spr ing 2013 | st. Lawrence Universit y Magazine
i received a card from al and
Ginny Bailey
and Janet Kellogg Johnson ‘44 sent a
newsy letter and pictures. she will be celebrating
her “Big 90” with her family on Marco island, Fla.
t his includes three daughters and spouses, seven
grandchildren and spouses, plus nine great-
as noted in the last issue,
Ida Yewell Haid
passed away on september 20, 2012. ida was
in Kappa Delta sorority. she was very active in
the Hidenwood presbyterian church in new-
port news, va. Her love of music was a big part
of her life. she had been involved in Mummers
and broadcasting and vocal groups while a stu-
dent. Husband Bob had passed away, but she
was survived by seven children, 14 grandchildren
and six great-grandchildren.
Our sympathy goes to this family. we will re-
member her as we knew her in college.
Let’s stay in contact. good news or bad, we need
to stick together.
Guilford“Chip”f orbes ’47
Trailwood Court
Bingham Farms, MI 48025-4669
next r eunion: 70
, 2017
Dick austin, reporter for ‘43, got a letter from
John Mason ‘48 enclosing a citation for a navy
cross, the highest medal issued by the navy,
which was awarded to his brother
Edric Mason
for heroism as a navy torpedo bomber pilot dur-
ing the battle of Leyte gulf. edric successfully
sank or damaged several cargo ships and scored
a direct torpedo hit on a Japanese aircraft carrier.
John himself served three years of active duty in
the army in the southwest pacific and then 22
years in the r eserve.
AliceWalsh Kennedy ’48
Smoke Rise Village II
New Hope, PA 18938-1275
215-862-2344 (
Business and Fax)
next r eunion: 65
May 30-June 2, 2013
For information about becoming a reporter
for this class, please contact sharon Henry, 315-
or Kim His-
song, 315-229-5837 or
Next Reunion: 65
, 2014
Barbara Grouls Audet ’50
Bent Tree Circle
Ft. Myers, FL 33907
next r eunion: 65
, 2015
an interesting magazine made its debut about
a year ago. nny Living tends to focus on the
watertown area, but the november/December
issue had a nice article about the Ogdensburg
community players, founded in 1963 by
t he goal of the Ocp was to bring cul-
ture to Ogdensburg and the north country, and
Frank had many adventures in his efforts to do so,
including buying 40 bras so that the dancers of
Ballet africans could perform on the Ogdensburg
Free academy stage. as the shows became more
and more popular, the organization became dif-
ficult for its volunteer board to manage, so in
the group became Ogdensburg command
performance and celebrates its 50th anniversary
with the 2012-13 season. well-deserved plau-
dits to Frank, who spends most of his time in
st.petersburg, Fla., but surfaces for the seaway
Festival every summer.
it was nice to receive a cheerful note from Bar-
bara and
Despite the various sur-
geries and illnesses that seem to go with our age
group, they keep busy with family, friends, church
activities and Lions. t hey enjoy life in port char-
lotte, Fla.
Unfortunately, all the other mail i have received
is obituaries:
Bud Barnett, Jack Barron, Emer-
son Forbes, Joyce Kruger Ringo, Josie Durland
Van Slyke
Our numbers will be smaller, but i
hope our spirit will still be strong at r eunion.
Janet tag O’Loughlin ’51
˜Lake Dornoch Drive
Pinehurst, NC 28734-3579
next r eunion: 65
, 2016
co-class reporter
Jack O’Loughlin
passed away
in early February. a memorial notice appears in
this magazine’s“in Memory”section.
David Hanning
reported via his alumni Fund
envelope that he has eight children plus grand-
children and great-grandchildren.
Barbara RobertsonMitchell ’52
Pepperidge Road
Morristown, NJ 07960-2532
next r eunion: 65
, 2017
i heard from
Mary Lou Cole Attarian
steve ‘53 and
Betty Bellois Sherer
Mel Yost
warm Florida and
Bea Hegarty Mayes
at christ-
mas time. Bea wrote a long letter with beautiful
pictures of her trips in Oregon, and gets back to
Midway, Utah, near park city, to go skiing. won-
Bev Van Wert Eastwood
and Bill are doing fin
in goleta, cal. all is well, but they missed you all
at r eunion.
i received a letter from r obert stolarik,
Miele Stolarik’s
husband, that the reason they
were not at r eunion was that Marilyn had fallen
and broken two ribs. Bob also let me know that i
neglected to say that
Shirley May Montgomery
was at r eunion. How could i forget? i had many
conversations with her, and she lives nearby in at-
lantic Highlands, n.J. i called her and apologized
and we had a wonderful long talk about the old
times and how she and i hadmade it throughHur-
ricane sandy without trees falling on our homes.
seven days without electricity or heat: Just like
the cold dorm in the Kappa Lodge, with a hat on
and socks but no mittens and no windows open!
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