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Habari Gani?
(Swahili for “What’s the news?”)

John Linsley ’04 (KSP fall ’02)
The Lowell Whiteman School
42605 RCR 36
Steamboat Springs, CO 80487

Eric Buthmann ’05 (KSP fall ’03) recently began a year-long internship at the School for Field Studies (SFS) Center for Wildlife Management Studies - Kilimanjaro Bush Camp in Kimana, Kenya.  SFS is an international non-profit academic institution which runs semester and summer study programs for college students in five countries.  The program in Kenya focuses on the study of rangeland and wildlife ecology, the human-wildlife conflict and the pastoralist lifestyle of the Maasai people.  As an SFS intern, Eric lives on site and assists students with academics and field research. Eric noted he would be taking part in a field excursion to Kenya’s Maasai Mara Game Reserve in November with a group of students and planned some travel in late December with Kim Johnson ’06, a student on the fall 2005 KSP. The pair, both avid kayakers, were hoping to head to the headwaters of the Nile River in Uganda for some African whitewater.  Many KSP alumni, including Amber Dodge ’05 (KSP fall ’04), Ryan VanderMark ’05 (KSP spring ’04), Will Hartman ’06 (KSP spring ‘05) and Steve Alexander ’03 (KSP fall ’02) have visited the Nile headwaters region in recent years, whether for their independent study projects or for a post-KSP whitewater adventure. You can explore the SFS program in Kenya by visiting

“Brett’s Kids”: As explained in the accompanying column, Brett Harvey ’02 (KSP fall ’00) spent last fall in Kenya with the International Community for the Relief of Starvation and Suffering (ICROSS), a grassroots, community-based charity providing support to individuals and families with HIV and AIDS; he worked with a home-based care program for HIV/AIDS patients in the Bondo region of western Kenya, and made these young friends.

Brett Harvey ’02 (KSP fall ’00) returned to Kenya last fall for a short work assignment with the International Community for the Relief of Starvation and Suffering (ICROSS).  ICROSS is a grassroots, community-based charity, mainly working in Kenya, providing support to individuals and families with HIV and AIDS.  At present, ICROSS programs reach some 330,000 people in Kenya.  Brett spent much of his stay working with a home -based care program for HIV/AIDS patients in the Bondo region of western Kenya.  He e-mailed, “I ended up staying in Bondo for a total of three weeks; visiting patients, attending meetings, distributing drugs and bed amenities, and eating lots of fish. Although the visits with patients were hard emotionally at first, I have found a way to make them enjoyable, mostly because it really makes their day to have someone from afar visit them in person.”  Brett purchased an old bicycle as his primary means of transport between home visits.  After working in Bondo, he headed to the main ICROSS office in the Ngong Hills, near Nairobi.  He spent three nights with a Maasai family which is heavily involved with ICROSS, noting, “I really enjoyed staying with the family, and the kids, like anywhere, had lots of energy and love to share.  I drank tons of goat milk, some of which had been curdling for over a week.  It was the chunkiest, most sour whiteness, I’d ever had.  However, believe it or not, I think it helped settle my stomach at the time.” Check out the ICROSS Web site,

Erik Rodriguez ’02 (KSP fall ’01) is director and founder of ICROSS-USA, the organization’s stateside chapter.  In 2002, Erik was awarded an ICROSS sponsorship to return to Kenya for a work assignment similar to Brett’s, by Dr. Michael Meegan, international director of ICROSS.  In early November, Dr. Wairimu Ndirangu, administrative director of the KSP, invited Dr. Meegan, who lives in Kenya, to speak with this semester’s KSP students.  In a recent e-mail, Wairimu noted that Dr. Meegan will be sponsoring another ICROSS work assignment for a St. Lawrence student from the current KSP group.  Look for an update on this exciting student sponsorship in the next “Habari Gani?” column.  If you have interest in working with ICROSS in some capacity, please email Brett at or Erik at

Kaileah Christie ’04 (KSP fall ’02) has been in Boulder, Col., and Alaska since graduation.  After a cross-country drive in August, Kaileah settled into her master’s program in Latin American studies at Indiana State.  Kaileah noted that for the time being she has traded in her Swahili speaking skills for Spanish.

Brendan Hayes ’04 (KSP spring ’03) is serving a 27-month assignment as a U.S. Peace Corps volunteer in the small landlocked country of Swaziland in southern Africa.  In a recent letter, Brendan wrote, “I’m settling into village life pretty nicely.  My village has about 50-60 homesteads and is situated in the mountains of west-central Swaziland.  It’s dry like the Southwest and most of the agriculture is maize and cattle.”  He added, “I’m a little bit out of the way,--as far out as you can be in a country this small--but I can still get to the capital in four or five hours, by a combo of hiking, hitching and kombi (matatu).”  Brendan says the public health situation in Swaziland is daunting as a result of the HIV/AIDS epidemic.  He is calculating numbers of children who have been orphaned as a result HIV/AIDS.  Brendan added, “The orphan issue is one of the more pressing and tangible areas to work in, and I could probably spend the next two years getting these kids into school and coming up with feeding/care schemes for them.”  Brendan is at PO Box 252, Mankayane M206, Swaziland, Africa.

I am making preparations for a month-long sustainable development program, based in Portugal, which I will co-lead this spring with another teacher from my school. Please send me your news and be sure to specify on which KSP you participated--include information about your whereabouts, family, career, or Kenya adventures of past and present.  I look forward to hearing from you.
Asanteni sana

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