FALL 2012 | St. Lawrence University Magazine
Dottie close by saying she “finally managed to
touch base with
Mary Wicks
She retired from
teaching and is living in Burlington, Vt.”
I decided to deputize
Lori Strauss Bantz
serve as my eyes and ears at Reunion. She first
sent a photo of herself with three hallmates from
East in Dean-Eaton,
Nancy Horner Richardson
B.J. Huffman Churchill ’68 and
Chris McElwain
and another of herself, Nancy and B.J. with
more 2 East freshmen:
Sandy Kahn Simonds
Linda Stantial
She also sent a great shot of Linda
Gary Goodwin
with a gigantic umbrella, and
one taken at the Best Western of herself, Linda,
Chris, Mike ’66 and Anne LeBeau Savage ’66,
Dave Christian
Helen Hartford
Lori says, “We were having a VERY good
time Saturday night!”
Lori wrote, “A highlight of the weekend was a
surprise appearance of B.J. and Nancy, neither of
whom had ever been back to a reunion. A special
reminder of the power of friendship, the value of
shared SLU history, and the enjoyment of creat-
ing a new chapter in relationships: That’s my big
take-away message this year. Reunions have al-
ways had unanticipated pleasures, which I hope
others have an opportunity to experience. We all
plowed through a weekend of rain with smiles.”
Thank you, Lori, for giving us a peek at what you
experienced at the reunion.
Anne Lauriat ’68
Horace Rd.
Belmont, MA 02478-2315
Next Reunion: 50
, 2018
Impressions from our June Reunion were
summed up by
Bill Dennett
who said “The real-
ity was that the conversations and all that catch-
ing up made the two days in Canton (in spite of
the usual North Country weather) sparkling.” Bill
is semi-retired from educational consulting and
living in New Haven, Conn.
Bill Brewer
agreed, writing, “There is never
enough time to talk to everyone you want to talk
to. But Adri ’75 and I infinitely enjoyed connecting
and re-connecting. Let’s make the 50th spectacu-
lar!” Bill lives in Scarsdale and runs his own busi-
ness inWestchester County.
The chairman of the Terminal Corporation in
Jock Menzies
emailed, “Great to see
everyone. Trust you heard about a couple of our
classmates who streaked across the Quad. I was
standing next to a couple of the Honor Guard,
Class of ‘47 I believe, and one said to the other,
I don’t know what they are wearing but it sure
needed ironing.’”(Please let this be a joke….)
Jenni Gifford Shone
came from Straf-
ford, N.H., where they are retired. Bob says they
love to travel and if anyone would like to contact
him- particularly about Europe- email him at
I heard that
Jennifer Baird Bixby
Schuyler Go-
Ed Higgins
Betty Spence
Sue Blumen-
stock Mayer
Rodgers Williams
attended –
but no news – please fill in the void or I shall be
forced to make something up.
David ’67 and
Linda Hopf Pope
got to the cam-
pus just in time to join the three combined classes
for the parade around the quad. Through the
heavy mist Linda reported that she saw
Ann Lewkowicz Crane
Ellen Pfeiffer Agnew
Mike Richman
SusanDoscher Underwood
who had come from Winnetka, Ill., with husband
Susan gets a gold star for getting us some news:
former Delta houseboy, married a
Delta, Jan Turner ’67, and they live in Sacramento,
Calif. Rob has been an administrator and instruc-
tor in the School of Journalism at UC Berkeley.
They were unable to make the reunion as they
were getting ready for the wedding of the young-
est of their three daughters. Both other daugh-
ters are married with children.
Wheaton Griffin
sent his regrets for not attend-
ing, but made up for it with a long email—the
highlights include earning a master of science in
psychology and then a Ph.D. He practiced in Cali-
fornia before moving back to Earlville, N.Y., where
he and his wife Eileen raised a son and daughter.
Then they went to Connecticut as school consul-
tants on “how to allow kids to have fun and ex-
press who they are as lifelong learners.”
Wheaton and Eileen started their own consult-
ing company with an emphasis on how to lead
change, and his oldYMCA camp hired him to lead
them in directed change. After a year in a tent on
the Caribbean island of St. John, he eventually
was recruited by theYMCA. He writes,“Funny how
I ended up being a summer camp director and
help kids and staff have fun for a living. I am now
directing NewYork YMCA Camp and really love it.
He’s making retirement plans to be in Portland,
Maine, half the year and in Arcata, Calif., the other
half to enjoy the kids and grandchildren, each on
different coasts.
Wheaton added that he’s been in communica-
tion with
Larry Hamilton
who has retired to his
own paradise in Ecuador, and
Peter Cornwell
who has likewise retired to a lake in very northern
Maine, where he fishes and sits on his porch in the
summer and plays tennis in Marin County, Calif.,
in the winter.
Rick Herbek
wrote that he had every intention
of attending the reunion gathering, but as the city
manager of Newburgh, N.Y., he had a conflict with
his work schedule. I, too, had hoped to attend, but
I have every intention of making it to the 50
Please email me your news or I shall be forced to
write a boring essay about What I Did Last Sum-
Patti Black Giltner ’69
Pellett Street
Norwich, NY 13815
Next Reunion: 45
, 2015 (
cluster with ’70, ’71)
Dennis Szymanski ’70
Hillwood Ave.
Falls Church, VA 22042-2420
Next Reunion: 45
, 2015 (
cluster with ’69, ’71)
Christopher Roy
led a group of 20 University
of Iowa students on a three-week winter trip to
Tamil Nadu, India, to study art and architecture.
His wife, Nora Leonard ‘69, accompanied him and
took lots of photos, enjoyed visiting Hindu tem-
ples, and was blessed by two elephants.
Jeff Cook
received this update from our travel-
As noted last time, Bill ac-
cepted a coaching job with the Melbourne Mus-
tangs of the AIHL in Melbourne, Australia. “They
play their season in our summer,”he said. He add-
ed this summary of his former team, Jaca, in the
Spanish hockey finals. “Campeones, campeones!!
champions!!) We won the Copa del Rey (King’s
Laurentians on last spring’s ski outing to Glacier National Park enjoyed a day of cross country
skiing at the Isaak Walton Inn, which they reached by riding Amtrak’s scenic
Empire Builder
from their lodgings in Whitefish, Mont.