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next r eunion: 55
, 2015
Joanne Page Brown
sent a note with her christ-
mas card telling of her very busy life in suffern,
n.y., caring for grandchildren. she is active in her
church and continues to visit family in california
as often as she can.
Barry Budlong
and wife r uth carling ’59 both
recently retired. Barry is still an avid skier, and a
family ski trip was planned for this winter.
a note fromedMyers ’58 describes his still-active
life at 80, teaching swimming and even doing
some acting for tv commercials. He said that he
may "hang up” the skis this winter, but that was
still debatable!
Once again, news is sparse. please take a minute
and send me an email!
hulit Pressley taylor ’61
Surrey Lane, NW
Washington, DC 20007
Next Reunion: 55
, 2016
i answered the phone on new year’s Day and
heard,“t his is a voice from your past –
Carol Han-
i last remember seeing carol and Harry
in wurzburg, germany, in about 1964. so, 48
years later, i spent a delightful day with them in
the lovely home that carol’s father built in scien-
tists cliffs, Md., right on the chesapeake Bay.
Last spring,
Hal Schwartz
and his wife, sue, took
a wonderful road trip outwest. sue had a quilting
course in Denver, and they visited Mt. r ushmore,
Badlands national park and custer state park. in
the summer, for the 39th year in a rowHal and sue
spent a fun week with their family at canaras, st.
Lawrence’s camp on saranac Lake.
Last year,
Judy Casadonte McDowell
and al
took several trips to visit family and friends. Judy
sings with the Mohawk valley choral society and
al serves on local boards and committees.
John ’59 and
Pat LinderothTaylor
are one of the
most active couples i know. Last winter they both
took first place in their age group at the north
american vasa cross country ski race in traverse
city, Mich. March found them in the former east
germany for the world cross country ski Mas-
ters. no medals, but they did see a number of
old” friends and worthy competitors from liter-
ally around the world. t hey visited Dresden and
prague. spring and summer found them visiting
with their daughters and grandchildren, doing
lots of biking, hiking and fishin . in september,
they took a two-week guided hike through the
pyrenees Mountains. t hanksgiving found them
cross country skiing in yellowstone! when home
in colorado, they are both involved in numerous
civic organizations.
i wish you could see the beautiful photo of a
bald eagle that
Tim Stevens
took from a window
in their cabin in alaska last July 4, complete with
anamerican flag! From October to January, t im
and Kathy were in Hailey, idaho, where they’ve
bought a house near their son and his family. in
January, they returned to Kona, Hawaii, for two
months of sun and warmth.
speaking of Hawaii,
Craig Ruhm
is looking for-
ward to his son gary’s wedding in Kona. Mean-
while, his wife, ellen, is planning a trip with her
sister to portugal to visit ellen’s new grandson.
center) and Ma-
ria spent a great
week in puerto
r ico visiting
and r on r ivera
families. t hey had a lot of fun reminiscing. t he
Browns are now wintering in panama city Beach,
Fla. in January, the nardone family, all 10 of them,
went to Disney world and on a cruise. in June
they plan to take their twin 18-year-old, blond-
haired, blue-eyed puerto r ican granddaughters
on a 12-day cruise embarking from venice, italy.
vic keeps in touch with Byrne gamble ’60.
it was also in October that
Nancyann Orth
ited her daughter and her two girls, ages 5 and 9,
in Marseille, France, where they live half the year.
she’s looking forward to a visit from them in april.
Happily her son and his two children live close by.
i saw on the sLU website that
Loren “Cliff”
attended Homecoming in november. His
daughter, Jenifer white walden ’89, an all-ameri-
can swimmer, was inducted into the athletic Hall
of Fame.
Last year,
Madge Grace Wells
and David cel-
ebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with a
two-week family get-together in ixtapa, Mexico.
in september they had planned a trip to the Far
east, but their daughter, Kiersten, suffered a sig-
nifica t stroke while vacationing in turkey. since
then, Madge and David have spent most of their
time with Kiersten and her husband. everyone is
optimistic about her recovery.
in addition to recovering from rotator cuff sur-
Cinnie Baldwin Luscombe
has been help-
ing her older daughter while she’s fig ting cancer.
alison is doing well, but faces four more years of
chemotherapy. cinnie was looking forward to
taking her granddaughter, 5-year old ella, to her
first B oadway show,
Mary Poppins
Mark Harran’s
th high school reunion
in watertown, n.y., he wrote, “two of ‘my gang’,
which i have known since i was four years old,
were at sLU: Dave sickels ’62 and Dave “wally”
walton. wally was there with his wife, Karen Mc-
Donald ’63, so, of course, sLU was well represent-
ed.” another reunion for Mark was with the army
officers with whom he served in aschaffenburg,
germany, in 1965.
t he christmas card from
Gene Hays
was a great
family photo. it’s amazing how much his daugh-
ters resemble
Sigi Knapp
t he same can be said
Barbara Zeidler Lasher’s
daughter. spending
the winter months in charleston, s.c., Barbara
says she has a “lovely existence with lots of golf,
duplicate bridge, tennis, etc.” Over t hanksgiving,
she and her son, pete, played the r obert trent
Jones golf trail in alabama.
Kay Robertson Tomasi
sent wonderful photos
of John and his family when they visited during
the summer. For christmas, Kay and Jim were in
seattle with the younger tomasis. granddaugh-
ter Mia was thrilled when santa brought her the
puppy she asked for!
Steve Anderson
continues to organize events
in the Bay area for chautauqua west, which is re-
lated to the chautauqua institution in new york
state. to celebrate birthdays and their anniver-
sary, steve and Barbara plan to visit the fio ds,
mountains and glaciers of patagonia.
Jim Pritzker’s
oldest granddaughter received
early acceptance to U penn. pre-med. “not sLU,
but we are all very excited for her,” he said. “Four
more to go.”
Pat Wright Ingraham
sent greetings
to all of us and reported that they are well and
love being near their daughter and her family in
charlotte, n.c.
Natalie Beaumont
wrote that she was in a salsa
presentation. she continues to sing and is “get-
ting into the second decade of the 21st century
with an ipad and iMac, but it can get frustrating.
it’s difficul to slow down while the brain still
thinks i’m......40!”
Ken Shilkret
keeps very busy with golf, kitchen
remodeling and several volunteer activities. He
was an actor in two emergency preparedness
drills and was on local tv after an anthrax drill.
He said,“if i’m asked next year, the Health Depart-
ment will have to speak to my agent!” He also
made several visits to his grandchildren, who are
12, 9, 6
and 6 months. t he two families live in
Jean Luce Eaton
and Fred have the best of all
worlds – summers in a townhouse in albany, n.y.,
and winters in a villa on a golf course in Ft. My-
ers, Fla. t hey’ve even become residents of Florida,
t hough moving at our age is not fun.”
Meg Griffin Southwick
wrote that they’re en-
joying new smyrna Beach, Fla. Bill ’60 can fis
and they can golf pretty much year-round.
t his winter,
Carole Sperzel Clark
and Bill are
in palm Desert, calif. t hey just missed seeing
Beth Anne Freilich Gordon
who was in the area
showing her greyhounds at a dog show.
it was great to hear from so many of you. i hope
the rest of our class will follow your example and
submit news for the next
St. Lawrence
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next r eunion: 55
, 2017
well, i did it to myself again. i never learn! t he
news for this column was coming in slowly again,
so i wrote to you for some help and kind as you
are, you gave me hours of editing!