FALL 2012 | St. Lawrence University Magazine 51
Nancy Kohart Cornwell ’81
is the new dean of Montana State University's College of Arts and Architecture.
Her appointment was effective on July 1, 2012.
Cornwell had been vice president for academic affairs at Stephens College. Previously, she was chair of
the Department of Television-Radio in the Park School of Communications at Ithaca College and chair of
the Department of Mass Communication at Linfield College. Her professional media experience includes
working as producer and director at the Southern Command Network in the Republic of Panama, where
she directed the live weekday newscast and produced and directed the monthly live public affairs program.
At Cablevision Industries, she programmed more than 150 cable franchises in New York, Massachusetts and
Florida. She also worked internationally as a photojournalist, covering the Kenyan parliamentary campaign
of Philip Leakey.
Cornwell's research interests focus on freedom of expression, media law and emerging media technolo-
gies. She holds a doctorate in media studies from the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at the
University of Colorado at Boulder and a master's in telecommunication management from the Newhouse
School of Public Communication at Syracuse University. A Faculty Scholar, she majored in psychology at
St. Lawrence, where she studied in Kenya, was an RA and was on the riding team.
Amy Ness Payne
wrote that she is living in
Woodside, Calif. Amy recently hosted
Teddy Har-
try Springer
Beth Limoge Stvan
Amy Jeffrey
KimCohan Dyer
Nancy LoganMontone
their 11th annual gathering. They are planning to
meet up again next year to jointly celebrate their
Amy Payne is teaching, going to grad school,
writing, and living with her two children one
house away from Rebecca Trimpi ’92. She sees
Irene Searles ’83, the manager for the lax team on
which their daughters both play. She runs into
Doug Morss ’84 and his wife, Ching, who live in
Portola Valley; they found each other at a St. Law-
rence event and discovered that their kids are in
the same school.
Teddy is living in Kensington, Md. Her son is
leaving the roost to attend Wake Forest Univer-
sity. Teddy’s husband left a long, distinguished
Naval career when he retired as captain; she is
involved in school and community issues. Beth
lives in Great Falls, Va., and had just returned from
a fabulous family vacation in Costa Rica. She is
busy with two children and volunteering at their
Dr. Amy Jeffrey and her husband live in McLean,
Va., with their two children. Amy is a pediatric
neuro-ophthalmologist in a group practice with
her husband in northern Virginia.
Kim loves living in the Rocky Mountains! She
and her husband have three children and live in
Centennial, Col. Kim has a short story that was
performed on stage in May about her and her
mother. Kim recently won a volunteer award and
her oldest son is heading to UCSD to play basket-
Nancy Logan Montone lives in East Aurora, N.Y.
still!!”) and recently began working as a consul-
tant for the Roycroft Foundation. Her first child
attends Sarah Lawrence and her second is soon
on her way to Goucher.
Missy Ulrich Meserve
wrote to us last spring,
saying that after 19 years in Boston, she will be re-
locating back to New York City. Missy is still with
Chartis Insurance (AIG) as a product development
executive in a Specialty Solutions Group. She
would love to reconnect with any New York City
area alums and get involved!
After celebrating 25 years at Goldman Sachs,
retired and traveled for much of
the winter months to Spain, London, California,
Florida, New Zealand and Colorado, where she
ran into
Gil Vanderaa
at his restaurant, Brunelles-
chi’s in Aspen. She still lives in NewYork City. Don-
na enjoyed a spring trip to St. Andrews, Scotland,
for golfing and sightseeing with
Martha Shaffer
Susan Nicolais Weaver
Jackie Elliman
MarnieWright Read
Donna added that Jackie's oldest daughter is go-
ing to Elon College, and
oldest son, Bobby, is going to Princeton to play
lacrosse. Speaking of colleges,
John Stichter
daughter Sarah is a sophomore at St. Lawrence!
Bob Weaver
left Morgan Stanley last fall. He is
now with The Pacific Group (TPG).
Claire Sutherland
writes that she and her hus-
band, Bob, are still traveling the world. Recent
trips have included Chile (Patagonia, Easter Island
and the Atacama Desert), Madrid, Yellowstone,
Morocco and Poland, followed by Iceland in June.
She continues, “despite some issues with some
herniated discs (damn this getting old stuff!!),
I am also still playing a ton of tennis. Next year
I will play three competitive teams in a Central
New Jersey travel league and I continue to play
PA USTA 4.0 leagues.”
Carolyn and their two boys, Nate, 10,
and Will, 7, live in South Hadley, Mass. Bob and
his cousin are third-generation owners/partners
in Hazen Paper Co., a paper converter with a spe-
cialty in the creation of environmentally friendly
holographic laminates which they supply to a
variety of markets including decorative and en-
tertainment packaging, scratch-off lottery tickets
and gift cards. They have manufacturing facilities
in Osgood, Ind., and Housatonic, Mass., and their
HQ is in Holyoke, Mass. He is pleased to report
that two students from their public high school
are sophomores at St. Lawrence. One of them
happens to be the niece of
Lucy Hamlin
He writes, “It's the first time I can recall any
student going to SLU from South Hadley High
School. (I went to Williston with
Mindy Hender-
son Kacavas)
Bob is in touch with
John Stichter
Tom Aicher
Vaughn Harring
Dave Wolff
Todd Labine
Tom Aicher lives in North Clarendon, Vt., with Kel-
ly and Jack, 6. Bob writes, “As legal counsel, Tom
has carved quite a niche (no pun intended) repre-
senting ski areas across Vermont and is partner in
his law firm.” Vaughn and Dave chase their chil-
dren around New Hampshire for ski racing. Bob’s
and Vaughn’s families ski together at Wildcat in
New Hampshire, where Vaughn has been teach-
ing for several years. Todd and his family live in
Avon, Col., whereTodd has built his own construc-
tion business building spec homes around Vail.
Bob reported on his annual ski trip to Deer Val-
ley with several SAE brothers from1985 and 1984.
They were hosted by Keefe Gorman ’84 for the
seventh consecutive year at Chez Gorman in Deer
Valley. This year's group included
Craig Somer-
Todd Labine
Brian Sharp
Greg Cutt
Bob Hazen
Bob Sachs ’84, Bill Dordel-
man ’86n, Matt Seiler ’84,and Chi guys Mark Klion
and Rich Hamilton ’84. Bob said, “Some of us
had not seen each other for at least 20 years. It
was a great reunion.”
Tracy McNally White
writes, “After all these
years, I still connect regularly with
Janet Hatfield
Margie Mitchell Prevot
We all cross
paths in New Hampshire/Vermont at different
points during the year. My husband and I have
two boys, one a sophomore at Hamilton (he al-
most chose St. Lawrence) and the other a junior at
New Hampton School, where I work in develop-
ment. I run into St. Lawrence alumni all the time
and it was great to see the school last fall - campus
looks wonderful and the students are as friendly
as ever.”
Andy Steinharter
has lived in Yarmouth, Maine,
since 2007. He has “six chickens, two rabbits, two
dogs, two boys and one wife. We have a pretty
big vegetable garden. I have worked at the con-
sulting firmTowersWatson for 13 years. There are
a few ’85 Phi Sigs that I try to stay in touch with,
but each time we schedule an after-work beer in
Boston, everyone cancels at the last minute for
things like coaching a son’s basketball game or
I’m in London’or something like that.”
Bill Dakin
and Suzanne moved their family from
Old Greenwich, Conn., to Lenox, Mass., in 2004,
and have been living a more rural Berkshires
lifestyle since then. He saysthey do like to get a
city fix whenever they have the opportunity. Af-
ter 11 years as a banker at BNY Mellon, and then
seven years in treasury with GE, he is treasurer for
the International Subsidiary network of SABIC, a
chemical company headquartered in Saudi Ara-
bia. He writes,“I travel quite a bit, nearly monthly
to Amsterdam, which is where my boss and most
of the international corporate accounting, tax
and treasury team are based. Son Max, 17, and
daughter Tori, 14, “are enjoying a year of overlap
at their boarding high school in New Hampshire,”
he wrote.