Spring 2013 | St. Lawrence UniverSity Magazine 37
Barbara Blair Nangle
enclosed a little clipping in
her christmas card. i was impressed with proof of
her unfailing memory: it was about the establish-
ment of a bookstore in Big Stone gap, va., where
i was born. visits to daughter andrea in Maine,
daughter Michelle in the nyc area, family in new
york, and Florida gave Barbara and phil fun on the
Anita“Neat”Cheney Goodwyn
sent a beautiful
card that triggered a memory of St. Lawrence, a
candle in the wilderness. anita’s creative talents
serve her as secretary for her community, produc-
ing programs, flyers, cards, minutes and articles
for the monthly newspaper. She is still singing
with the essex chorale and the crane’s Mill cho-
rus. Busy as ever and in good health, anita enjoys
concerts, plays, museums and travel annually to
naples, Fla., to visit with her brother and sister.
Hurricane Sandy was no match for vince ‘55 and
Judy Lennon Cashman
celebrating their 50th
anniversary included renewing their vows in the
candle-lit chapel at St. Joseph’s church, with no
electricity and no organ music, but with family
and friends who had braved the fallen trees and
ruptured gas lines to be there. another grand-
mother trip took Judy to London where, through
the eyes of her two grandsons, she enjoyed see-
ing Harry potter sites, exploring the tower of
London, touring Jack the ripper locations at
night, and watching the changing of the guard at
Buckingham palace. along with many of us, Judy
pledged to perform 26 acts of kindness in honor
of the newtown loss.
now this was a gathering i would have liked to
Joan Lake Hacker, Sue Seevers Dietrich
Mona “Honey” Jore Moore
joined forces at
Joan’s in new Jersey to catch up on one another
and share memories. as Honey said in her note,
there is nothing like “olden golden” friends who
can pick up inmid-sentence nomatter howmuch
time has passed. Here’s hoping you will do a re-
peat on campus in May.
andy Dufault‘59 and
ter Marta is a sophomore at the University of vir-
ginia, actively involved in extracurricular activities
and maintaining an outstanding gpa. Does that
sound reminiscent of the grandparents?
craig ‘59 and
Jolene Holt Fuhrmann
are finding
that family ties in indiana keep them north a little
longer now. at the holidays, their entire family, 17
strong, had a wonderful time together. two of the
grandchildren are in college. in Florida, Jolene is
treasurer of the vero Beach pi Beta phi alumnae
club. She keeps up with
Sheila Carter Booker,
B J Dunlap Erhard
Mary Lou Horn Davies
but regretted missing the pi phi reunion on Long
island to see
Barbara Gray
Peggy Norris
a new year’s eve wedding took
Lois Langtry
and Ken back to the north country in time for a
snowstorm. Her son Drew has purchased a home
near them in Florida as he looks ahead to retire-
ment. always the traveler, Lois took a large group
on a Holiday park cruise to Bahamian cay, aruba
and curacao.
Our class owes a big note of thanks to
Bob Lyle
who has spearheaded the development side of
reunions for many years.
Marg Hannon Keeney
has big shoes to fill, but Bob is looking forward to
having a little more time to visit with classmates
and enjoy the weekend without so much respon-
sibility. i hope we will all make Marg and her
committee’s job easier. Bob is still up to his ears
in community activities, for which he has received
great commendation from a number of groups.
retirement seems to be strangely defined for
Joyce and
Dick Gilbert
Dick is president of both
the UU Ministers and partners association and
interfaith impact of new york State, and Joyce is
president of the new york State convention of
Universalists. in addition to a newly published
book and another in the works, Dick has taken on
two major projects along with other family mem-
bers: replacing two boat sheds on Seneca Lake,
and building a raft with 55-gallon plastic barrels.
according to Dick, grandson Sam recorded the
job in a video. Bring it along to reunion, Dick.
Alexander Wallace (aka Wallace Douglas)
was unable to send along personally his holiday
thoughts due to problems with ankles and cata-
racts. a friend agreed to be his scribe. Lexy, as
Hal calls him, is back to work on “the carpenter
and the cross” and was looking forward to cata-
ract surgery.
although arden atkinson Sederholm officially
graduated with the class of ‘59, i still consider her
a part of our class. She sent a wonderful collec-
tion of memorabilia about her life, her St. Law-
rence experience, her family and her perspectives
on school and family.
i hope you will take an active role in our 55th
reunion. Marg certainly needs help with calls
and contacts. i need help planning for hospitality
roomandmaterials, nailing down a parade theme
and planning social activities on the weekend.
put the dates on your calendar and encourage all
your friends to be there with you. please contact
me with ideas, suggestions, etc. at any time.
Linda MarlowCastle ’59
P.O. Box 766
Honeysuckle Hill
Lexington, VA 24450
next reunion: 55
, 2014
Jack and i returned fromvermont and some nice
skiing with our families over christmas to find
about a dozen cards from classmates.
Sylvia RyanMiller
wrote that she became a wid-
ow last May 15. george wanted his body to go
to research and the westchester Medical college
honored his wish. good for him! She remains
busy with her usual aaUw events, gym classes,
her local aarp branch, plus a branch of the Sierra
club. Staying busy is the best way to cope with
learning to live alone.
Joyce Miltner Conway
traveled to portland,
Ore., to help her son Brian babysit his daughter,
Julia, 6, who is asian, while Julia’s mother was in
africa volunteering her nursing skills to poor and
isolated communities.
Chuck Hager
and Betty ann described their visit
to the vermont country Store inweston, vt. their
christmas, as always, was spent in Scottsdale,
ariz., seeing family and friends.
Margie Phillips LeMaster
sent her usual photo
collage. She and Bill each had a major health“ex-
perience” last year. all seems to be on course for
full recovery.
Dottie Toth Beasley
had a busy 2012 with plen-
ty of international travel as well as family visits in
new england. She usually includes visits towash-
ington, D.c., in order to reconnect with her ameri-
can University Law School contacts.
i enjoyed a pre-christmas telephone chat with
my sister-in-law,
Debbie Castle Fountain
lives with her daughter, allison, and Marty, her
son-in-law, plus her two teenage grandchildren.
it is a happy and comfortable arrangement in an
atlanta suburb.
Nancy Erler Waldron
sent a beautiful photo,
showing her standing in front of a gorgeous
waterfall in Kilarney, ireland. and just in time an
e-mail from
Trey Cryer
arrived saying he and his
buddies ron Henry ’58 and
Dick Radis
would be
at reunion and were trying to contact
Pat Mc-
Peter Wolfe
writes that in December he retired
from the University of Maryland after 46 years as a
professor of mathematics. He has two daughters
and five grandchildren, the oldest of whom starts
college in the fall.
pat Linderoth ‘61 and
John Taylor
are both
involved in numerous civic organizations. the
Summit county (colorado) great Outdoors cele-
bration recognized John as their volunteer award-
winner,“for his ongoing noxious weed mitigation
efforts,”wrote pat.
Zandra Walker
writes, “i’ll be moving into a life
care facility in redmond, wash., next year. But
i’m still kicking and will have gone to Bhutan on a
two-week tour by the time this issue of the maga-
zine has come out. i would like to have someone
buy my house in Sammamish, wash. (SLU dis-
i received a very nice email note fromemmawar-
ren ’16, our scholarship recipient, thanking us for
the help our class of 1959 Scholarship has pro-
vided in attending St. Lawrence. i encourage you
to continue your contributions to the scholarship
as your circumstances permit.
take a few minutes after reading these notes
to send me an email with your news. i hope that
is treating you well.
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