FALL 2012 | St. Lawrence University Magazine 53
John Kern
Story Loyd (featuring
Bob Rich
and In Transit. Dave lives in Andover, Mass., with
his wife, Jeanine Parshley ’90, and their children
Gavin, 14, and Sabria, 10. As a 23-year employee
of PanAgora Asset Management, he has travelled
around the world visiting clients. When he’s not
working, he coaches lacrosse in Andover or skis
as much as possible in Steamboat Springs, Col.,
where he visits Matt Carrigan ’92 and Craig Ken-
nedy ’94n.
Dave connects with St. Lawrence friends through
several annual events, including a camping trip to
Saranac Lake with
Rob Nigolian
and Ed Vertullo
the St. Lawrence-Harvard hockey game, and
the Head of the Charles Regatta. Every year he
and his family attend the Davidson Farm Party in
Cambridge, N.Y., hosted by Eric ’90 and Kathy Da-
vidson Fracasso ’90, which brings together a large
number of Laurentian families (mostly Sigma Pi
brothers) for a weekend of camping, a pig roast, a
bonfire and lots of Laurentian camaraderie.
Since Jeanine is from the North Country, Dave
and his family spend a lot time at her family’s
place on Trout Lake and in Canton. In addition to
seeing movies at the American Theatre and eat-
ing pizza rolls at Sergi’s, they walk around campus
sharing stories with their kids, including tales of
their wedding in Gunnison Memorial Chapel and
reception in Eben Holden. Between the visits
to campus and the frequent get-togethers with
Laurentian friends, Dave and Jeanine are doing
an excellent job of convincing their children to
consider St. Lawrence when they start looking at
I enjoyed corresponding by email with
as we discovered that we’ve shared
similar professional experiences in higher educa-
tion. After graduation, Karen worked for St. Law-
rence in institutional research for several years
before taking a job with Alfred University, where
she has worked since 1992. Currently the director
of enrollment operations and research, she also
is actively involved with the NCAA. Professional
conferences have taken her around the country,
from Orlando to San Diego to Honolulu; personal
travel has included St.Thomas, Montego Bay, Nas-
sau, San Juan and Cancun.
Karen and her son, Kyle, who graduated this year
from high school, live in Hornell, N.Y. As a single
mother of an autistic son, Karen was not involved
in much beyond work and family until a few years
ago when she got involved with a local commu-
nity theater. For three years Karen served on the
SLU Alumni Council and now reconnects with fel-
low Laurentians via Facebook. She maintains reg-
ular contact with J
eanne Governale Cousineau
who lives with her husband, David, and 4-year-old
son in Queensbury, N.Y.
She also keeps in touch with her cousin Dan
Bowles ’88 and his wife, Wendy Williams Bowles
Dan andWendy have two daughters: Rachel,
a sophomore at SUNY Albany, and Sarah, a fresh-
man at Colgate.
Sandy Luick
wrote to report that he is still liv-
ing in the Atlanta area and working to rebuild his
year-old business, HandyANDY, which once
had 140 employees but now is down to 12 due
to the tough economy. He is pulling the com-
pany back together again with a different model
focused on home repairs, maintenance and inte-
rior/exterior painting, and plans to license others
to work as HandyANDY in defined markets. San-
dy also works on smaller real estate investment
deals. He writes, “As a separate venture, I partner
with smaller investors with $5,000 to $25,000 to
invest. We pool the funds and purchase, repair,
rent and then sell single-family homes. We can't
do a ton of them, but we're seeing 20 percent re-
turns and guarantee our partners 10 percent an-
Sandy recently saw Jim “Stretch” Donaldson ’88,
who is living in Columbia, S.C. “You know you
have a true friendship when you can go 18 years
without seeing one another and simply pick up
where you had left off. Stretch last saw me when
I was graduating from law school,” he writes. He
also spoke with
Mike Perry
who Sandy reports
still does a ton of volunteer work with HOBY
Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership) and continues
on with the tradition of community service we
shared through Alpha Phi Omega at SLU.”
Although divorced, Sandy is involved very ac-
tively with his two children, Elizabeth, 7, and
Andrew, 3. He lives in Marietta, Ga. Sandy and I
reminisced about meeting each other freshman
year onmove-in day as we stood in line to pick up
our room keys. I had to remind him that he gra-
ciously lent me money for the key deposit when I
realized I had no cash with me. He may not have
remembered, but after 23 years, I have not forgot-
ten his kind gesture to someone he had just met.
Letitia Howland
visited me in March on her
way back to Boston following a meeting in Il-
linois, where the Department of Juvenile Justice
is undergoing a transition to a more treatment-
focused approach. She still very much enjoys her
work with the Robert F. Kennedy Children's Ac-
tion Corps in Boston and is excited about the op-
portunities the agency has for doing more work
at the national level. We had a wonderful chance
to catch up on each other's worlds. She remains
on the run with work, family and friend commit-
ments, but seems to enjoy the hectic pace. As I
write this column, my family and I are preparing
for a vacation in the Boston area where we’ll stay
with Letitia, who lives in Lynn, Mass.
Thanks again to those who contacted me with
updates. With our 25th Reunion less than two
years away, I’m sure classmates would enjoy hear-
ing about your favorite Laurentian memories, so
keep the news coming!
Lynne Gilbert Agoston ’90
Farmland Drive
Rockville, Maryland
Next Reunion: 25th, 2015
I hope everyone had a great summer!
Laura Tuach
gave birth to twins in early April—
potential Chips. She and her family live in Cam-
bridge, Mass. Laura keeps upwith Chi-Os on Face-
book and recently saw
Kari Schell O'Donnell
Pogodzienski Peck ’89 and Kathy Druce Halloran
to celebrate the arrival of the twins. She also
had coffee with
Karen Katz Simons
who was in
Boston recently. Karen is living outside New York
City with her family and is doing great.
Laura also recently heard from
Michele Munn
Angela Folino Winchenbaugh
who also live in the New York City area, and
Saunders Russell
who is still living in Grosse
Pointe, Mich. Laura said they were all hoping for
a 30 East Main reunion this summer.
A performance by the Miner Street Band and friends – it's a Reunion tradition.