spr ing 2013 | st. Lawrence Universit y Magazine
Linda t irelli herrmann ’73
Lebanon Hills Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15228-1819
next r eunion: 40
May 30-June 2, 2013
i got together with
Linda Townsend
from Madison, conn., and
Huber Kabel
from vienna, va., in september in
washington. we met at the national Book Festi-
val and then went out to dinner. we’re all plan-
ning on heading to canton this spring for our
th r eunion.
i received a holiday email from
Faith Prentice
who was planning to go to south africa
with her daughter in February. she had her 35th
vet school reunion last summer, and seemed
pleased that her daughter was coming home
from egypt “for good.” at christmas, she sang
in the 30th anniversary concert of the
Binghamton Downtown singers.
as noted last time,
Art Waterman
president of
paleo-Data, inc., a new Orleans-based micropale-
ontology consulting company, gave the Bloomer
Lecture on October 5 as part of the geology
alumni conference on campus. waterman’s talk
was titled “t he applied Biostratigrapher: r esus-
citation of an endangered species,” and featured
a discussion of his career experiences. paleo-Data
is a centralized, full-service micropaleontologi-
cal consulting fi m specializing in gulf coast and
offshore gulf of Mexico biostratigraphic services,
examining wells.
i hope to see many of you in May. in the mean-
time, send me your news and updates for our
next column.
sandra CicconeWagner ’74
Walking Path Place
San Diego, CA 92130
next r eunion: 40
, 2014
in December, the champions tour named
Kenyon Campbell
the 2012 champions tour
volunteer of the year. she was twice named vol-
unteer of the tournament in 2012, for chairing
the Mississippi gulf r esort classic and charles
schwab cup championship hospitality services.
in presenting the award to starr in palm springs,
Mark stevens, president of the champions tour,
acknowledged her attention to detail and her
ability to connect with people. congratulations,
i received news from the alumni office that
Elizabeth Glasson Thompson
passed away on
October 7, 2012. she was an avid rock collector,
organic gardener and walker who actively partici-
pated in church committees and volunteered for
any tasks that needed to be done in her church
community. she enjoyed doting on her grand-
children. Our thoughts and prayers go out to her
Charles “Todd” Thompson
and her
Carol Owen ’75
Lake Village Drive
Durham, NC 27713-8952
919-544-2121 (
next r eunion: 40
, 2015
etirement sure sounds wonderful, from what i
heard from
Rick Soloway
after 32 years in the
aerospace industry, r ick toured by motorcycle
from his home in Maryland to nova scotia, via
r eunion. His traveling companion was
Peter Mc-
a family physician in central pennsylvania.
t hey saw
Mike Safran
a physician in Kingston,
n.y. r ick and pete have also taken motorcycle
trips to alabama, tennessee, virginia, west vir-
ginia, Ohio and more.
r ick built a shelby cobra 427sc replica automo-
bile and recently completed a “tour de cobra,”
staying with college roommates
Bill Whalen
dentist in syracuse, n.y., and
Charlie Lewis
mation technology), and visiting
er of a chain of high-end jewelry stores around
albany, n.y. r ick’s wife, constance, is still working
in the aerospace industry as a vice president of
human resources, and their son, christopher, is a
freshman at elon University in north carolina.
Don’t be a “long time reader” only – please pro-
vide us with some input!
Mary izant ’76
Harcourt Drive
Cleveland Heights, OH 44106
next r eunion: 40
, 2016
f you did not receivemy email blast on 1-1-2013,
it means i do not have your address. please send it
so i can add you to my class contact list.
Daniel Bisaccio
responded that he’s still teach-
ing at Brown University (year fi e) and “escaping
some of the winter with tropical courses / re-
search in Mexico in January and panama in Feb-
ruary.” He said “2012 was a good year, with three
publications. it is hard for me to call this work
since i truly enjoy teaching and having the op-
portunity for international projects and research
each year.” His and Mame Mcgarrah ’78’s daugh-
ter, Kerry, is engaged to be married in July. t hey
wish all“a healthy and adventurous 2013!”
Karen Ehrenman
wrote that she has “a multi-
tude of degrees, the last one a ph.D., from albany
Medical college.”she is scientist at the Bloomberg
school of public Health, which is part of Johns
Hopkins. she’s researching cholesterol transport
in organisms such as malaria, toxoplasma and re-
lated parasites.“My love of travel has not waned a
bit, and i have been all over the globe,” she says.
Kayaking is my latest passion.”
Bonnie LegroTimson’s
daughter is gettingmar-
ried in June. she promised “a long letter with all
the details from st. Lawrence guests.”
Aims Coney’s
daughter Katie graduated last
May from Bucknell with a Bs in chemical engi-
neering, and is a shift supervisor at Frito-Lay in
Binghamton, n.y. she told him that if she actually
swallowed all the chips she has to taste, “it would
be the same as eating a family-size bag every day.”
Emily Bowers Foley
and peter ’75, who live in
savannah, ga., are pleased to report a new grand-
child, asher gray phillips, born last December 18,
in atlanta to their daughter caitlin and her hus-
band, Jeff. “peter and i were able to spend much
of our christmas break with them,” emily wrote,
taking the late night shifts and enjoying every
PeterVan de Kerkhove
wrote that 2012 was“tu-
multuous.” His dad passed away at 89, and, after
years of company reorganizations, his position
in the company was eliminated. “t he new year is
taking on a whole new perspective with both ter-
rific challenges and potentially terrific opportuni-
ties,”he said.
i know two avid notre Dame fans who were-
glued to the tv on January 7 for the college foot-
ball (Bcs ) championship game, and were quite
depressed immediately after.
Ron “Luca” Pellig-
wrote, “
Molly O’Dea
and i have been texting
back and forth regarding the Fighting irish.” He
added that he, Jack r omagnoli ’77,
Kevin Kelley
Mike Bongiovanni
Dan Riordan
got togeth-
er christmas eve for breakfast “before many of us
started our christmas shopping. Jim Hopkins ‘75
and paul skomsky‘77 were there, too. Happy new
year to all! go saints!”
i met up with Molly in new york city last fall, and
we had a wonderful time catching up/laughing/
walking, touring the 9-11 Memorial, seeing Jer-
sey Boys and rendezvousing with
Loe Berelson
Molly is focusing on her golf game; she won her
club championship in r oswell, ga., last October
and has aspirations for bigger and better things
in 2013.
Hugh Lappe
says of their daughter, Kelsi ’13,“it is
hard to believe four years went by so fast. she re-
cently finished her work as the Delta membership
leader and they took a great group of pledges.
Deltas: the house is in great shape!” vicki and he
spent several weekends on campus last fall. t hey
are still inwyckoff, n.J., with“a great sLU network,
including Bob Kirschner ’74, Dennis ‘skyler’Bristol
teb Barnard ’74, John r einman ’77 and gene
golden ’78 connecting on a regular basis.” Hugh
enjoyed a coach tom Fay M’70 baseball reunion
last summer that was organized by
Jeff Brainard
and was reported on in the fall
Jeff had a holiday Boston-area catch-up with
Kevin Mcgrath ’77, Jeff scuteri ’77, Bob scarino
Larry Beals ’74, tom Hoffman ’75 and paul
gilbert ’72. “t his will be a dual launch year for
our kids,”he said.“Douglas will graduate with a fi
nance degree fromvirginiatech and is looking for
a job, and abbey has all the college applications
in and will be off o college, somewhere south!”
From sunny Florida,
Scott Shabot
reported that
he had just seen
Animal House
, “
and it reminded
me of sLU!” He helped his older son relocate for
a managerial position at a hotel in Utah. His other
son is in the U.s. navy submarine school in gro-
ton, conn.