FALL 2012 | St. Lawrence University Magazine 59
gig with a state education non-profit while still
working at
The Record
newspaper. In the spring,
I went out to Colorado for a wedding and visited
Megan Thoms ’04, who lives in Boulder, and ran
Sarah Rohrs Chapp
who was in the Denver
area the same weekend for the wedding of
Sarah and her family moved from the
Utica, N.Y., area to Pennsylvania, where her hus-
Tim Chapp
took a job at a college. She is
hoping to start up her confectionery business in
I met upwithTim, Sarah andMegan at Red Rocks
Amphitheatre and Park, near Colorado Springs,
for a hike. I went on a road trip to several national
parks (Rocky Mountain, Canyonlands, Arches,
Mesa Verde and Great Sand Dunes) and visited
family in Aspen. It was beautiful and I’m pretty
sure it rained more in the 36 hours after I came
back to New York than it did on the entire 10-day
AdamCasler ’06
Hennepin Road Apts.
Loudon Road
Albany, NY 12211
Next Reunion: 10th, 2016
I want to start by apologizing to
Emily Crispino
and her fiancée, who I incorrectly identified in the
last issue of the magazine as Marc Muren. His
correct name is Morgan Muren. My apologies to
both Emily and Morgan.
Trish McMahon
sent a quick update regard-
ing a new job. She writes, “In January, I started a
new job as a 9-1-1 dispatcher for PenCom, which
is the 9-1-1 dispatch center in Clallam County
Washington]. It is a division of the Port Angeles
Police Department that handles answering emer-
gency and non-emergency calls, radio dispatch-
ing police, fire and medical personnel, and doing
everything else that goes along with that. While
I've left newspapers, I still write and do graphic
design work on the side. I even won four awards
from the Washington Press Association in April.
I'm still living in Port Angeles and will be getting
married in August 2012. I'malso an EMT with Clal-
lam County Fire District No. 2 in Port Angeles, and
it is through our involvement with the fire depart-
ment that my fiancé and I met.” Congratulations
on the engagement and new job, Trish!
Josh Nelson
has moved to Troy, N.Y., and is the
director of leadership activities at Skidmore Col-
lege in Saratoga Springs. Josh’s responsibilities
include oversight and advising of many student
groups and organizations on campus as well as
collaborating with other departments.
Also a new arrival in the Capital District is
ra Burgess
who has accepted a position at the
Emma Willard School (where she attended high
school) as the assistant director of admissions.
Laura will be primarily responsible for on- and off-
campus recruitment efforts and main leadership
in the office. Congratulations Laura!
Andrew Wilson
has left the Capital District af-
ter working with the New York State Senate for
the past few years. Andrew is now a regional
field director for the Delaware Democratic Party.
This move allows him to be closer to fiancée
drey Merriam
who is completing her medical
residency at Christiana Care Health System in
Wilmington, Del.
I had the opportunity to see Jon Cardinal ’08 and
Liz Boyd ’08 in Washington, D.C., in June while
traveling for a wedding and family reunion. Liz
recently moved into a new home in Columbia
Heights, Washington, D.C., with friends. Jon was
in the last days of bachelorhood, as by the time
this magazine is issued, he will be married to Brit-
tany Lee Paull, originally from Salt Lake City, Utah,
now residing with Jon in Washington, D.C. John
Gursky ’07, Drew Crawford ’08, Kirk Donovan ’08
and I all were in the wedding party on September
at the Arts Club of Washington.
At press time, the Gibson guitar company put
out promotional material regarding what may be
the only guitar with a Laurentian’s name on it. It
reads, in part, “Along with her band, the Noctur-
Grace Potter
channels the best of late '60s
and early '70s rock into a hip and original brew.
Gibson USA proudly presents the Grace Potter
Signature Flying V” guitar, which is says was “de-
signed by Grace.” Another band member is Matt
Burr ’03. For more, go to
Megan Bernier ’07
Mildon Rd.
Canton, NY 13617
404-617-7851 (
Next Reunion: 10th, 2017
Even though many of us were on campus last
summer for our 5th Reunion, this past May of-
ficially marked five years since graduation. This
really hit home for me at Commencement as I
watched the Class of 2012 walk across the stage,
grab their diplomas and run into the real world
with a lot of excitement and a little bit of nervous-
The cool thing this year was hearing about
classmates who helped the new graduates get
interviews for jobs or find housing in various cit-
ies. That’s exactly what makes being a Laurentian
so incredible (and why I’m so proud to be one!).
Alumni are willing to step up and help one an-
other out, whether they know them or not, in
whatever ways they can.
If you’re able to help recent graduates or current
students in any way, I urge you to do it. You’ll be
making what is often a pretty scary transition a lit-
tle easier. Many of them head to the St. Lawrence
University LinkedIn group and post questions,
and they get tons of responses and lots of help
from alumni of all ages.
Thanks so much to our classmates (and all the
others!) who do this or have done it in the past.
I’m lucky that I got to hear how appreciative these
graduates are for all you do and have done. No
doubt they’ll pay it forward and continue build-
ing on this great alumni network we have and
that so many of us have benefitted from.
So, onto the news!
Kristina Grube LaCroix
me know she and husband Jeffrey welcomed
their first son and (possible) future member of the
St. Lawrence Class of 2034, Harrison John LaCroix,
on January 8, 2012. They are living in Auburn,
Maine, and she’s working at TD Bank.
Mary Rogers Manion
caught me up on the
excitement of her marriage to Tom Manion ’06
on October 22, 2011, in New Hartford, Conn.
There were Laurentians from the Classes of 2005
through 2008 in attendance, many of themmem-
bers of Kappa Kappa Gamma, Beta Theta Pi and
the Outing Club. Some of Mary’s sorority sisters
Several young alumni have been working for National Geographic Student Expedi-
tions for the past few years, and assembled for a Laurentian group shot at last
spring's orientation meeting in Putney,Vt. From left are Kelsey Burns '01, Alex Ver-
ron '05, Karen Phillips '07 and Patrick McLaughlin '05, who thoughtfully submitted
the photo. For more from him, see “Back to Africa,”in this issue.