spring 2013 | st. Lawrence Universit y Magazine 35
is enjoying the restoration of a
acre plantation with ducks, quail and a lake
preserve in south carolina. Half of the ducks are
raised and the other half are wild.
Pat Herrick Silverthorne
has two grandsons,
ages 4 ½ and 1. she is still involved with figu e
skating (national skate canada).
carolyn and
Len Combi
wrote that they were on
their way to Florida for
the winter and hoped to
Doris Kloppenburg
and Bob ’59. Doris
and Bob skied at arapa-
hoe Basin, col., on open-
ing day, October 17, 2012.
we were probably the
oldest ones here,”saidDo-
ris. t hey said they joined
the crowd on a whim; they were searching for
something active to do while visiting colorado.
t heir favorite place to ski is vail, said Bob. t hey
were there around christmas and then again in
Marian Finck Moore
our most traveled class-
mate, visited with Doris and Bob on cape cod
and in Fort Myers, Fla. Marian’s activities include
bridge, Dar (vice regent), senior citizens, pi phi,
tennis, crafts classes and lots of reading. she
traveled to chicago, Florida, the cayman islands
and cozumel on a cruise, connecticut, cape cod,
Maine, new Hampshire, and new york c ity and
Winnie Pisani Thorn
and family visited the his-
toric, impressive annapolis. a grandson is a stu-
dent there. t hey enjoyed all the pageantry. Her
next trip is a river cruise from paris to normandy
and Brittany.
Ann Clough Garlock
and Bud ’55 travel to Florida
in March and april. Bud skis and plays broomhock-
ey in the winter months.
now that
Alida Isham Millham
has retired from
the new Hampshire legislature, she is dabbling in
the writing profession and her topic is one very fa-
miliar to her – healthcare issues.we all need a semi-
nar on that!
Lynn Chilton Burt
sent an adorable photo of her
four grandchildren, two girls and two boys.
Jane Hastings Smith
wrote that she’d heard from
Mary eichenlaub,winniet horn and Dottie cannon.
and i received a greeting from
Lucy Tower Funke,
always gracious and complimentary.
Don Heithaus
emailed his support of a proposed
th amendment to the U. s. constitution: “con-
gress shall make no law that applies to the citizens
of the United states that does not apply equally to
the senators and/or r epresentatives; and, congress
shall make no law that applies to the senators and/
or r epresentatives that does not apply equally to
the citizens of the United states.”
i traveled to syracuse for induction into the wil-
liamnottinghamHigh school alumniwall of Fame.
to my amazement, a number of high school class-
mates attended the dinner, alongwith st. Lawrence
University representation – vice president Lisa ca-
nia and her husband, sal, and my tri-Delta sorority
daughter, LennieMcKinnon ’58. a former neighbor,
who i used to babysit, nominatedme for the award.
t he event was beyond all expectations!
congratulations to the class of 1956 for 79 donors
listed in the 2011-2012 st. Lawrence University r e-
port of appreciation. t he class participation rate
was 42.2%, which is extraordinary for anon-reunion
year. t hanks for supporting your University. Let’s
set the goal for our next reunion in 2015 at over
Log in to the st. Lawrence web site,
edu, and choose the alumni option. t hen under
my st. Lawrence” enter your email address and
phone number so that your class reporter may con-
tact you for news. Health and happiness in 2013!
Joyce Caldwell Rhodes ’57
C Oak Crest Court
Novato, CA 94947
next r eunion: 60
, 2017
My reassignment of taylor Deer, grandson of
Phil Morey
Richard “Tinker” DeGraff
only surprised phil and t inker, but i am sure, the
mothers as well. t he fall issue should have read
that phil is proud of taylor, who is president of
the student government at r ochester institute
of technology, with its student body of 17,000.
google rit .edu/taylordeer to see some of his
speeches and activities). taylor was named greek
of the year from among the members of 28 greek
as a firs -year student in 1988, i was a
t helmo representative, and one thing that
struck me about st. Lawrence’s culture
and governance was the impressive level
of input various constituencies had in Uni-
versity decision-making. students, fac-
ulty members and administrators studied
important issues together on tri-partite
committees. t helmo, Faculty council and
alumni council all had a voice when im-
portant decisions were made.
Over the years, i have seen this commit-
ment to inclusion continue and grow.
During nine years on the alumni executive council, i have seen firs -
hand the collaborative deliberations that have made possible st. Law-
rence’s growing stature and momentum. at every turn, the entire st.
Lawrence community has come together to study issues, weigh op-
tions, share thoughts, and work out sensible solutions that will serve
the best interests of all. i never cease to be amazed by the beauty of
this process, and it contributes to my enduring love of st. Lawrence.
alumni council has had a seat at the table during every major Uni-
versity initiative of the last decade. we have enjoyed representation
in the presidential search and recession response planning processes,
the development and refineme t of the strategic Map and Facilities
Master plan, and selection of the architect and site for the new resi-
dence hall. t hose of us who were honored to serve on these teams
shared the thoughts and ideas of our alumni constituents, and our
voices were heard. we sat with trustees, administrators, faculty and
staff members, students and community neighbors in each of these
collaborative processes.
as in any collaborative process, some of these inclusive deliberations
have involved divergent thoughts and passionate opinions. But the
commitment to include all voices, and to discuss important issues with
consistent civility, has allowed us to reach consensus even when it is
difficu to do so. t he shrill tones and partisan battles we often see in
other segments of society have not prevailed at st. Lawrence, and i do
not believe they ever will. we are a community committed to facing
our challenges and our opportunities together. wework through diffi-
cult times, andwe celebrate good times together. andwhenwe differ,
we respect one another. if the rest of the country and the world were
more like st. Lawrence, we would be lucky indeed.
as st. Lawrence moves forward with the new residence hall, i want
to assure all in the alumni community that we have had a significa t
voice in the careful deliberations and painstaking decision-making
that has led the community to choose the site and the architects who
will plan the site’s enhancement. (For details, see page 11.) alumni
voices were heardwhen our desire to protect the Quadwas embraced
in the site selection and in a plan that will enhance its aesthetic quali-
ties. st. Lawrence has again gone the extramile, and i amproud of our
alma mater for that.
Stephen Todd ’92
Alumni executive Council President
Inclusive Decision-Making
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