idea,”she said. “in my head, i still feel
the same age i was at st. Lawrence. t he body,
of course, occasionally disagrees!” sue was pro-
moted to vp of clinical operations at the small
pharmaceutical company she works for. she’s still
on the alumni council and recommends the new
charms for sale through saintswear: / “every purchase helps fund
student activities!”she reminds us.
Kit Michael Dale
wrote in her christmas card
that daughter Kelly is in a 30-month stint in
the peace corps in Benin, west africa, “which is
Muslim, has no running water and is ruled
by a king who told her she has entered the his-
tory books as the firs white person to live in his
kingdom.” Her focus is rural community health
ai Ds/Hiv and other disease prevention, birth
and pregnancy issues, nutrition and much more).
tony and Kit visited Kelly in March. Meanwhile,
son ted“is in Burlington vt., working with juvenile
delinquents, and recently won an award from the
Unitedway recognizing his impact.”
Kit and tony traveled to panama last year to hike
and zip line in the jungle, and to new Orleans for
food and music. Kit also went to new york for a
weekend mini-reunion with
Brenda Hensler
t hey met
Loe Ber-
for lunch.
a christmas card from
Brenda in sunny santa
Barbara, calif., said, “austin is a junior at ny U, ma-
joring in environmental science; garland Jr. is in
Baja for another year working for Driscoll’s and
has added organic strawberries in addition to his
conventional raspberries and strawberries; eric is
in r ochester, n.y., working his way up the weg-
mans training.”
Patty Fitzgibbons
had a wonderful trip to Banff
and Lake Louise in alberta last summer. son Mat-
ty is sophomore at Brown and loves it.
Kathy McInerney Olney
wrote of her kids. Jay
works inManhattan for citigroup private Bank; Ju-
lie taught third grade in Hawaii for a year and now
is a teaching assistant in an elementary school
while she completes her master’s in esL at Le
Moyne; sheila is in 11th grade. Husband Joe is
busy with his food processing machinery. Last
February, they spent two weeks in new zealand,
where Joe checked on clients and they saw the
Kathy is still teaching high school. she saw
nie LegroTimson
last July; shewas in Utica to run
the Boilermaker road race.
Josie Lowden Chapman
had a “cruise from is-
tanbul” last summer with her family: turkey to
athens, the aegean sea, greek islands. Daughter
Meggie has started canterbury catering; son phil-
ip is now in Baltimore, working for Dealert ire; and
george ’15 is a chip! Josie claims to be 35 and“still
hustling houses in shaker Heights, Ohio, while
John is still suing investment fraud losers.”
Liz Nash Chant
is back in the cincinnati area,
having been transferred there with procter &
gamble some years ago. she retired after 25
years with p&g, and helped found a non-profi
called stand proud (
). t hey
rehabilitate polio victims and others with physi-
cal disabilities in t he congo. since 95% of funds
go directly to operations, braces, surgeries, rehab,
etc., she spends a lot of time doing administration
and fundraising.
Liz still rides, and remarried five years ago. she
does some Hr consulting for her business owner
husband and a few other clients. she has three
stepchildren, all“well-adjusted young adults who
we see frequently.”
Liz visited
Barb Christie
in charleston, s.c. Barb
explains, “after living in the Boston area for 22
years, i decided to make a change. i had taken a
hiatus frommy career in the medical device busi-
ness, (and) an opportunity to work for a non-prof-
it based in charleston came up.”she’s retired now,
and spends most of her days“doing a lot of things
for which i don’t get paid!”
Bonnie steuart taylor ’77
Fosbak Drive
Vienna, VA 22182
next r eunion: 35
May 30-June 2, 2013 (cluster
with ’78, ’79)
Janet Werther Griffin
called me in mid-novem-
ber after receiving the fall alumni magazine. Janet
have lived in Minneapolis since 1982;
both got their MBas at Dartmouth and have
worked on various medical start-up ventures.
t heir daughter amy graduated from colgate and
is her class reporter. t heir son peter ‘08 was the
editor of
The Hill News
and a houseboy at KDs!
Last august, Janet and gary got together with
Anita Reeves Tuttle, Kevin Eagan
Beth and
Jeff Bentley
and John “crusher” crow-
ley ’76 at a resort on Lake george: chelka Lodge,
which is owned by Dave ‘75 and Judy Johnpoll
Forshay ‘76.
Mike and anita live in Burlington, vt., with their
two sons. Kevin’s triplets are soon to be heading
off to separate colleges.
For anyone else interested in using their landline
if you still have one!), your reporter’s number
is super-easy: see above. Hope many of you are
planning on being in beautiful canton for our
th r eunion May 30-June 2, with our ‘78 and ‘79
Striving for Perfection
Perfect Gentleman
has produced a perfectly fin array of awards for its author, Jan Hadwen Hubbell ‘78n. in
recent months, the screenplay, which Hubbell says is a gender reversal of
My Fair Lady
and a blend of the film
What WomenWant
has won fourth place in the 2012 colorado Film awards screenplay competition,
the Best comedy award at the Los angeles Film & script Festival, and a silver screen award from the california
Film Festival. it was also a finalis at the Back in the Box competition, an independent screenplay competition
based in Los angeles.
Hubbell lives in aspen, colo., where she writes fi tion and poetry and is an adjunct faculty member at colorado
Mountain college. Her poem, “
His World
was selected for “women writing nature,” a special issue of
Sugar Mule
that came out in august 2012 online.“it was partly inspired bymy father’s life-long love of birds,
which knew no bounds,”says Hubbell. she is the daughter of george Hadwen‘50, as well as the parent of chelsea
Hubbell ‘10 andwhitney Hubbell ‘13.
after leaving st. Lawrence, where she was on the women’s alpine ski team, Hubbell studied writing at Benning-
ton college, where she earned her bachelor’s degree in 1978, and then at the prestigious iowawriters’ workshop
at the University of iowa. she took up business writing in newyork city before moving to aspen in 2007. —ns B
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