FALL 2012 | St. Lawrence University Magazine
were standing by her side as she said“I do,”includ-
Lindsay Arthurs
Victoria McLaughlin Mor-
Lizzie Conolly
Esther Deming
Tom had T.J. Fink ’06, Bill Cummings ’05 and Matt
Norton ’05 at the altar with him.
married his high school sweetheart
and girlfriend of 10 years!), Janelle Graves ’09, on
May 19, 2012, at the Hall of Springs in Saratoga
Springs, N.Y. The guests, many of them baseball
teammates, included
Matt Yaworsky
Chris Kerr
Andy Rauh
Andrew Engebretson
Melissa Pit-
brother Tom Gipson ’06, Jessica Engster ’06,
Charlie Cannan ’08, Joel Kocan ’08, Sheila Rodri-
guez ’08, Nicole Bottego ’08, Lilah Brown ’09 and
Molly Swan ’10. Former baseball coach Tom Fay
M’70 and his wife, Pam Sherburne ’76, also made
it to the celebration.
I can’t begin to imagine going through as much
Jesse Wingate
did last summer! First, he mar-
ried Randi Naramore on June 16 in Jay, Vt., with
several classmates in attendance, including
Caitlin McKee
Danni Weaver
Hana Obernesser
Kevin Caul-
Not too long after that, they moved from
New Hampshire to Richmond, Va. He is an assis-
tant director in the Office of Alumni and Career
Services at the University of Richmond and his
wife has started dental school at Virginia Com-
monwealth University.
I saw some gorgeous photos from
s wedding in early June that had numerous
classmates there for the big day! I had also heard
rumblings that former men’s ice hockey standout
got married and it sounded like he,
too, had representation from the Class of 2007. I
hope to have all the details and some photos for
the winter magazine, so stay tuned.
Ashley McCarthy
casually slipped into a long
email news of her engagement to Joe Shehata
She had a great story: “We got engaged May
at the top of Grandfather Mountain in North
Carolina, which is a pretty popular hiking/out-
door area. We had a crazy day that ended with us
literally running up trails with ladders and cables
because we were late to dinner and Joe wanted
to get to the top so he could propose. Of course,
I thought we were running because we were late
for dinner so it made for a great ending to the
TheNorthCountry saidgoodbye to another awe-
somemember of the Class of 2007 this summer as
Liz Thompson
accepted a position in Residence
Life at Mount Holyoke. She said, “I vividly remem-
ber being a sophomore and going to Western
Massachusetts for a conference with friends from
the Women's Resource Center, and thinking, ‘I'm
going to live and work here someday.’So, in many
ways, this next step is a dream come true.”
Sarah Primeau
is continuing to study at Boston
University’s School of Public Health and recently
received her Master’s in Social Work from BU as
well. She was also awarded a grant as a Susan G.
Komen Research Scholar and will be presenting
her research on breast cancer and health dispari-
ties at the American Public Health Association
conferences in San Francisco and in San Diego
this fall.
I was excited to hear that the North Country got
one of the best attorneys to come back.
was hired as a senior attorney at the
Adirondack Park Agency in March. “I’m so excited
to be back in Upstate New York and the Adiron-
dacks,”she exclaimed. "I’m really enjoyingmy new
job and even get to work with some St. Lawrence
alumni!” I hope to make it down that way and
catch up with her in person instead of over gmail
sometime soon.
Do you know why I enjoy writing this column?
Because I get to hear about all the great things
you’re doing. So don’t wait for my email remind-
ers to submit news! It takes two minutes out of
your day to open an email, a Facebook message
or a tweet and send me a quick note. Thanks to
technology, there are no excuses.
Justin Lynch ’08
Syracuse, NY 13203
Mobile Phone: 585-506-5592
Next Reunion: 5th, 2014 (cluster with ’09, ’10)
The newsroom has been abuzz with reports
from the Mid-Atlantic region as our classmates
share their notable accomplishments and mile-
Wedding bells will be ringing for two SLU cou-
Fraser Mackay
Kelly O'Connell
engaged at the end of March. Mackay gradu-
ated from the University of Maryland School of
Medicine in May, and is conducting his residency
at Baystate Medical Center in Springfield, Mass.
O’Connell is currently working toward her Ph.D.,
in molecular medicine, expecting to graduate in
the fall of 2013.
Reports from Facebook indicate that
Christian Spicer
will soon be
tying the knot. The couple announced their en-
gagement in July. No word at this time on a wed-
ding date.
In entertainment news, last spring MTV pre-
miered “True Life: I Have Orthorexia Nervosa,”
edited by
John Sauer
This marked a major mile-
stone for Sauer’s career in film production, and
was his first production as lead editor.
Emily Clark
Julia Kiernan
and Gene
Ziegler ’07 gathered in Fairfield, Conn., to cheer
Tami Couch
Kim Myers
and me as we com-
peted in the 2012 Stratton Faxon Fairfield Half-
Marathon. All three SLU participants set personal
records, with an outstanding performance by
Couch in the last mile. Myers also competed in
the Olympic-distance Aquaphor New York City
Triathlon in July.
Have breaking news? Inbox me updates to share
with the class!
Cassie Coughlin ’09
Prince St., Apt. 5
Boston, MA 02113
Next Reunion: 5
, 2014 (
cluster with ’08, ’10)
I saw
Cheyenne Sanchez
last summer, visiting
from Alaska for
Adam Robert
s wedding. Adam
married Katie Wood on June 16, 2012, in Malone,
N.Y. Adam said that several classmates and other
Laurentians attended, including
Will Spencer
Jordan Alcott
Trevor Smart
Dan Tukey
thew Millard
Allison Gulka
Jake Treptow '10,
John Beebe '10, Kevy Smith '11, Wilson Blackhurst
Ryan de la Parra
Wings is a group of young people who support the Natural History Museum of the Adirondacks,
aka the Wild Center, in Tupper Lake, N.Y., and several Laurentians are active with the group,
whose Steering Committee is chaired by Ed Forbes ’02. At a promotional event in Washington,
D.C., in May, alumni in attendance were, front from left, Jana Morgan ’07, Kimberly Reid ’05,
Eliza Doton ’06, Kristin Rury ’06 and Jolie Roetter ’04, and back from left, Jamie Dyer ’06,
Kristin Putz Campbell ’03, Amy Peterson ’06, Bridget Heaton ’11 and Shaun Phillips ’05. Roetter
is a Wings Steering Committee member, Dyer is the Wings liaison and major gifts officer at the
museum, and Reid is a Wings member.