spring 2013 | st. Lawrence Universit y Magazine 1
On the cover:
Loraina Ghiraldi’s resume may say she’s a
psychology professor, but she also teaches dance.
She’s just one of St. Lawrence’s faculty who do
more than meets the eye. Who knew? To learn
about some others, see our feature article on
page 18.
photo credit: Tara Freeman
c O n t e n t s
a w o r d f r om t h e pr e s i d e n t
O n c amp u s
s p o r t s
1 1
ph i l a n t h r o p y i n a c t i o n
1 5
L a u r e n t i a n po r t r a i t s
B r i t t a n y M i s e r c o l a
L i am D e l a h a n t y
w o o d y pa r k e r
a my y a o
a n n M a r i e g a r d i n i e r H a l s t e a d
2 8
F r om t h e a r c h i v e s
2 9
c l a s s n o t e s
3 2
pi c t u r e pe r f e c t
6 5
F i n a l t h o u g h t
Their Other Lives
They teach, they research, they write –
but what else do our professors do?
University Magazine
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