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a My ya O ’15
by Molly Lunn ’12
Amy Yao ’15 combines her love for sci-
ence and art into her own business. And
she runs it from the comfort of her dorm
Amy founded Amy Yao Design (amyya- in 2011. She specializes
in print and digital advertisements for
organizations on campus and beyond.
Science teaches you a lot about design,
and looking at structure from a critical
point of view,” says Amy, a biology major
on the pre-medical track.
The Niskayuna, N.Y., native already
has some well-known clients, including
Grace Potter ’06n. She worked with the
band to design fliers for their February
concert on campus as part of her job as
public relations chair of the Association
for Campus Entertainment (ACE). “I
sent Grace my business card along with
the finished poster,” says Amy, in true
entrepreneurial spirit.
While her part-time business doesn’t
employ other students—“I wouldn’t be
able to pay them!” she laughs—Amy
engages with her colleagues through her
role as coxswain on the women’s crew
team and as an editor of
The Hill News.
Hill News
work lets me meet people
in all departments who share my inter-
ests,” says Amy, who also keeps a college
blog for The Huffington Post website.
Amy says she’s excited to attend
an endocrinology conference in
California with a professor this
year. “The fact that I could just
walk into St. Lawrence and do
research at the conference level,
and get to talk to all of these
famous scientists, is amazing”
says Amy.
Amy hopes to pursue an OB/
GYN degree; she admits to
being unsure how the design
business will fit into her medi-
cal school schedule. Regard-
less, Amy appreciates all she’s
learned, professionally and
academically, in her time at St.
Lawrence. “Being able to make
money off something I love is
just fantastic,” she says.
t he fact that i could just walk
into s t. Lawrence and do research
at the conference level, and get
to talk to all of these famous
scientists, is amazing."
a fter completing her writing
internship in University
c ommunications and graduating in
December, Molly Lunn took a position
as an educational intern with yes!
magazine in Bainbridge island, wash.
spr ing 2013 | st. Lawrence Universit y Magazine