FALL 2012 | St. Lawrence University Magazine 47
Linda Tirelli Herrmann ’73
Lebanon Hills Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15228-1819
Next Reunion: 40
May 30-June 2, 2013
Unfortunately, the only news I have is the death
Ellen Keough Hodosh
in June 2011. She is
survived by her husband, Ralph, and children,
James and Micah. I hope to have more informa-
tion in my next report.
Please remember that I can’t report class news
unless you send me class news! I know you all
have updates to share -- relocations, family news,
retirement plans -- the list goes on. I’m looking
forward to hearing from you soon!
Sandra CicconeWagner ’74
Walking Path Place
San Diego, CA 92130
Next Reunion: 40
, 2014
I received sad word of the passing of
Christie Edwards Van Hemert
on July 29, 2011,
in Bridgewater, Conn. Kathy taught special edu-
cation and ran a daycare center in her home. She
was co-owner of a clothing and home furnishings
boutique, The Firehouse, and was known for her
imaginative and creative displays. Kathy was very
passionate about protecting greyhounds and in
the campaign to end dog racing. We extend our
condolences to Kathy’s family and friends.
Pat Romeo-Gilbert
wrote that she and Paul ’72
along with several classmates attended the June
reunion, among them
Skip Affleck
and Di-
ane Fagan Affleck ’72 and
Judy Long
Skip had the pleasure of playing several
rounds of golf with
Robert Wiley
at Augusta Na-
tional last spring. Skip sings in the New England
Classical Singers based out of Andover, Mass.,
along with Chris Barker ’73. Judy and Tom live in
Maryland and since 2002 have operated the Ox-
ford Bellevue Ferry, which crosses the Tred Avon
River between Oxford and Bellevue, Md.
Pat also wrote that she and Paul traveled to
Kenya and were hosted in part by Ken Okoth ’01
and his wife, Monica. They visited the Red Rose
School in Kibera and were touched by the chil-
dren’s earnestness and desire for learning despite
the poverty and need that exists. They met and
dined with St. Lawrence students at the St. Law-
rence compound and Paul recounted his adven-
tures from the first Kenya interterm (for more on
that adventure, see p.8). Another highlight of
their trip was to witness the birth of a wildebeest
– 45
minutes later, it was running with the herd.
Pat and Paul still live in Lexington, Mass. Paul
continues with the family real estate business,
now joined by their daughter Rebecca Gilbert ’09.
Their son Greg is in Chicago, working by day for
a tutoring and test company and by night doing
improv. Their daughter Rachel lives nearby and
works for an investment advisory company; their
son Jeff is a senior at Lehigh, having done his 2011
fall semester as a junior with
St. Lawrence's Adirondack
Pat often sees
Andrea Jo-
line Joliat
at the local farm-
ers market. Andrea owns a
photography business and
is in contact with
Tim Byrne
because they both served as
presidents of their respec-
tive state photography as-
sociations. Pat continues to
do volunteer work on the
Board of Girl Scouts of East-
ern Massachusetts. In No-
vember 2011, she traveled
to Houston for the national
Girl Scout convention and had the opportunity to
visit with
She has also visited
Anne Ferris Cassidy
in New York City as well as
several other Laurentians.
Sendme an email/“facebook me”/call me and let
me knowwhat it will take to spark your interest in
coming to SLU for our 40
Reunion. What activi-
ties, entertainment, tours, etc. would interest you?
While you are at it, let me know what you have
been doing.
Carol Owen ’75
Lake Village Drive
Durham, NC 27713-8952
919-544-2121 (
Next Reunion: 40th, 2015
Lots of good news this issue!
Paul Rabele
r and
his wife, Linda, live in Clifton Park, N.Y., and are
empty nesters.” Daughter Christina works in a
biology lab at Swarthmore College, and younger
daughter Lauren is looking in the Philly area for a
job teaching history/social studies at the middle
school level. Paul has been in commercial bank-
ing since 1983, but like many of us, he says that
retirement is not in sight just yet.
As noted in the last issue,
Mary DiSanto-Rose
was awarded an honorary Doctor of Arts from
St. Lawrence at Commencement on May 19. An
associate professor of dance at Skidmore, Mary
was recognized for her performances with Albany
N.Y.) area dance companies, as well as for her
work on the boards of several dance-related New
York State councils, boards and associations. Hus-
is a certified instructor with the Inter-
national Association for Orthodontics Instructors
Institute. He was also accepted for a fellowship
in the Pierre Fauchard Academy, an international
honorary organization dedicated to the advance-
ment of dentistry through education and service.
Best wishes to
Jocelyn White Martin
She was
married June 9 to Robin Martin at Christ Church,
Georgetown, in Washington, D.C. Jocelyn retired
as director of the White House Fellows program.
Prior to that, she owned Environmental Issues
Management, a consulting firm for companies
cleaning hazardous waste sites, from 1990 to
Much happiness, Jocelyn!
Thank you all for sharing such good news. I hope
to hear from other classmates soon!
Mary Izant ’76
Harcourt Drive
Cleveland Heights, OH 44106
Next Reunion: 40
, 2016
Brian Henry
says he is looking forward to Joe
Marsh’s retirement party/roast, scheduled for
Thursday, November 1, in Canton, followed by
Homecoming Weekend. “Publication of my bird
photos has been steady but not great,” he added,
noting that
Bird Watcher’s Digest
have published several of his pictures recently.
Much as I’m finally accepting and utilizing the
benefits of digital, except alterations via a com-
puter, its existence has greatly expanded an
always-present buyer’s market for bird photo-
graphs,”he said.
Brian was in the Canton area in late May, “try-
ing to get some photos of the golden-winged
warbler. Per the norm, a number of them were
seen but stayed too far away to be photographed
evenwith an 800mm lens).The birds most always
win and never fail to humble me.” His picture of
cedar waxwings can be seen on this page.
Kit Michael Dale
in Baltimore, Md., says “my
daughter, Kelly Dale, graduated cum laude from
Vanderbilt University, and is leaving soon to go to
Benin as a Peace Corps volunteer.”
Joedy Meszaros
Joedy Meszaros reports be-
ing “unable to take my daily run due to a sciatic
inflammation.” He says swimming helps, so “I’m
in the pool every day trying to keep my sanity
and metabolism elevated until I get this lifestyle
impediment figured out. A little ‘gain from my
pain’ advice to you other near-sexagenarian rec-
reational athletes: the ‘push through it’ approach
may not be as effective a training protocol as it
was in your mid-twenties.
Joedy has added responsibilities for his com-
pany’s new products initiative. “I’ve always been
passionate about the stuff of CPG marketing, so,
when they actually let me do it, going to work is
a lot more fun,”he says. Joedy offers “One parting
thought: In your next plea for class news, let folks
know that anyone who doesn’t pony up risks hav-
ing stuff vaguely remembered by others (or even
made up) about them show up in your column.
worked for Hunter S. Thompson.”Hmmm…
Brian Henry ’76 has made a name for himself as a bird photog-
rapher, with many publications to his credit. This is his shot of
cedar waxwings. For more, see the Class of ’76 column.