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Re Uni On 2013
MAy 30 – Ju n E 2
several provided follow-ups to our 50th r e-
Jim Herschel
renewed friendships with
several classmates and their spouses with whom
he hadn’t had contact for 50 years. His freshman
roommate and phi sig fraternity brother
Bill Rob-
and his wife, Dillon, followed the reunion
with a visit to Jim’s vacation home in the adiron-
dacks. Jim also linked up with
Dave Boyer
Bev Beyer Stautzenbach
shared a funny story.
prior to embarking on the alumni parade last
Jeanne Heffernan Henry,
while putting
on her freshman beanie, noticed that written on
the label inside was “Bev Beyer.” Bev guesses she
has had Jeanne’s beanie for at least 50 years!
in september, Bev travelled with a friend to tan-
zania and Kenya. neither words nor pictures can
adequately capture its wonder. it is an adventure
she highly recommends!
travel was the theme of several reports. after
Bonnie Calkins Townsend
visited char-
lotte gray ’63 for lunch and chatter before ven-
turing off to camp at Moosehead Lake, Maine,
with her 16-year-old grandson. in september,
she drove to Key west to stay with her 14-year-
old grandson, allowing her daughter to travel to
France for 10 days.
Miner “Moe” Brown
had a great trip to italy last
fall to celebrate his and Harriet’s 50th anniversary.
t hey are downsizing into a new condo commu-
nity across the street from the townhome devel-
opment they have called home for over 22 years.
speaking of travel, where in the world is (was)
waldo, aka
Joan Thompson
Her christmas let-
ter was postmarked abilene, texas, her alleged
hometown, so she must have visited there near
the holidays. Her photos from 2012 showed her
in the pilot’s seat of an air Force jet at Dyess air
Force Base, and with newly elected texas sena-
tor ted cruz. states she visited during 2012 (with
photos from each) were colorado, indiana, new
york, Ohio and Massachusetts. she began 2013
with a caribbean cruise after a visit to washing-
ton, D.c.
at this writing (in January)
Joan Castro Nor-
and svein are spending time at her
phoenix-area home.
Peggy Corin Hecklinger
and Fred ’61 visited the nordbottens in norway
last spring. Joan and svein also went whale-
watching with
Linda Cassidy Kline
in california.
it was a lot of fun despite not seeing whales--just
dolphins, seals and pelicans! are there no whales
off norway?
Babies! no longer news of children, but of
grandchildren! Just before christmas,
Larsen Verruso Dudeck
flew to philadelphia for
the birth of granddaughter r eese Josephine Lar-
kin, born on December 17. she described her
dreadful trip home in a snowstormwith cancelled
flig ts. she and three strangers in the same pre-
dicament rented a car for the northern Michigan
slog. cindy, don’t they rent dog sleds there?
On December 21, vivian and i became grandpar-
ents for the fi th time in fi e consecutive years.
son geoff ’98 and his wife phebe named their
new daughter vivian. nice!
Lydia Pallme Priest
tells us two of her grand-
children are in college, but sadly neither is at st.
Lawrence! caitlin is a senior at emerson college
in Boston and her younger brother, tucker, is a
freshman at r oger williams college in Bristol, r .i.
Lydia’s 7-year-old grandson, nora’s child, has a
ways to go. Maybe st. Lawrence eventually?
Marj McColm Chapin
outdid us: Her great-
granddaughter Lylah came into the world in
Marj reports that their next trip will be to
the British isles and/or Boise, idaho. some differ-
ence, Marj! she and Jean will take a train to col-
orado, and from there rent a car for sightseeing
on the way to visit her son to do more sightsee-
ing. “Like most of my classmates, presumably, i’ve
had some really successful surgeries to correct
arthritis problems,” she said.” i’m glad to be here
today, full of energy and gratitude for family and
friends.” go, girl!
Tom Murdock
and grig have moved to char-
lotte, n. c., to try out retirement. He volunteers
to work toward more economic equality via the
political process in this time of one fiscal crisis af-
ter another.”sounds familiar!
Kathy Fallon Cameron
reports, “For the firs
time in my life, i have no ties to new york.” she
and Mike, her second husband, married 33 years,
have sold their cottage on the st. Lawrence r iver
and purchased a wonderful property on smith
Mountain Lake in virginia. Her sister lives fi e
minutes away. For the time being, the camerons
will split their time between virginia and their
home in Florida.
r etirement is not for everyone, yet!
Paul Levi
continues his periodontal career, mostly now as a
lecturer. Mainly due to his teaching and lecturing
around new england, last year paul was named
clinician of the year. in the spring, he and patty
will return to Barcelona, where he taught for a
year or two.
Mike Kitay
claims to be“at the edge of the retire-
ment precipice.” He and his wife were planning to
travel to argentina in February with daughter ali-
son and her family. she is a chief orthopedic resi-
dent surgeon at new york’s Hospital for special
surgery. t heir other daughter, valerie, is a lawyer
in new york city. together they have provided
the Kitays with two grandsons and one grand-
daughter, ages 1-4.
Steve Reiss
wrote to the University that in Janu-
ary he and his son James ’95 celebrated James’s
th birthday by climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, africa’s
tallest mountain. t here’s a picture of the pair on
the summit in the class of ’95 column.
i have deferred reporting the sad news to the
end of this column.
Willoughby “Bill” Richard-
thanks his friends and classmates for all their
kind thoughts and words on the passing of his
wife, vania, after her long fig t with Lou gehrig’s
disease. t hose of us who have regularly attended
reunions fondly remember her enthusiasm as “an
accompanying spouse.” she will be missed.
shockingly, we lost
Bill Spater
in December.
Many of his friends and family were with him at
his home in tubac, ariz., for his passing. Our class
and his Beta brothers enjoyed his and susie Leed-
ham Heavey ’65’s presence at our 50th. For more,
see“in Memory”near the end of this issue.
Leah Kollmer Puzzo ’63
Hillcrest Avenue
Leonia, NJ 07605-1508
201-461-7052 (
201-321-5519 (
next r eunion: 50
May 30-June 2, 2013
Joe Richardson
is chairman of our 50th r eunion
at the end of May. Festivities will start on t hurs-
day, May 30, with a reception and Honor guard
dinner and induction. plans are in the works for
class of ’63 parties in town and on campus….and
don’t forget the parade! we hope to see all of you
there to renew old friendships and spend time
with classmates.
Lynn Wilderman Beardslee
and Bob have
moved to Missouri to be near their children and
grandkids. Fromher pictures it looks like a beauti-
ful place to live. t hey have a beautiful family and
a beautiful view!
t he women of whitman met again for our
bi-yearly get-together. t his time we met in
Music city” (nashville), dubbed ourselves the
Dixie chicks and spent time in
Ann Cogswell
lovely home in Fayetteville along with
visits to t he grand Ole Opry, Jack Daniels Distill-
ery and other points of interest! all of the chicks
Hilary Hartman Goodwin, April Norton
Tweddell, Tory Liersch Spater Somerville, Leah
Kollmer Puzzo, Ellen Johnson Kern, Ann Jacob-
son Dixon, Ann Somerville Benedict, Marty
Sikaras Driscoll
Karen Allred Quinn)
healthy and happy!