stlawu.edu/magazine Fall 2018 | 81 | St. Lawrence University Magazine 80 FROM THE ARCHIVES FROM THE ARCHIVES Saints vs. Syracuse Nationals March 6, 1950 “We were a small college team that had an average, decent record against other small college teams,” said starting forward for the Saints, 90-year-old Warren Elmslie ’50, when he was interviewed by sports columnist David Ramsey for NPR’s “Only A Gaxme” program, which aired on Aug. 4, 2018. The Saints battled the newly formed National Basketball Association’s Syracuse Nationals as part of an exhibition game which was a fundraiser for the Canton Youth Commission. The Nationals “were fiery, nasty basketball players,” and “a powerful team in the infant NBA,” according to Ramsey. Despite trailing 40-29 at the half, St. Lawrence prevailed with a 69-67 win over one of the top professional teams in the country.