FALL 2012 | St. Lawrence University Magazine 49
Fran Russo-Cress ’80
Converse Street
Longmeadow, MA 01106
Next Reunion: 35th, 2016 (cluster with ’81, ’82)
Steve Lubrano ’81
Goodfellow Road
Hanover, NH 03755
Next Reunion: 35th, 2016 (cluster with ’80 ’82)
Mike Petroni ’12 was one of the Commencement
speakers in May. He finished with, “Become the
person you want to be.”I hope we have, Mike.
Caroline Kenny Burchfield
s daughter Zane
also graduated from St. Lawrence in 2012. Caro-
line writes, “I loved going back to SLU and loved
seeing her cherish it as much as we did. Gradua-
tion weekend was a blast.”
and Mary Hinds ’83
s daughter
Charlotte ’12 graduated cum laude and was in-
ducted into both the English and French honor
societies. She participated in the semester in
Rouen, France, her junior year. Their son, Jack,
made a run to the New Hampshire state lacrosse
finals, but fell just a bit short. Jack is now at Quin-
nipiac University School of Business.
Scott Carpenter
missed his own St. Lawrence
graduation, but his daughter, Caroline, was hon-
ored thoroughly in May: ski team MVP, coaches
award, top NCAA performance, All-East team
plus cum laude. She leveraged the best of the
gene pool – dad the athlete and mom, Miss Teen
Another 2012 graduate was
Andy Waugh
youngest, Caroline ’12.
Rick Roberts
Craig Garlock
entered a fly
fishing catch-and-release tournament in June.
Craig finished in fourth place, but Rick went home
with nuthin’but memories.
Jeffrey S. Viglielmo
reports that he and his
wife have a thriving Mercury Safe dental practive
in Kingston, N.Y. His son has SLU in his sights.
On the dental front,
SarahWilbur Hill
has a den-
tal herb company acquired in 2010. There’s also a
Duke University graduate and a Weslyan student
among the Hill offspring.
Charlene Manning Ellis
and her husband, Cur-
tis, celebrated the graduation of daughter Sophia
Grace Ellis from the Pre-K program at the Albany
Academy for Girls.The Ellis family pursued some R
R in Florida and Costa Rica this summer.
Ellynne Skove
taught a professional course
in Prague in July and capped it with an outdoor
dance event. Jeannine Edelblut ‘79, a painter
and teacher of English in a French village school,
will be joining her on a road trip through Europe
to the southern French village. They’ll lodge at
an old winery inside one of the old barrels, hit a
few hot springs, and kayak the crystal-clear River
Rob McLane
s oldest son, Trip, bypassed
St. Lawrence for the College of Wooster in Ohio
and is a sophomore. Made the tennis team yet
still can’t beat Dad. Wooster’s President is Grant
Cornwell ‘79, who taught philosophy and was
dean at St. Lawrence until taking theWooster job.
Second child Allie is a high school senior look-
ing for warmer climates for college. The young-
est, Nick, is in 8th grade and is a hockey dude, so
there’s hope.
Bettina Routh
were visited by
Leslie Weizer Drummond
and their three
sons, Ian, Patrick and Owen. As the councilman-
at-large in Summit, N.J., Greg is number two in the
town government. He is a lawyer and business
owner in Summit.
Rick Greene
is the proud poppa of the vale-
dictorian of Pinewood Prep. Taylor has started at
Clemson University as a bio-sciences/pre-med
major, having lettered in swimming, track, cross
country and tennis. He drums in a rock band and
shadows an ER doc. His older brother, Blayre,
graduated from Elon University in 2010.
Laurie Kelley Lowenstein
wrote that she was
hoping to meet up with
Anne Rocker Amidon
the Camp Guggenheim staff reunion in Saranac
Nancy Kohart Cornwell
has moved toMontana.
She writes, “I was at the second oldest women’s
college in the country. Now I run the College of
Arts and Architecture at Montana State Univer-
sity. I cannot draw or play music other than the
song I learned to impress my SLU boyfriend, but
Steve Papson did teach me visual aesthetics, so
SLU singlehandedly prepared me for this career
Dave Miller
s son, Charles, graduated from Itha-
ca College. Dave went to the Earth Summit in Rio
de Janeiro in June. He said some 200 betas were
coming back to campus this fall for a reunion.
Fred Millham
writes that he is “Chair of surgery
outside of Boston and an empty-nester with both
children now in college (albeit not St. Lawrence).
I teach a freshman seminar on the history of sur-
gery at a local college. It is like having 15 new
year-olds to care for.“
Michele Rayome Pinard
literally processed
her Kenya Semester 30 years out in the form of a
Ph.D. dissertation at McGill University inMontreal.
Thanks to SLU faculty, peers, Kenyan host fami-
lies and family who were all such a huge part of
the journey!”she said.
Jim Barnes
played golf with
Matt Petri
summer. He observes, “We were roommates at
SLU and now we live 15 minutes apart.” He's got
a high school freshman daughter and a seventh
grade son.
Hans Copeland
is my new neighbor. We’re go-
ing to retire to a fleet of tractors and sharp farm
implements. My wife says that if I show up any
night with fewer than eight fingers and toes, she’s
moving out (thank goodness for my extra toe).
Walter Roll
, “
the jiggiest male dancer at the re-
union,” vacationed over Christmas in Ketchum,
Idaho, with
Sue Twitchell Engelmann
Sherbow ’82, Ron Buell ’82 and Kelly Bird Lynch
His oldest daughter is going to Trinity next
George Ross
wrote that Carolyn, aka the “Can-
ton Shopper,” was sighted at Walter’s camp near
Blue Mountain Lake, N.Y. Other campers included
Kitzi Lash,
Dave Brewster
and wife Becky,
Holly Hammond Williams
Peter Meyer ’82,
Carol Durst
and hostsWalter and Jane.
The highlight of the weekend was an opulent
ceremony where Peter was finally crowned“King”
Peter Meyer.
Unfortunate news from
John Imhof
the hotel
foreclosed in the spring. “I’m taking a job as the
civilian OIC of the military commissions at Gitmo,”
he reported.
Judy Williams Reddy
writes that she and
daughter Natalie had a great visit to St. Lawrence
with a focus on lacrosse.
With virtually no training,
Shawn Smeallie
hopped on a bike in Boston and logged 100miles.
He dropped five pounds in the effort, but gained
eight pounds after the race with a tad too much
beer and a dozen too many fried clams at Betsy
Purcell ’83 and
Hans Copeland
s Woods Hole
Susan Queale O’Neil
promised a tidbit from her
mini-reunion in November featuring
Amy Pol-
lard Faulkner
Lisa Stegemann Jolley
Annie Bryant Wight
Shelley Miller Carpenter
They’re off
to Mont Tremblant.
Tim Browse
and Sue MacKinnon Browse ’84’s
son Collin is headed to St. Lawrence with no pa-
The second annual “Get Your Rear in Gear”
event took place in Boston on October 13.
The event raises money for colon cancer
research and awareness. Jim Gambee ’77 is
an organizer of the William Scott Gambee
Memorial Walk, one of the event’s activities;
Scott Gambee ’80, Jim’s brother, died of
colon cancer. In the successful inaugural
event, last fall, Laurentians taking part
included, from left, Dave Clark ’82, Dan
Quinlan’ 82, Bob Audycki ‘82, Mike Gam-
bee ’82, Sam Collins ’80 and Jim Gambee
Also walking but not available for the
photo was Kevin Mallory ’80.