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A Day in the Life of a High-Tech Liberal Arts Student

Changing Perceptions

Take Us to Our Leaders

Learning Communities - A New Approach to Residential Life

Proposed Wellness Center To Address the Whole Person

Student Center Plans Continue to Evolve

Comings & Goings, Revisited

Staying the Course

Building Bridges: January 2001 Alumni Internship Placements

Alumni Accomplishments

Magazine Cover

Take Us to Our Leaders
A series of new proposals aims to formalize instruction in leadership skills on campus.

By Macreena A. Doyle
To institutionalize and formalize leadership education at St. Lawrence, Vice President and Dean of Co-curricular Education Marcia Lou "Cissy" Petty Petty has proposed a wide-ranging and ambitious program, touching curricular and co-curricular areas. It includes:

- Creation of a Center for Student Volunteerism, to serve as a campus-wide clearinghouse for volunteerism and community service opportunities available to all University students, faculty and staff.
- Co-curricular counseling, where first-year students would meet with counselors to assess program and activity interest and campus involvement, mirroring academic counseling.
- Fall Convocation Symposia, based on a summer reading assignment for all first-year students.
- A series of leadership and skills development workshops, held throughout the year.
- A weekly program on some aspect of leadership development, such as time management, conflict resolution or communication, called "Slice of Leadership."
- Leadership Luncheons, sponsored by the career planning and alumni offices, that allow students to develop communication skills in a business setting; a "business etiquette dinner" is also planned annually.
- Leadership on the Go, a series of presentations on leadership that can be viewed as posters or on the Web.
- An Outdoor Challenge series of exercises, in conjunction with the Outdoor Program.
- Campus Speaker Series, in addition to the John F. O'Loughlin Leadership Series Endowment.
- A visiting-leaders-in-residence series.
- A senior class "last lecture," by a faculty or staff member chosen by the class.
- A Summer Leadership Institute for High School Leaders, planned to begin in 2002.
- Creation of St. Lawrence University Citizen-Leader Fellows, following the model of University Fellows.
- Creation of a Women's Institute for Leadership Development, geared specifically to support and empower women student leaders.
- The Civitas (leadership honorary organization) Senior Celebration, a student volunteerism project to take place during Senior Week.
- Creation of an Emerging Leaders Program, designed to recognize and develop the leadership potential of first-year students.
- Creation of a Civic Leadership Residential College, modeled after the first-year colleges.
- Academic seminars, taught in the education department, on topics such as Dynamics of Effective Leadership and Issues in Greek Leadership.

Under the plan, graduating students would have a co-curricular transcript and leadership portfolio much like their academic transcript, consisting of a record of their activities, paraprofessional work, community involvement, campus organizational involvement, professional and/or educational development and the honors, awards and recognition they have received for their work.