spr ing 2013 | st. Lawrence Universit y Magazine 29
Nathan O. Niles ’40
Wardour Drive
Annapolis, MD 21401-1255
next r eunion: 75
, 2015
i heard from
Mark “Barney” Brown
: “
we are in
our 20th year at this beautiful retirement com-
munity. top-notch meals, pool, fitness room,
two libraries, full medical care, transportation,
housekeeping and maintenance, etc. Our health
is good, although Bea (Fairchild ’39) has macular
degeneration and we both badly need our hear-
ing aids. we do a lot of walking but have backed
off foreign trips -- i define ‘foreign’ as out of town.
two successful sons, one retired; three grandsons
and one of themhas helped in presenting us with
two great-granddaughters!! Bea and i must be
one of the oldest sLU couples still around (1939
and 1940).”
it is with sorrow that i report the passing of our
classmate Dr.
on Oct.16,
t his is the 50th year of my membership in the
r otary club of annapolis. Five grandchildren live
nearby. One of theworst things about living alone
is, if i drop something, it remains there until i pick
it up.
t he following are the 11 members of sLU ’40
still on the st. Lawrence magazine mailing list,
in addition to Barney Brown and me:
Benjamin, Mary Jane Lang Chilton, Dorothy
Goodrich Dean, Alma Lasher Fick, Anne Rob-
ins Frank, Elizabeth List Gardner, Shirley Har-
rington Madsen, Mary Murphy
if you want contact information, let
me know.
Ray Lewis‘41
N. Ohio Ave.
Roswell, NM 88201-2129
next r eunion: 75
, 2016
please write to me. i hope you are enjoying good
health during this spring of 2013.
i was happy to receive christmas greetings and
a letter from
Jeanne Clifford Cree
Jeanne en-
closed a letter which describes the career of her
son, retired army col. David clifford cree, written
after his premature death from a heart attack at
age 60. David was a decorated vietnam war vet-
eran who also served in the gulf war, Operations
Desert shield/storm, enduring Freedom and iraqi
Freedom. He led projects in iraqi urban and rural
economic development, reconstruction, agri-
culture, health and education. Following his re-
tirement from the army, he was a county sheriff
captain and served with the Federal emergency
Management agency (FeMa) inwinfiel , ala., as a
senior operations and planning specialist, helping
disaster response and recovery in various ways for
several operations throughout the country.
Bill Buschmann‘42
Canal Road, #1409
Orange Beach, AL 36561-4022
ext. 1409 (home)
251-923-6691 (
next r eunion: 75
, 2017
Richard C. Austin ’43
Wake Robin Drive
Shelburne, VT 05482
next r eunion: 70
May 30-June 2, 2013
elizabeth Dietrich Ackerley ’44
Cedar Lane
Scotia, NY 12302-5524
next r eunion: 70
, 2014
Platt Wheeler
wrote to class of 1945 reporter
aitchie” ellison about his early school days in
Hamilton, n.y., and growing up with the children
of former president eugene Bewkes. platt had
been accepted at colgate and st. Lawrence, and
on the advice of Dr. Bewkes, who was teaching at
colgate, chose st. Lawrence! platt is living in Fay-
etteville, n.y., in a retirement home.
via the alumni office, i learned that
Jacob Gun-
passed away last October 11.
according to her alumni Fund form,
is blessed with good health. she is com-
pletely retired and goes to the “y” for senior exer-
cise every day. she lives alone in her ranch house,
and still drives and works in her garden.
t he year 2012 was one of big changes for ginny
Bud’s health was de-
clining and they downsized. He passed away on
Feb. 2; a memorial notice will appeal next time. if
youwant to contact ginny, i have her newaddress
and phone number. Bud always had a smile for
On carol Kirkpatrick ’49 and
Dick Spooner’s
christmas card, Dick wrote that he no longer does
long-distance driving, just to doctors’ appoint-
ments up to 50 miles away. He feels lucky to be
able to do that.
christmas comes on December 25, but illness
put the holiday on hold for my family. My daugh-
ter, Jan, was the sick one. she and anthony made
the trip up fromLong island tomy house for a visit
from santa on January 4. a wonderful time!
i love hearing from you.
helen Aitchison ellison ’45
Greenbriar Lane
West Grove, PA 19390
next r eunion: 70
, 2015
na vy nOtes : now Hear t his: From the navy
contingent, walt Hluch‘47 is trying to manage his
aches and pains but is looking forward to his 90th
birthday and going on a cruise with his wife, peg-
gy. He reports that art Hilkert ’47 is making the
best of some physical problems but keeps busy.
Paul Durkin
sends lots of e-mails and keeps in
the loop. i enjoy hearing from paul as his e-mails
are interesting, thought-provoking and varied.
Bell Herndon ‘47 reports that he and Jean cel-
ebrated their 60th wedding anniversary recently.
congratulations to the Herndons. it’s great to talk
about milestones. t hat’s what seems to be what
keeps us going! i celebrated my 90th birthday in
John Quirk ‘48, who was at sLU before serving in
the navy, is living in a retirement home in Mary-
land and hopes to get to his 65th r eunion in June.
we had a good chat on the phone about the “old
Bob parker ‘47, originally a member of the class
of 1945, called and we also had a great chat. He
talked about “after-the-war days” at sLU. He and
his wife, Lorraine, and platt wheeler ‘44 and his
wife, Marilyn Merrill wheeler ‘45, deceased, and
some others lived in a house near campus which
they called the Beta annex. eventually, they
moved to vetsville, long since torn down, where
today’s gymand field houses are. vetsville housed
returning veteran families. Bob was in the army
air Force with one of the men who lives here in
our retirement home. t hey became friends back
in the 1940s and have kept up that relationship,
visiting each other throughout the years. Bob
and Lorraine live near watertown. He and his
brother Bill ’47, deceased, were great skiers. a st.
Lawrence decal on the back of my station wagon
was responsible for this connection!
i would love to hear frommore of you.
AnnMiller hilchie ’46
Indian Oaks Drive
Apt. I-309
Vero Beach, FL 32966
next r eunion: 70
, 2016
My news on christmas cards decreases each
Gloria Wright Lyng
has a lovely villa over-
looking a lake on Hilton Head island, s.c. Her
daughter Betsey and husband are only 10 min-
utes from her. Her younger brother, Herb, winters
on Johns island, Fla., only 10miles fromme. gloria
is relieved she is no longer living in Bay Head, n.J.;
it was nearly destroyed by Hurricane sandy. she
is healthy and enjoying a full and active life.
f or information about becoming a re-
porter for any class prior to 1940, please
contact Kim hissong, 315-229-5837 or