FALL 2012 | St. Lawrence University Magazine
rental urging. Younger brother Troy is into soccer,
volleyball and baseball in middle school. Sue is
no longer head of the Middle School PTO and is
seeking a cause. Timmanages municpal funds for
BlackRock Financial in Princeton, N.J.
Lorraine Westlye Olsen
s son, John, graduated
from SUNY Maritime with an engineering degree.
He’s working at Jaros, Baum & Bolles. Her broth-
er Ken ’86 is a trainer and had a thoroughbred
named Yara in the Kentucky Oaks.
Jim Fields
first-timer) is VP of industries mar-
keting for SAP and is in his 15
year in suburban
Philly. His wife, Margery, was a book editor for Mc-
Graw-Hill for many years and now does work for
the forestry service. They summer on the North
Fork of Long Island, soaking up the sun and the
wine. Three kids rule the roost, which they share
with four chickens, three parrots, a dog and a
bearded dragon. Ted graduated fromTemple Uni-
versity last year with a degree in filmandworks for
reality TV in LA. Jack is a junior at Cornell, study-
ing biology and society, and is doing an oceans
and climates semester atWoods Hole in the South
Pacific this fall. Tess is a senior in high school, edits
the school paper, works at a goat farm that makes
artisanal cheese, and plays the ukulele.
Mike Holden
is a banker and COO of Genspring
Family Office and wife
Cathy Jablonski
is a mara-
thoner, winning her age group at Big Sur last year.
Daughter Anne graduated fromBostonU last year
she was a diver! Daughter Kim is a two-time Big
East champion swimming senior at Notre Dame
and qualified for the Olympic trials.
Pamela Hall Wilkins
was planning a reunion
this summer in Boston of the ‘78-’79 year abroad
in Madrid, including
Nan EppolitoWheeler
It’s clear that our offspring have wicked good
DNA and can do something with it.
Beth Perry
daughter, Laura, graduated from Milton
High School as co-valedictorian. The two cham-
pions were tied to the third decimal point. She’s
attendingWesleyan University.
Tim Knierim
is an attorney and the chief com-
pliance officer at Prudential Securities. His wife,
Kathy McGrath
was a teacher before raising
three kids. Caitlin graduated from Franklin &
Marshall, where she studied monkey brains in
Madagascar. Brian is a junior at Duke and Jess is a
sophomore at Tulane, where she is a high jumper.
She is a former New Jersey state champion.
Joe Hynes
and Barb are both attorneys, raising
teenaged triplets in an old haunted house in Tar-
ryton, N.Y. And
is still the head of mar-
keting for Snelling Staffing Services in Fort Worth,
Texas, his dream job.
Karen Helle Nemiah ’82
Oldfield Road
Fairfield, CT 06824
Next Reunion: 35th, 2016 (cluster with ’80, ’81)
New notebooks, Indian Summer days, regrets
over summer fun not had. New schools. New
friends. Leaves turning, ready to invade the yard.
Oh yeah, it’s fall.
Most notably in our household, and I know in
many of yours, someone just left for college. And
in our case, it’s for the first time. (Insert collective
gasp here.) So to all the first-time, emptier nesters,
I raise my glass. (And crumble my Kleenex.) To all
those “pro” parents, who have this skill well under
control, send good karma. Us newbies is gonna
need it!!
and Lisa Pridgeon ’83
sent their
eldest, Matt, off to St. Lawrence - which seems a
thinly veiled excuse to be able to relive their own
fond days. Sister Lauren, now a high school junior,
gets left behind to enjoy “only” status, which no
doubt will eventually prove far less appealing than
originally imagined.
Our Matt also headed off to ski territory, but at
Champlain College in Burlington, Vt., leaving a
soon-to-be-sorry-junior-in-high-school, his sister,
Hannah, with no one to share the chores or blame
tee hee!).
Jill Chapman
sent her eldest son Cole,
east to St. Joseph’s in Maine, abandoning his sister,
Ally, to two years of parental scrutiny all to herself.
Do you see a theme emerging here?)
Beth Butterworth Baker
shipped her youngest,
daughter Katie, up to Maine to attend the Univer-
sity of New England.
Lisa Thorpe
and Scott ’72
s youngest, Emily, also blasted out of high
school in June, with fall plans to set the world on
fire. (Stay tuned for details!).
A great big mazel tov to all the other grads I
missed--high school, college and beyond! Have
fun rocking the world andmaking us proud.
Of course you don’t have to be a recent grad to be
making your classmates proud.
Salisbury College (Maryland) men’s lacrosse coach,
claimed his ninth national
championship in Divi-
sion III in June.
Up in Boston,
Jennifer Miles
has been making
lots of people proud with her tireless work raising
awareness of hydrocephalus and money for NIH
research. Motivated by a family member’s chal-
lenges, Jennifer launched a fundraising walk in
which last year raised $45,000. Hydrocepha-
lus can be developed by anyone, at any age. There
is no prevention and, at present, no cure. The only
treatment is a potential lifetime of brain surgeries,
most commonly a shunt to drain fluid from the
brain. Impressively, Jennifer keeps smiling and
keeps moving forward, from her own backyard to
D.C. and Capitol Hill, making a difference.
Alsomaking a difference,
Dave Clarke
Dan Quin-
lan ’83,
Bob Audycki
Mike Gambee
with his brother Jim Gambee ’77 and other Lau-
rentians, last year joined the first annual “Get Your
Rear in Gear”event to raisemoney for colon cancer
research and awareness. Central to their involve-
ment was the William Scott Gambee Memorial
Walk, created inmemory of Mike brother, Scott ’80,
in conjunction with Scott’s wife Patty and daugh-
ters, Caitlyn and Maggie. Last year’s event was the
most successful inaugural event of its kind in the
country, hosting 1,300 runners/walkers. This year’s
event was scheduled for October 13 in Boston. In-
terested in learningmore? Contact
Mike Gambee
or email me and I’ll put you in touch.
That’s all for this quiet edition of the Class of ’82
antics. Here’s hoping that your fall brings you good
karma, lots of good leaf-peeping andnot toomuch
leaf-raking. Send News! Until next time...
Susan Howard ’83
Main Street
Cumberland Center, ME 04021
Next Reunion: 30
, 2014 (
cluster with ’84, ’85)
Here’s hoping that you all enjoyed a most won-
derful summer with your family and friends. I
am officially an “empty-nester” as Matthew has
headed off to Endicott College, Beverly, Mass., for
his freshman year. We are both excited about this
new chapter. I am looking forward to catching up
with Bill Bergner ’82 and
Helen Carter Bergner
at Parents Weekend in a few weeks. Their son,
Doug, is a junior and plays on the Endicott men’s
lacrosse team.
I received a nice email message from Dr.
Tom is an associate professor of geosciences
at Northland College in Ashland, Wis., where he
has been teaching for 12 years. He is also the
chair of the Institute on Lake Superior Geology
and hosted the 2011 annual meeting. Tom con-
tinues to train and race on skis and bicycles, when
he is not teaching or leading geology field trips!
John Pritchard
s multimedia publishing com-
pany, Eternal Ways, was featured last spring in the
Wall Street Journal
Sunday Section of the
Here is the link:
com/press.html. He resides in Williamstown,
Mass., and also owns Pritchard Digital Arts online
video production company, established in 2000.
This concludes my final column as your Class of
Reporter. After three-plus years of gathering
our class news and updates, I believe it is time for
a fresh perspective, and so I am stepping down. If
anyone is interested in taking over, contact Sha-
ron Henry at 315-229-5585 or shenry@stlawu.
Laura Curley Pendergast ’84
Rumpenmile Ave.
Westport, CT 06880-5329
Next Reunion: 30
, 2014 (
cluster with ’83, ’85)
Cary Regan Keigher ’85
MacPherson Drive
Greenwich, CT 03860
Next Reunion: 30th, 2014 (cluster with ’83, ’84)
Thank you for responding to our email plea for
class news. Mike and I recently gathered with a
few classmates in Connecticut when
came to town for dinner.
David Ball
his wife Christina Stoops Economou ’89,
Craig Somerby
Jed Stevens
all met us for
a nice dinner followed by a few beers. We had a
great time!