spr ing 2013 | st. Lawrence Universit y Magazine
Dennis szymanski ’70
Hillwood Ave.
Falls Church, VA 22042-2420
next r eunion: 45
, 2015 (
cluster with ’69, ’71)
i don’t know how many “class couples” we have
had, but one was
Chris Unger
Nancy Sage.
a long, difficul year after chris’ passing, nancy
found the energy to provide an update on their
lives: chris got his ph.D.; wrote
Chaos, Madness,
important in the field of child
welfare as the first written documentation of skills
needed to find permanent homes for children
with special needs; worked as a licensing consul-
tant for the state of Michigan; and then started
his own business as a litigation consultant, assist-
ing in cases of abuse in foster care, adoption and
even day care. He worked on cases from alaska
to Hawaii and many states in between. “He was
working on another book focused on improving
the delivery of social services, but ran out of time,”
nancy said.
nancy got her master’s from eastern Michigan
University, to qualify for teaching emotionally
handicapped children. she taught for six years
at a psychiatric hospital in Michigan, and taught
severely emotionally disabled children in public
school in Florida for 25 years, until retiring in 2012.
t hey have “an amazing son, Josh, a software en-
gineer, house renovator, and rock climber living
in Boise, idaho.”nancy loves living in Florida, with
its blue skies, sunshine and abundant bird life.
she says “My yard will be my new job,” and is tak-
ing quilt and art classes and visiting our national
Happy 65th birthdays to the March “Birthday
James P. snedeker ’71
Linden Tree Road
Wilton, CT 06897
next r eunion: 45
, 2015 (
cluster with ’69, ’70)
r ealizing that we haven’t had a class reporter for
some time, i offered to step in. i encourage you
to send me your news when time permits. if you
don’t, i will track you down eventually! t he space
we have been allotted is fairly generous, so please
don’t hesitate to expand on what you’ve been up
to. t he editors will condense to fit that space, so
please don’t be offended if we don’t include ev-
erything that you write.
One classmate who has been incredibly gen-
erous with her time and resources is
Last year, she and george spent eight
days in paris and the normandy countryside. t hey
savored the delights of the city of Lights, visited
the gardens at giverny, toured Mont st. Michele
and visited the seemingly un-scalable cliffs of point
du Hoc, surrounded by massive german bunkers,
Omaha Beach and the american cemetery.
Both Janet and george continue their volunteer
efforts with many community organizations, and
still make regular trips to campus (Janet is a trust-
ee emerita), with the added incentive that they
now get to see great-niece sami ’15, a member
of the women’s tennis team. t hey saw
O. J. Falzareno
in the adirondacks
last summer and also spent a few delightful days
Anne Marie Scully Gold
and steven at their
place on echo Lake in Maine.
David Areson
is also very generous with his
support of st. Lawrence. He still lives in green-
wich, conn. Both he and his wife, nicole, head
into Manhattan once or twice a week, where he
helps clients with their investment portfolios and
nicole volunteers as a docent at the Metropolitan
Museum of art. David and nicole’s two children
both live in Manhattan, and they note how great
it is to have them nearby.
David Kay
and Joyce Der osa ’72 have moved
full-time to Mystic, conn., and are developing
a new career, teaching optics. t hey hope to do
some southeast asia dive trips this year and add
to their underwater photo collection. t he future
holds more of his avocation...seminars on ocean
life in schools, museums and seaports, integrating
those underwater images.
Eloise Beckerer Brady
write that Mike
retired at the end of December and they headed
to new zealand and australia to celebrate. t hey
attended the wedding of
Joanne Steele Clark
pi phi sister of eloise’s, to r ob speed on 12/12/12.
r ob went to high school with glennee Falzareno.
small world! Mike and eloise have three grand-
daughters who range in age from 3 months and
to 5 years.
Nick Amigone
is still practicing law in Buffal ,
projecting semi-retirement for four or fi e years
down the road. He and gaile have three sons and
their third oldest, nick iv, is soon to have his third
son, so nick relates,“‘My t hree sons’repeats itself.”
nick noted that he very much enjoyed attending
our 40th r eunion in 2011. He still can’t believe
that our next major reunion will be our 50th, in
when we will be enshrined as the golden
anniversary class. (we have a 45th in the mean-
time.) nick recalls that he always thought that
those people” were ancient. nick is still playing
some competitive golf and squash and trying to
see the grandchildren as much as possible.
nick’s recollection reminds me that a few years
ago i mentioned to a friend,“i plan to work till i’m
an old geezer,” to which my friend replied, “sned,
i’ve got some bad news for you….”
another very loyal alum is
Jim Benedict.
when the snedekers were spending a week or
so at camp canaras and i was jumping on a sail-
board or grabbing a Laser sail boat whenever i
could, Jimwould pull up an adirondack chair and
sit out on the sundeck as he prepared for an up-
coming court case. while i will believe it when i
see it, Jim is considering retiring in two years, or
at least cutting back on his current full workload.
not surprisingly, the Benedict children do their
parents proud and have excelled.
in the rock star category is
Dennis McNally
ter getting his doctorate, Dennis wrote a book
about Jack Kerouac
Desolate Angel
, 1979),
led in various ways to a book about the grateful
Dead (
A Long Strange Trip
, 2002).
in the process of
working on the Dead book, he became the band’s
publicist, which turns out to have become his
career. He calls himself a consultant in the music
business and works in certain niches that endure,
which includes improvisational“jam”bands.
Kappa Kappa gamma sisters from four classes and eight states (including as far away as c alifornia)
convened in saratoga springs, n.y., last fall for their annual reunion. seated from left are
DeRosa Kay ‘72, BJ Schaefer Blodgett ‘72, KathyWoods Cloonan ‘72, Peggy McLellan Dutch-
er ‘74, Dale Grant Dick ‘72
Liz Marden Marshall ‘72
in the second row from left are
Holzkamp Burdick ‘74, Lynne Barnes Leahy ‘72, Karen Murray Cady ‘72, Barbara Bushnell
Plumadore ‘73, Nancy Niedrach Fidler ‘73, Peggy Sparks Potter ‘73, Chris Linsner-Cartwright
Marcia Kessler Daly ‘72
Chris Brown Kitch ‘73.
r ow three has
Wendy Mason Cappiello
SueAnn LaMantia Brown ‘73, Mary Granai Corrigan ‘73, Betsy Leonard Snedeker ‘74, Sue
VanDyke Burdsall ‘72
Valerie Moore ‘73
while in the back on the right are
Nancy Conklin
Bonnie Golden VanSlyke ‘72.