spr ing 2013 | st. Lawrence Universit y Magazine 41
Jimand stevieMcPheeMichaelson ’66
Gouverneur Street
Canton, NY 13617-1214
next r eunion: 50
, 2016
greetings from the north country! canton’s
downtown 100-year-old infrastructure was up-
dated last summer and fall (a $6million state proj-
ect), and the Main street area looks good, even least for a visit!
Lyn Bedell
tells us that she is very much in-
volved with selling real estate in naples, Fla., for
John r . wood r ealtors, and would love to hear
from classmates. Lyn has guided efforts tomemo-
rialize the late
Bob Perani’s
hockey prowess on
campus. Lyn, along with
Anne LeBeau
Savage, Richie Broadbelt, George Colclough,
Bob’s family and us, has set up a Bob perani Me-
morial Fund. if interested in contributing or get-
ting the particulars, contact Lyn at lyn@lynbedell.
com, 239-777-5202 or
. as
stated in a memorial letter, “we will all remember
Bob perani and his love of the sport and his excit-
ing display of outstanding goal-tending skills.”
we await your news.
Meg smith eisenbraun ’67
Norris Lane
Oak Harbor, WA 98277
next r eunion: 50
, 2017
greetings from the misty land of whidbey island,
wash. Here i am, at the northern end of the island
due east of victoria, British columbia, waiting
for news from classmates. i have an aversion to
Facebook, but i ameven on there in hopes of con-
necting with some of you. a few classmates have
surfaced that way.
Hope McCulloch Hansel
and sheldon are so
busy each year, it makes me dizzy! all their chil-
dren and their families were home for christ-
mas. t he kids threw a surprise 40th anniversary
party for Hope and sheldon, whowere oncemore
greeted with an honor guard of crossed ski poles
held by life-long friends. nearly 80 family and
friends traveled many miles to be with them, and
they loved it!
Hope says that on winter weekends they join a
nearby daughter and her family in Old Forge, n.y.,
where the little ones (4 and 2) are learning to ski.
Last March, the Mcculloch siblings gathered in
Florida for some sun and biking, with home base
provided by her brother Mark. in May, they em-
barked on an ambitious trip to visit western chil-
dren in Denver and Montana.
Hope is still involved in her“Biker Babes”bicycle
group, with whom she has been riding for 10
years. t hey have ridden the idyllic hills of amish
country near Lancaster, pa., and the canals, rivers,
parks and streets of Ottawa on a sunday, when
much of the city closes to traffic. sheldon survived
a near-fatal infection and was feeling well enough
by the summer to bale hay and chase heifers,
while Hope changed out three apartments and
visited family on Long island and in Missouri.
t he Hansel farm in the Mohawk valley hosted
t hanksgiving for 24, who enjoyed a “sound of
Music” hike over the hills and fields after dinner.
sheldon is selling his animals for the first time
during the difficul winter months, and they hope
to take a few short trips. what a wonderful life
they lead!
Joan Friedlander Hurley
and Jack attended a
family wedding in October in a beautiful vineyard
near charlottesville, va. afterwards they tacked
on a two-week driving trip through the south-
ern U.s. t hey visited long-time friends who live
outside of asheville, n.c.; their hosts gave them
a superb tour of the grand Biltmore estate. From
there, they went to the great smoky Mountains;
charleston, s.c.; and nashville, where Joan says
the country Music Museum was one of the best
museums they’d ever been to. next were Ken-
tucky horse country and churchill Downs, and fi
nally the bayou country and some old plantations
near new Orleans.
Joan also made a quick trip up this way in mid-
november, to visit us and another long-time
friend who lives south of seattle. we had lunch
in the quaint town of coupeville on the island,
poked around little shops and talked our heads
Steve Blankstein
reports that he and ellen be-
came grandparents again when their younger
daughter gave birth to twins, a boy and a girl, on
november 3. steve says since his retirement from
chelsey capital 12 years ago, he and ellen have
been living in palm Beach gardens, Fla., and play-
ing a lot of golf and traveling. He would love to
hear from any classmates who are living in Flori-
da, and his sae brothers. you can contact him at
Anne Lauriat ’68
Horace Rd.
Belmont, MA 02478-2315
next r eunion: 50
, 2018
alas, only one holiday card with news, from
whose artistic handwriting once again be-
fuddled me. i think he indicated that he had heart
surgery and all is well. My Uncle Bob always said,
get the organ recitals out of the way firs ,”so con-
sider that accomplished!
Dennis Angel
attorney by day and musician by
night, has a new full album, “t imeless grooves
t imeless grooves.” He’s Dad to three daughters:
stephanie and Michele, who are both now en-
gaged, and r ebecca, a senior in high school and
Dennis’s vocalist. she has applied tomusic school.
another proud papa,
Alden “Hap” Lawrence
has a talented daughter, amy, who overcame a
serious medical issue with her vocal chords via
operations and therapy and is attending Usc
t hornton school of Music, resuming progress to-
ward her career in opera, having received her Ba
in opera performance at the Boston conservatory.
she is a coloratura soprano and, Hap says,“sings in
the stratosphere!”
another student - but
age- is
Annie Mont-
she’s training in the Family and couples
t herapy program at the institute of contempo-
rary psychotherapy in newyork city.
i enjoyed a garden tour in the northern high-
lands of scotland last July. after that i visited my
Orkney islands “family” with whom i lived for the
summer of 1967 on the experiment in interna-
tional Living. t hat was one of the highlights of
college that is still a part of my life today. Have
memories that continue to live on? Let me know
and i’ll convey what’s printable.
Patti Black Giltner ’69
Pellett Street
Norwich, NY 13815
next r eunion: 45
, 2015 (
cluster with ’70, ’71)
r ight after i sent in my last column i had two
emails from an address i didn’t recognize, so, of
course, didn’t open them. about a month later
i got a call from
Ned Fox.
t he emails had been
from him, letting me know that he’d retired. He
was with the Brooklyn Da’s office for 30 years, and
with Homeland security for almost 10. He is vol-
unteering with the Boys’ and girls’ club in plain-
fiel , n.J., as a bikemechanic, reconditioning used
bikes which are then sold back to the youngsters
at greatly reduced prices.
i have noticed that a number of our classmates
are on schoolfeed, an offshoot of classmates/
Facebook. t hat’s another easy way to send me
a message. i got a notice with a picture of
anne Richardson Savino,
who lives in Federal
way, wash. she got her advanced degree from
sUny Buffalo in 1985 and then worked there un-
til she retired in 2009 as the director of disability
i received my annual christmas cards from
garet Timmons Gittis
Ann Wellington
after babysitting their new grandson for three
months on thewest coast, Margaret and her hus-
band were glad to finally start their retirement.
t hey took a trip to Hungary, austria and the c zech
r epublic, and enjoyed it immensely. But the best
thing is that their daughter aryn, son-in-law D.J.,
and grandbaby Milo moved to pittsburgh, about
an hour fromMargaret. aryn is a research profes-
sor in neuroscience at carnegie Mellon University
and D.J. is a teacher.
i have been hired back part-time, with some
other “retired” teachers, to do reading level test-
ing of every student K-5 and select students 6-8.
it’s an easy day and the students are so anxious to
do well. and it still gives me lots of time to visit/
babysit with my granddaughters.
you probably read in the last magazine of the
deaths of
John Barker
Jane Barry
Our con-
dolences to their families.
t here are so many of you we haven’t heard from
in a LOOOng time, if ever. so get in touch!