FALL 2012 | St. Lawrence University Magazine 3
On Campus
St. Lawrence alumni feel very
good about their alma mater
remain connected to the University through
a range of increasingly electronic communi-
cations while still holding dear the printed
alumni magazine and its most popular
feature, Class Notes, a new survey shows.
Near the end of last year, the University
conducted a survey to gauge alumni satis-
faction and communications preferences.
It was a follow-up to a comprehensive
survey conducted in 2008, the results of
which helped direct St. Lawrence in how it
engages with alumni. As such, the 2011-
survey focused on communications but
repeated questions about alumni percep-
tions and collected information on affinity
group interests.
Satisfaction, Primary Role
Consistent with the findings from 2008, the update
found high levels of alumni satisfaction:
• 90
percent of all alumni reported having “very posi-
tive” or “positive” feelings toward the University.
• 94
percent said they were “very satisfied” or “gener-
ally satisfied” with the education they received from
St. Lawrence.
• 87
percent indicated they would “definitely” or
probably” encourage a high school senior to apply
to St. Lawrence.
Alumni who responded cited networking (23 percent)
and athletics (11 percent) as the primary roles that
St. Lawrence plays in their lives, followed by career en-
hancement (mentioned by 6 percent of young alumni)
and being a parent (cited by 6 percent of the class years
Use of Social Media by Class Year
Survey: Alumni Connect,
Communicate in many ways
cont., 9)
How do you prefer to stay in contact with the University?
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