FALL 2012 | St. Lawrence University Magazine
after 40 years, and wants the class to know they
may still be available.
Mike Urbonas
retired from Mobil Oil as senior
sales manager in 2009. He has two grown daugh-
ters and two grandsons.
Jim Reger
retired as
president of PJ Keating Company in 2011 and
started a consulting business, with a move to
Lexington, Mass., in 2012. He and Jean still enjoy
travelling to Aruba every year to meet up with
their kids and family members.
Jino Masone
reported that he is still working at
Zurich North America in Baltimore, Md. He and
wife Joanne Iadarola ’74 have two grown children
and five grandchildren under the age of 5! Fortu-
nately, kids and grandkids all live in Severna Park,
Md., which keeps them busy.
Kevin “Wally” Riley
made the trip from Syra-
cuse, where he is president of Planned Results,
a financial planning company. Kevin and Lynda
have three grown children. Kevin told me he
learned how to correctly throw a football back
in the day by listening to my advice. Apparently,
cheerleaders serve as instructional resources!
Kent Jones
reported that after 25 years in col-
lege admissions at SLU, Colgate and Skidmore, he
moved to the EmmaWillard School in 2000 as the
director of college counseling. His wife, Bonnie
McGuire’73, has a law practice in Clifton Park, N.Y.
They have two grown children, including Dylan
Kent was particularly remembering the late
Bob Fish
played soccer, not foot-
ball, he was“allowed”at the table as a Beta. Steve
has been married to Bev Gans ’74 for 38 years
and has two grown children. His daughter is an
elementary school teacher in Liverpool, N.Y., and
his son is a doctor in Middlebury, Vt. Steve retired
from IBM to work on a start-up business, only to
return to IBM.
Bill Bookhout
is still practicing law in Oneonta,
N.Y., and lives in lovely Cazenovia, N.Y. Like
Bill has an amazing memory of St. Law-
rence people and events; it sure beats Google and
Still fit and looking as young as ever was J
He said he was enjoying his new role
as a proud grandpa.
Gary Allocco
had not been back to campus
since our 10
Reunion and was very impressed
with the way things have changed. He works at
the SUNY Albany campus in student and univer-
sity activities.“I am so very grateful for the St. Law-
rence experience,”he told me.
Suzanne Leip Collins
was pleased to see many
of her Junior Year Abroad classmates at Reunion.
She is a retired French educator for the Canajoha-
rie School District, and has started a new career
in real estate in Pattersonville, N.Y. Between her
new business and keeping up with five grown
children and several grandchildren, Sue and Tom
enjoy travelling to tropical places. Sue posted on
her Facebook page a fabulous photo of Tom and
her at Reunion with
Linda Henderson
is retired from her career as
library director for Providence Journal Company
in Rhode Island. She told me she is living in the
country in Pascoag, R.I., working in the garden
and loving it!
Nancy Lynn Mackay
moved from Oregon to
Richmond, Va., four years ago to work for a re-
newable fuels (ethanol) start-up company. She
told me, “It started up three years later and shut
down after six months. I went to work as director
of engineering for another renewable fuels (wood
pellets) start-up that is farther down the develop-
ment curve. Work is crazy busy and I’m looking
forward to my next ‘time-off’(retirement)!”
Nancy enjoys living in the same town as
Bob Burton
who have lived in
Richmond since 1977. Their grown married sons
live in Washington, D.C., and Doha, Qatar, respec-
tively. Libby is a senior data analyst for Royal &
Co., a marketing firm working with colleges and
universities, helping recruit students and help-
ing admissions officers meet their enrollment
goals. Bob has been in blindness rehabilitation
since getting his master’s in 1975. He is deputy
commissioner for services for the Virginia Depart-
ment for the Visually Impaired. He is also in an
oldies band, “The Escorts,” and enjoys everything
involved with making music.
Both of us are grateful for our SLU education,
which comes in handy for jobs, volunteer endeav-
ors and life in general,”they said.“Go Saints!”
Margaret) Lee BrungerWebber
celebrated Re-
union in a big way as this was her first time back
in 40 years. She was married to
Wayne Bleau
has three grown sons and one grandson.
It was also
Mark Lazar
s first return to campus.
He lives in Montreal and has a residence in New
York City. He is in the real estate business, con-
centrating on multiple housing and varied use
buildings. He especially enjoyed the tour of the
LEED Gold-winning Johnson science building as
he joined
Lynne Barnes Leahy
Liz Marden Mar-
shall and me.
Melita LaBrecque Malley
was instrumental in
gathering photos from the archives and yearbook
to place at our tables during the Class Dinner. In
this she had the help of Neal Burdick, thanks to his
position on campus.
The moment I parked my car, I saw
Cheryl “Pee
Wee” Gross
Gene Mally
Steve Hill
off their bicycles from their 205-mile ride to cam-
pus from Burlington, Vt.! If you recall, these folks
did a similar thing for our 35
but as Pee Wee
noted, “Five years makes a bit of a difference in
the cycling world; ugh, those hills!” She and Gene
were certainly up to the task, having remained ac-
tive in all sorts of sports their entire lives.
Steve and his wife, Ramona, live in Waterbury
Center, Vt. He works for the U.S. Citizenship and
Immigration Services, having retired from the
Army (1996) and the State of Vermont (2007). He
told me,“We have two boys who live in Albuquer-
que, N.M. I stay active with volunteer work for the
Waterbury Ambulance, the Mt. Mansfield ski pa-
trol and the Mt. Washington Observatory.”
Steve took hundreds of photos of Reunion,
which will be formatted to a disc. When he gives
me the details, perhaps we can make them avail-
able online. He said he’s already planning the bike
trip for our 45
Reunion, which will involve two
other classes for more potential cyclists!
Career cyclist
Cynthia Schwandt
told me dur-
ing the parade that she’s cut back a bit. She still
lives in Park City, Utah, and works for Alpine Ski
Properties, but says that the area has really grown
a bit toomuch for her liking. Toomany celebs and
Claire Niederbuhl Skidmore
and husband Jim
live near Philadelphia and have two grown
children, one at a small engineering firm in Hobo-
ken, N.J., and one in Sydney, Australia, working
in internet marketing. Claire has a computer
consulting business providing computer services
for small business, homeowners and seniors. It
continues to grow and keeps her fully occupied.
She finds that the senior citizens, some of them in
their 90s, are particularly demanding and require
rapid service for their various issues because they
have so many activities scheduled in their day!
I can always count on seeing two very special
couples at every Reunion:
Jones Moyer
Carol de Neuf Mose-
David and Marcia live outside Cincinnati,
where Dave was a lawyer for Procter & Gamble
and retired five happy years ago. He now has his
dream job, coaching a seventh- and eighth-grade
basketball team for a Cincinnati public school.
Marcia studied accounting after graduating and
has worked in related fields over the years. They
have two sons, both in Georgia.
Jim has been an attorney in Remsen, N.Y., for 35
years while Carol has taught English for over 25
years in the public schools. They have four chil-
dren, two married and living in New Mexico and
Texas respectively, with the others in Charlotte,
N.C., and Manchester, N.H. Added to the mix
are a Ph.D.; careers as a NASA rocket scientist, in
the Coast Guard and as a hospital administrator;
Americorps; and three grandchildren. Whew!
Bill Spies
and Peggie Littleton ’73 told me that
they are still active parents (from a distance) of
their three sons. All are now married and out of
college and grad school. They have two grand-
children and will go anywhere to babysit. Bill is
still working hard, on his second start-up in the
optical business. They and their dog Chowder“are
very happy in Connecticut.”
I had a lovely conversation with Patrice and
Bill is a bank executive in Buffalo. They
live in Williamsville, N.Y., where Bill has served on
the local school board since 1999 and as board
president for three years. They have two children.
Deborah Stevens Matsushima
and husband
Richard continue to enjoy their business success
in Vestal, N.Y. They have been the proud owners
of Kampai Japanese Steakhouse since 1975. Deb-
bie did an outstanding job of contacting fellow
Junior Year Abroad classmates and begged them
to come to Canton or send news of their lives
since college days.
Old friends- new friends”-- that’s what Reunion
is all about. Coming back to campus not only
stimulates the memories; it makes a wonder-
ful place that much more poignant through the
friendships we make and keep over the years.
Many, many thanks to all who worked on com-
mittees to make this event so successful!