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Comings and Goings: Class of 2000

Comings and Goings: Class of 2004

Working to Serve

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Table of Contents

Comings and Goings: Class of 2004

Andrew Dana '04
Government Major, Track Champion
Still Running

Although he wasn't sure what he wanted to study when he started at St. Lawrence four years ago, Andy Dana was sure he wanted to run. And run he has. Dana holds the UCAA league records in the 1500 and 3000 meter races and has raced in NCAA Championships in both cross country and indoor track. He shares an All-America plaque with three teammates for the University-record distance medley relay team.

When Dana isn't running in circles around the track he's circling the globe studying topics in government for his major. Dana went to Hong Kong in January 2004 as part of a research group of four faculty and six students to study the democracy movement in Hong Kong. "My favorite part of the trip was attending a democracy rally in Victoria Park," he says. "It was interesting to see the democracy movement coming to life" he adds, in his characteristic understated style.

Dana hopes that he will be able to create exciting experiences similar to the ones he's had at St. Lawrence in his classrooms as a teacher and a coach somewhere in the Washington, D.C., area after graduation.

--Morgan Doherty '04

Joseph Frankel '04
Rock Climber, Law-School Bound
So Many Cliffs, So Little Time…

What immediately attracted Joseph Frankel '04 to St. Lawrence was its location. The Long Island native had rock-climbed all over the country before college, and looked forward to St. Lawrence's close proximity to the Adirondacks, where he could continue his avocation.

Throughout his four years, Frankel has led multiple rock climbing trips with the Outing Club and for the Outdoor Program, and has continued his climbing in Oregon and throughout the Adirondacks with St. Lawrence's programs. "Climbing has been important to me for personal development," says Frankel. "It's also been a fun and rewarding experience to share with other students."

On the academic side, Frankel is a government major, and interned during his junior year at the St. Lawrence County Public Defender's Office. "My internship is what motivated me toward a law career," says Frankel, who plans to attend law school next year. "My motto is to fight the good fight. I want to help the disadvantaged."

-- Devon M. Rodonets '04

Jacky Gillis '04
Community Volunteer
Learning and Serving

Jacky Gillis took her time at St. Lawrence to narrow her focus to activities that she really believed in and loved. Her freshman year was full of different activities: swimming, manager of the women's hockey team, First-Year Council, a focus group on activities on campus. But it was her First-Year Seminar, Against the Grain, that sparked her interest for the rest of her time at St. Lawrence.

"I wasn't sure what I wanted to study at St. Lawrence," she explained, "But my freshman advisor, Linda Baughman, spurred my interest in politics and gender. She helped direct me to classes that fit my interests and experiences."

One thing that Gillis did not give up in her pursuit of her major was community service. At home on breaks, she continued working for Kids in Crisis, an organization that provides mentors for abused children in Greenwich, Conn. In Canton, Gillis was a mentor as a SLU Buddy to a sixth-grader in the Canton middle school.

Gillis graduated with a government major and a gender studies minor. Her work at St. Lawrence has created a good base for her to move on to graduate studies in social work in Ft. Myers, Florida at Florida Gulf Coast University.

--Morgan Doherty '04

Krystina Gotsch '04
Softball Standout, Sociology Major

The addition of the softball team a few years ago enticed Krystina Gotsch to attend St. Lawrence, and she has loved the past four years. "This was definitely the right choice," says the native of Colton, N.Y., about 10 miles from Canton. "I knew it all along." Gotsch is a sociology major and a history and education double minor. She has played softball for four years, and also serves on the Student Athletic Advisory Council.

Gotsch has coached the Norwood Norfolk Central School's 7 th-8 th grade soccer team for the past two years, and says, "Coaching is something I would like to continue with in the future." She says that she wants to stay in the north permanently after graduation, and eventually would like to teach at the elementary level and coach an athletic team.

Gotsch is returning to St. Lawrence next semester to student-teach history in a local high school, and then plans on entering Potsdam State University to get her Master's in Elementary Education. "I've always wanted to be a teacher," she says. "I'll be able to be with students all the time, and then as a coach, I'll get to be with them after class too. That way I can really earn their respect," says Gotsch.

"These past four years have been tremendously beneficial," says Gotsch. "I've grown up a lot and had a great experience at St. Lawrence."

--Devon M. Rodonets '04

Elizabeth "Steelie" Jenkins '04
Writer, Tennis Captain
Expectations Met

St. Lawrence has turned out to be just the type of place Steelie Jenkins had hoped it would be when she arrived on campus four years ago. She had previously attended ski schools in Leysin, Switzerland, and Salt Lake City, and was ready to settle down and be at one school for four years. "I was ready to call a school home," says Jenkins.

"St. Lawrence has become such a big part of my life," says Jenkins. "As an English major, I've refined my writing skills. As a three-year member of the tennis team I've learned how to manage my time well, and last year as a captain I gained a lot of leadership skills. Being involved with the tennis team has been quite an enriching experience overall."

As an outgrowth of her involvement with the tennis team and her love for English, Jenkins is applying for jobs in sports marketing and public relations in the Boston area. "I'm excited to graduate," says Jenkins. "The leadership skills that I have gained at St. Lawrence have given me the confidence to go out into the world and start a career."

--Devon M. Rodonets '04

Rachel Jones '04
Pre-Med Student, Athlete
Still on Track

Rachel Jones knew that she wanted to follow the pre-med track at St. Lawrence when she applied five years ago. Once she arrived on campus, she traded in her clarinet and cashier's till at the deli in her hometown of Albuquerque, N.M., for test tubes and syringes at St. Lawrence University. She graduated as a math major with biology and chemistry minors.

"My time at St. Lawrence has been very busy, but also very rewarding," Jones says. "The pre-med track has helped me keep focused on the things I needed to be doing to prepare for medical school, but also given me space to pursue other interests."

These other interests include running track and intramural broomball and soccer. Jones says one of her best experiences on campus was her Medical Sociology course. The class used community-based learning to bring students into medical offices to learn about professional practices first-hand.

Jones works with Dr. Jill Tucci '00, a chiropractor with a practice just outside of Canton. "It's been a great way to get out of the classroom, but still learn a lot about being a doctor," Jones says.

Jones has been accepted by both the University at Buffalo (State University of New York) School of Medicine & Biomedical Sciences and State University of New York Upstate Medical University.

--Morgan Doherty '04

Brian Lind '04
Global Studies Major, Activist
Putting Idealism to Work

"A lot has changed about the way I am and what I want to do since I first came to St. Lawrence," says Brian Lind. As a first-year student, Lind thought about majoring in environmental studies with an eye to outdoor education. After participating in the Adirondack Semester in the fall of his sophomore year, though, Lind realized that he enjoyed the recreational aspect of the outdoors but wasn't as interested in studying the environmental aspects of it.

The September 11 attacks further influenced Lind, who began taking government classes and became intrigued by the Middle East. "I started to learn about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and realized that I wanted to dedicate my studies to it," says Lind, who graduated as a global studies major and outdoor studies minor.

Lind's passion led him to study last summer at Birzeit University, in Palestine outside Ramallah, and then in the fall of 2003 in Jordan, through Vermont's School of International Training. Lind was also originally scheduled to spend three weeks researching in Paletsine, but was denied access by a border guard at a checkpoint, because he and a fellow student were perceived to be "friends with the Arabs," says Lind.

Lind plans to use his experience abroad after graduation, perhaps working in Washington, D.C., in a non-profit organization. Ultimately, Lind's goal is to work abroad in Palestine or Iraq doing humanitarian aid work.

--By Devon M. Rodonets '04

James McManus '04
Future Professor
An Interdisciplinary Life

"I've stayed truthful to myself and who I am throughout my years at St. Lawrence," says James McManus. "I've been able to share my opinions on life and my political standpoints and ideas with the people I've met here."

McManus used opportunities in his sociology classes at St. Lawrence to share his opinions, but he also did so in Phi Kappa Sigma fraternity, on the track team, and while he was living in Great Britain during his fall 2003 semester in London.

McManus's First-Year Seminar, Medical Sociology, taught by Professor Patrice LaClerc, directed him toward a sociology major. "I liked the way the sociology major brought together my interests in history, biology and racial politics, and my political views," he explains.

"Working for the Labor Party of the House of Commons [in London] was a great way for me to apply what I learned in sociology classes to real-life situations," he says. "I worked as a liaison between the unions and the party, emphasizing union rights and the well-being of workers."

McManus hopes to expand on his broad base of sociological studies in graduate school, and then wants to pursue his Ph.D. in order to become a professor eventually.

--Morgan Doherty '04

Johnna Nigh '04
Tennis Captain, Greek Leader
Four Years of Growth

Although the winters were colder than she had expected, Johnna Nigh '04, of Marietta, Georgia, says St. Lawrence has been "a great place to grow and develop."

A member of the women's tennis team for four years, Nigh has been a captain since her sophomore year. She says, "Being on the team was a great way to meet new friends when I entered the University."

Not only has Nigh been a leader on the tennis court, but also in her sorority, Chi Omega. With the Make-A-Wish Foundation as their main philanthropy, Chi Omega has given Nigh the chance to help the St. Lawrence and Canton communities with a different service activity "at least once a week.."

After testing the academic waters in a variety of disciplines, Nigh settled on a combined economics and mathematics major and government minor. She says, "It's been a lot of work, but I am really happy with my decisions and I look forward to using my knowledge in the workplace." Nigh is considering entering law school, but is leaving her options open by applying to a variety of jobs, ranging from an associate adjustment manager to a paralegal or legal assistant.

Looking back on her college years, Nigh says that "everything" about her has changed. She says, "I have grown tremendously through my experiences here, and developed into the woman I am today."

--Amy Zarriello '04

Vaughn Oliver '04
Sociology Major, Musician, Diversity Advocate
Learning Lessons Everywhere

A member of the Hip Hop and Beyond club, several diversity organizations, KSLU radio and numerous intramural teams, Vaughn Oliver of New York has continued a trend of "keeping busy" from his high school days in New York City.

At St. Lawrence, Oliver added "reading and math tutor" to his resume. He says, "I got to interact with local children and help them in ways that they might not see now, but I hope will appreciate later in their lives." Oliver also works to enlighten his fellow students as a member of the House of Brotherhood Movement, which helps people experience other cultures first-hand. Oliver explains, "The HOB Movement is a diversity interaction on a more personal level."

Oliver's interest in diversity led him to his sociology major. He says, "I'm interested in the cultural and ethical side of sociology--who we are as a people and how different cultures shape our ideas and beliefs as a society."

Oliver hopes to work in real estate and may also try his talents in the music industry as an artist or by recruiting talent for a record label in California.

"St. Lawrence has helped me grow as a person and I've learned lessons both inside and outside the classroom," says Oliver.

--By Amy Zarriello '04

Justyna Szychowska '04
Government Major, Spain and Washington Programs
A Student in Any Language

Four years ago, considering majoring in multi-languages, Justyna Szychowska, of East Hampton, N.Y., never imagined she would study off campus in two different places. As a Spanish major, Szychowska spent her sophomore year on St. Lawrence's Spain program. A later interest in international politics led her to Washington, D.C., in the fall of her senior year; there she studied foreign policy, pursuing a second major in government. She says, "I intend to follow a career in law enforcement after graduation and continue my education."

During her years on campus, Szychowska worked as a TA for the Spanish department, as director of the Spanish writing center and as a Spanish tutor. She says, "English is my second language. Polish is my first. So I find it almost necessary to help others perfect their language skills."

"My most enjoyable and wonderful experience as a St. Lawrence student has been the privilege of working with caring and thoughtful faculty," Szychowska says. "I owe most of my academic achievements to the undying dedication of all my professors, especially my advisors, Associate Professor of Modern Languages Marina Llorente and Assistant Professor of Government Karl Schonberg."

Szychowska says, "My time at St. Lawrence was a great investment in my future, because it benefited me academically, professionally and personally."

--Amy Zarriello '04

Peter Wilson '04
Psychology Major, Drummer, Golfer
Setting a Standard of Excellence

"I feel a thousand miles from home when I am at school, yet I can still hop across the street for a visit with my family and a home cooked meal," says Peter Wilson '04, resident of Canton and son of two alumni, Ray '71 and Christy Bartholomew Wilson '72.

As a psychology major, Wilson is hoping that his academic background will prove useful in a law or marketing career following graduation. Wilson has been a member of the men's golf team, served on the Student Judiciary Board, and was a member of the Student Athletic Advisory Council.

Wilson would love to incorporate music into his career. As the drummer for The Casual Fiasco, a band formed on campus, Wilson says his favorite experience at St. Lawrence has been "playing music."

The relationships Wilson has been able to form at St. Lawrence have also proved memorable. He says, "I've been fortunate to have worked with professors such as Artur Poczwardowski and Peter Cain, assistant professors of psychology, who have unveiled a standard of excellence and professionalism that I was not familiar with prior to attending St. Lawrence."

--Amy Zarriello '04