FALL 2012 | St. Lawrence University Magazine
third year working for an NGO called Tanzania
People and Wildlife Fund, and I am anticipating
learning how to kill a goat before I leave in Sep-
James Webler
writes that he went to
the Super Bowl, “which as a Giants fan was very
rewarding. My brother in-law and I ended up pay-
ing as much for parking as we did for two nights.
I also went to Game 5 of the Stanley Cup Final in
hopes that I would see the Cup celebration. So
there is at least one sporting event that remains
on my bucket list.”
Bridgette Holmes Gallagher ’01
State Street
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866-4375
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, 2016 (
cluster with ’00, ’02)
Katie Evereth ’02
Pennsylvania Street #3111
Denver, CO 80203
703-517-0071 (
Next Reunion: 15th, 2016 (cluster with ’00, ’01)
Sarah Cook-Raymond ’03
Green Holly Terrace
Silver Spring, MD 20902
Next Reunion: 10
, 2013
Laura Kennedy
became engaged in April. She
is planning a June 2013 wedding in the Adiron-
Lyndsey Hamula Bryant
is living in Arizona,
working at theMayo Clinic as a physician assistant
in plastic surgery. She’s married with two boys:
Ethan, 3, and Hudson, 1.
Jeremy DeBottis
is an author!
is about
a magical and comedic adventure through the
streets of Buffalo, N.Y.
Casey Peterson
is a mother once again! She
wrote to say that “Laurie Palmisano M’04 and I
welcomed our second child, a daughter, Leigh.”
She was born May 31, 2012. It's been a busy few
months for former hockey players having kids
Chera Marshall Ball
and Jimmy Ball ’05n had
a daughter, Ashlynn, on Christmas Day;
Hauck Cormier
and Jeremy Cormier ’04 wel-
comed their second daughter, Olivia, in March;
Shannon Smith Desrosiers
and Matt Desro-
siers '01, co-head coaches for Clarkson’s women’s
hockey team, welcomed daughter Brynlee Mati-
son on April 19, 2012. Also,
Issy Stinnette
Dennis Cohen had an adorable baby girl named
Roxanne on April 13, 2012.
Rachel B. Peterson ’04
Montgomery Ave., Apt. C
Cardiff by the Sea, CA 92007
610-304-4110 (
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Hello classmates!
Elizabeth Teczar
married Paul Maurer '03 at the
Popponesset Inn on Cape Cod on September 3,
One hundred of their family and friends
joined in the celebration, including several gen-
erations of alumni with graduation years ranging
from 1950 through 2004. The couple is happily
enjoying married live in Medford, Mass. Paul is a
bank customer representative, and Elizabeth is an
outreach mental health therapist.
In career news,
Walt Fust
received the William
Spratt Award for Excellence in Teaching Second-
ary Social Studies. This award is given to a sec-
ondary teacher in the state of Massachusetts who,
according to a press release, "has demonstrated
exceptional ability in the social studies to incorpo-
rate innovative curriculum, use effective instruc-
tional strategies, and foster the development of
democratic beliefs and values needed for active,
informed citizen participation." Walt majored in
history and completed his Master’s in Education
from Boston University in 2005. Congrats on be-
ing the best secondary social studies teacher in
Class of ’05 reporter Danielle Sanzone reports
running into
Laura McCarthy
in Albany, N.Y.
Laura recently went on a trip to a French villa with
And that is all I have this time around. Please let
me know what you're up to.
Danielle Sanzone ’05
Pawling Ave.
Troy, NY 12180-4718
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It was interesting hearing from people on a
broad range of topics – from cool careers to a
quasi-exotic place of residence, and wedding an-
nouncements and anniversaries.
Patrick McLaughlin
for example, said he’s been
working for National Geographic Student Expedi-
tions for the past few years with some fellow Lau-
rentians, including Kelsey Burns ’01, Karen Phillips
Alex Verron
Pam Hughes
is still working for Logistics Man-
agement Institute. Her current project is with the
National Parks: “I get paid to visit the parks and
help assess their housing needs for park employ-
ees. I'm also on a project with the Navy that has
me traveling to various locations to assess their
needs for new buildings. On average, I travel
about oneweek every five to six weeks,”explained
the George Washington University grad (Master
of Public Policy).
Herb Yancey
meanwhile, is living in Copenha-
gen, Denmark. I was in the London study abroad
program with Herb and he was telling me recent-
ly, via Facebook, that he had always wanted to
study in Copenhagen but was hesitant because
of the language barrier. “Now that I am in Copen-
hagen, I know that everyone speaks English,” he
Herb and Katherine McCabe married last Au-
gust on Oahu. “We had the wedding at a private
residence,” he said. “
Pat Reagan
Mitch Sing-
came to the wedding.
Allie Chapman
Monica Phillips
were not able to attend and
were missed.”Herb works for International Wood-
land Company, advising Danish pension funds on
their forest investments around the world.“It is re-
ally interesting and we really enjoy Copenhagen,”
he said.
Also across the pond in Europe,
Sean Brennan
reported that he got engaged in Paris just after
the New Year to Elena Terekhina. He has become
a partner at Cypress Settlements LLC.
Stephanie Shepard Lawless
said she was vis-
iting Canton recently and got to see old friends
and Chi O alums. She lives in Pennsylvania with
her family, including Ryan Lawless ’04.
Kristen Ross DeWilde
graduated from fam-
ily medicine residency at Eglin Air Force Base in
June. She then moved to Dyess Air Force Base in
Abilene, Texas, to become the flight surgeon for
the 39th Airlift Wing. Her husband, Georges, is
stationed at Laughlin Air Force Base in Del Rio,
Texas,“so at least we will be in the same state for a
little while,”she said.
Emily Burns
said she was married to Brian Mor-
gan on May 5, 2012, in Portland, Ore. They back-
packed for three weeks around Colombia for their
honeymoon and then moved back to New York,
where Brian is doing his medical residency in the
Emergency Department at New York Methodist
Hospital in Brooklyn.
Emily received a master’s in literature from Port-
land State University last June, and had been
teaching composition at the college level in Port-
land.“I hope to continue to teach in Brooklyn,”she
I recently ran into
Mary McMeen Kohan
while I
was doing a fundraiser for the Leukemia & Lym-
phoma Society at Ben & Jerry’s Free Cone Day
in Albany. She and her husband celebrated their
wedding anniversary not too long ago. She joined
the Friends of Camp Little Notch, a former Girl
Scout camp not far from Lake George, which has
been a cause
Lindsay Farrar
and a group of other
former Girl Scouts have beenworking on for more
than a year. The camp is open to the public this
fall, with the hope of making it a three-season
facility. Lindsay has been busy with multiple wed-
dings this year (she’s in a few of them) and work-
ing at Equinox in Albany and her growing private
counseling practice.
Chinasa Izeogu Seyse
and Eric ’06 bought a
house in Scotia, N.Y. Chinasa is working full-time
for the Albany Public Library system.
Clementine Vitek Buyle
and Hendrik, married
in Northern Ireland last September, are planning
to move from Belgium to live in Australia, where
they lived a few years ago.
I’ve finally started writing notes for a couple
books that I hope to start putting together by the
end of this year. I’ve also started a new freelance