FALL 2012 | St. Lawrence University Magazine
Brendan McLaughlin
sent a note reporting on
his attendance at the Alumni Executive Council
meeting in early May. He said,“It was great spend-
ing time with alumni and student delegates with
class years ranging from 1963 to 2013. It was also
a treat to be back at Canaras, as the beauty of the
Adirondacks never ceases to amaze me. Congrat-
ulations to incoming Alumni Council President
Steve Todd ’92.”
In August 2011,
Elizabeth Stundtner Talia
became general counsel and vice president of
legal and regulatory affairs at Thompson Health
in Canandaigua, N.Y. Thompson Health is an
integrated health care delivery system serving
the Greater Finger Lakes Region, with a hospital,
skilled nursing facility, senior community, urgent
care center and several practices. Elizabeth lives
in Penfield, N.Y., with her husband, Guy, and two
Ken Polk ’91
Rana Court
Williamsville NY 14221
716-830-6438 (
716-626-6120 (
Fax: 716-626-6099
Next Reunion: 25th, 2016
Our 20th reunion was enjoyed by about 100
classmates from ’91, ’92 and ’93. Our next one is
the big one - #25 – and is only four years away!
Although I may or may not have seen all of these
classmates, here is who attended from our class:
Heather Parker Beliveau
Matt Bijur
Alex Lepore Coir
Paul Colucci
Gardner Concannon
Emma Hindson Egan
Adrienne “Ree” Gallagher
Kristen Fugelsang
Tom Hobart
Ken Hurlbut
Nancy Maloney-Simon
Dan Mason
Sarah McLaughlin
Lisa Marotz Meldrim
Derek Pepin
Stephanie Riley Platt
Erika Neuse Politano
Emily Bailey Santella
Thomas Scott
Henry Sesselberg
Tom Shee-
Andrew Smith
Gavin Smith
Esposito Smith
Julie Tellstone
Sharon Tener
Peter Wieland
Ken “Spuds” Wright
By all
accounts, a good time was had by all…
At the dinner on Saturday night,
Darci O’Brien
who drove from Boston with about six friends,
had a chance to share her thoughts about
St. Lawrence. Darci shared an email that she sent
to some in our class prior to Reunion:
I remember my drive up to look at SLU in 1986.
There was NOWAY I wanted to go to a school that
was so hard to get to, until I stayed the weekend.
Then I was a goner!!! It was one of the best de-
cisions of my life! As we get closer to the actual
weekend I am getting very nostalgic, thinking
about how much fun it will be spending time on
campus! Sharingmemories, old and new, withmy
dearest gal pals and so many of you, the friends
that I have not seen in many years.
The years I spent at St. Lawrence etched a lot
on my memory. Friends, laughs, North Country
beauty, snow, sun, frostbite, Sergi’s, Hoot Owl,
Greeks, Hulett and Jencks, teachers, friends, The
Samples, hockey games, safe rides, the pub,
Dean-Eaton, Half Moon, Full Moon, The Chapel,
Boosters, bells, pizza rolls, bookstore, Sykes, soc-
cer games, dancing, Delta, Richardson Hall, pledg-
ing, growing, friends, the Quad, tradition, laugh-
ter, tears and so much, much more ....
In the words of one of my favorite singers, Jason
Aldean: ‘It sure left its mark on us; we sure left our
mark on it. We let the world know we were here,
with everything we did. We laid a lot of memories
down like tattoos on town.’
The town of Canton and more important, the
family and friends of St. Lawrence, absolutely left
their marks on me and I know all of us from the
Class of 1991 certainly left our mark on them!”
Thanks, Darci, for being a big part of the plan-
ning process and for making the trek to Canton.
In non-reunion news, I received an email from
Stephanie Schubach Powlin
who was unable to
make it to Reunion but wrote to say that she had
had the good fortune to see several classmates
elsewhere. First, she saw
Cori Biviano Gilbert
Albany when in town for a hockey tournament.
Then she met up with
Gina Thies Spicka
dinner in Madison, Wis., while there on business.
Stephanie then discovered that
Steve Weisbeck
will be her son's hockey coach next season, and
saw both Steve and his wife,
Kim White Weis-
at her pre-season meeting. All are doing
great! Stephanie shared that her family moved
to Rochester, N.Y., almost two years ago. She is a
senior toxicologist for Bausch & Lomb. Her pedia-
trician is Jack Finnell '92. Talk about a small Lau-
rentian world!
Thanks to all of you who attended Reunion.
Please email or Facebook me with any class news
to share!
Lisa Kiene ’92
West 66thTerrace
Kansas City, MO 64113
Facebook: SLU ’92
Next Reunion: 25th, 2017
Some 48 of us officially made the trek to Canton,
N.Y., for our 20th Reunion, May 31 – June 1. It was
terrific to see everyone and for those that couldn’t
make it, while I am sure your excuse was legit, it
really would be fantastic to see you for our 25th!
A quick but very important thank you is very
much in order for my reunion co-chair
and fundraising chair
Jon Biele
for all
your help in organizing the weekend!
Here’s who came for the festivities (my apologies
if I missed anyone!):
ter Abt
Eric Adema
Jennifer Pivirotto Altieri
Kathleen Victory Banks
Margaret Newberry
Will Barclay
Stacy Duffett Batchen
bel Spreadbury
Jon Biele
Wells Blaxter
Chris Canavan
Chris Clapp
Robin Baker Craw-
Sheryl Tuach Cummings
Stephen DeMa-
Chris Driscoll
Bryan Jaeger
Scott Jeffe
Lisa Kiene
Judy Kittredge
Christine Hannon
Tracy Sanderson
Chris LaFlair
Marcia LeMay
Kerry Leupold
Katy O’Donnell
Sandy Karl Miller
Kirsten Beaven
Carl Oppenheimer
Jamie Oppedisano
son Parker
Fay Gallard Prudencio
Toby Reh
Daniel Reuben
Jennifer Hodgin Reece
Jon Ryckman
Meghan Donnelly
Erich Schneider
Kerry Schniewind
John Stan-
Chris Staszak
Eric Sundin
PJ Tierney
Lisa Francey Towle
Marjorie Buyea
Mike Warden
Chris Wells
Sarah Pitts
Cocktails and conversations started flowing Fri-
day night as the ’80s/’90s playlist brought back
many memories. We also assembled many pho-
tos and had a slide show playing. If you come
across old photos, please scan and email them
my way and we will add to the ongoing archive.
We want fun pictures of everyone to be included.
Both Friday and Saturday nights the party worked
its way downtown.
A brunch provided by the Alumni Council was but one opportunity for friends to gather
at Reunion. From the left are Sylvia Allen Watkins ’47, Bell Herndon ’47 and Jean