FALL 2012 | St. Lawrence University Magazine
a 5-year-old yellow Lab named Henry.” Thank you,
John, for sharing this.
Pat Fenstermacher May
and Bill travel three or
four times a year toDenver to stay connectedwith
their grandson and daughter-in-law. They recent-
ly returned from a journey to Savannah, where
they were introduced to pickle ball! They wended
their way through the Great Smokey Mountains
and stopped near Dayton to visit friends. Pat has
begun her sixth and final year on the Alumni Ex-
ecutive Council, which she has loved being on.
She asks us to get involved in the planning of our
Reunion: “Please say yes if contacted to help.
Remember, many hands make light work!”
Barb Good Chamberlain
has added two new
grand kids in the past year, Jason in Alaska (cour-
tesy of her daughter, Dana) and Salomon in Den-
ver (from son Craig Forster –
Mike Forster
is his
dad). She has visited family in Alaska and finished
RVing to California. In the fall, she is going to Chile
and Argentina with friends.
Chris Hopf-Lovette
continues to love living in
Maine. She has recently traveled to South Ameri-
ca, KeyWest and Canada to fish!
Mert Mock
won’t be able to attend the 50
sent along news. Mert left St. Lawrence after his
junior year and entered SUNY at Buffalo School of
Dental Medicine. He received his DDS from Buf-
falo and his BS from SLU in 1966. He served four
years in the U.S. Army Dental Corps and was sta-
tioned at Fort Ord, in Vietnam and at the Defense
Language Institute in Monterey, Calif. Mert has
been in private dental practice in Fresno, Calif.,
for the last 42 years. He is married to Kathy and
has two sons living in Santa Barbara, a step-son
and step-daughter living in Fresno, and eight
grandkids. Mert is active in his church and loves
gardening, spending time with family and being
near the oceanwhen possible! Mert’s closing sen-
tence:“Believe it or not, since leaving St. Lawrence
I have met only five other alumni.”
Joe Richardson
is an operating director at Delta
Point Capital Management, a private equity fund
established for change of control transactions.
Joe had been in the Albany banking business for
years. He is an active member of many com-
munity organizations and is a trustee emeritus at
St. Lawrence. Joe was recognized in 2009 by the
Albany Times Union
as one of “a Dozen who make
a Difference in the Capital Region.”
Doug Brown
and MaryLou M’73 have been golf-
ing in Litchfield/Pawley Island, S.C., and enjoyed
a great "SLU on the Slopes” ski week in Montana
with trip organizer
Tory Spater Somerville
was presented with a special gift from President
Fox in recognition of the 20
anniversary of the
event, which she started at Okemo, Vt., in 1993.
Recent travels have taken Mary Lou and Doug
to China, Alaska and Panama/Costa Rica on a Ver-
mont Bicycle Tour, and Aspen, where they visited
Jane Schwartz
and Bill Schaffer ’62. Doug
finds retirement a great way of life! He skis, watch-
es his grand- boys’ski races, goes on Porsche club
trips, and visits Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard.
Doug invites anyone to visit the next time they
are in Lake Placid. He’s in the phone book!
Thank you all for your news. I look forward to
more emails for the next issue!
Sherry Gage Chappelle ’64
Bayard Avenue
Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971
Next Reunion: 50
, 2014
Thanks are always due to my faithful “stringers”
in the preparation of the column. This time,
deserves a nod for passing along news of
Reunion 2012. Leigh says she flew under the ra-
dar, but I have seen Leigh in action at a reunion
and know that can’t be so. She traveled to Canton
Rick Wilkins
and his bride of a year, Donna
Jean. The Wilkinses, like the Berry/Coburns, are
Rhode Islanders.
Leigh and
Ellen Posner Romano
held the ban-
ner for ’64 in the parade. Ellen was there with hus-
band Dick ’62 as that class celebrated their 50
You still have plenty of time to make your plans
to get to Canton for our 50th in 2014. If you
haven’t been back in a while, you will notice that
many of the best things about St. Lawrence in
our time are still true. But the new facilities, the
courses of study and the professors will make you
wish you could turn the clock back and return to
the University for more than just a weekend.
I forwarded a short article to a number of our
female classmates. Called “They Teach It at Stan-
ford,” it related scientific study about how impor-
tant women’s relationships are to their health and
well-being. I asked them how their long-term
St. Lawrence friendships had influenced their
quality of life.
They may “teach it as Stanford,” but many of us
learned it beginning at St. Lawrence.
Edinger Moss
continues to connect with class-
Ginnie Wolfe Manuel
loves the fact that
she has remained friends with Dean-Eaton hall-
mates including Leigh,
Eugenia Anderson-Ellis
Said Ginnie, “With few
exceptions the friends I made at St. Lawrence that
first year are still among my most cherished, even
though we don’t see each other nearly enough!”
Gwen Briggs Guthrie
was planning a birthday
party for
Dawn Nigey Giese
Carol Pratt Heck-
was about to have dinner for Eugenia and
Patty Paige Malvik
and their spouses.
Kathleen Moore
recovering from hip surgery,
said that her women friends have been a constant
in her life, supportive in joy or sorrow, and helped
her deal with her current pain. She said that as
she recovers she is writing more and acting less
moving from “hummingbird” style to more of a
snowy owl,” and counts on phone conversations
Frank Anzalone
in being able to do that.
Linda Beir Muldoon
was part of the sendoff for
Linda Miller-Cleary ’65 as Linda returns to Maine
after decades teaching in Minnesota, as did our
Linda pre-retirement. They celebrated with a per-
formance of Cirque du Soleil and going to see a
Grrrl” band. Linda and Joe were also celebrating
their 39th wedding anniversary.
I’d love to hear from more of you on this topic,
and from the men in the class on how their
St. Lawrence friendships have made a difference
in their lives.
Carol Hecklinger was the official host for one of
this year’s Commencement speakers, “Doones-
bury”cartoonist and political commentator Garry
Trudeau. What an exciting ending to her five-year
term on the Board of Trustees, and how fortunate
the University was to have her in that capacity.
Carol’s swan song at her last board meeting even
involved song.
It’s hard to believe that most of us face a mo-
mentous birthday this year, some with more
limited range of motion and other health issues,
but many keeping on keeping on. Please keep
on sharing your news in this venue – or make a
resolution to start now. I particularly want to hear
from those of you who haven’t seen your name
here in a long time – or ever. We care. So, write
early and often.
Jane Petrie Davis ’65
P.O. Box 730
Manchester Center, VT 05255-0730
Next Reunion: 50
, 2015
I want to thank all who responded to the email
blast with news of your lives. The response was
so great that I will split the news between the fall
and winter issues.
After St. Lawrence,
Shirley Slavenski Meunier
education included Potsdam State, McGill and
l’Universite de Pointier in France. She taught at
Shaker, Mount Pleasant and Parishville-Hopkin-
ton high schools. In the 1970s, she was director
of the Norwood Museum and deputy historian in
Potsdam, and published the Wilbur bookworm
stories. In the ‘80s, she taught at the Special Ser-
vices program for SUNY and was involved with
literacy programs in schools, libraries and mu-
seums. Shirley has taught at Mater Dei College
and was president of the St. Lawrence County
Arts Council. She published
The Joy of Learning
and wrote
The Numa Prosetry Septet
Shirley has
been helping lure students to St. Lawrence by
being featured in an admissions brochure on arts
writes fromLouisiana that he visited
He planned on spending the sum-
mer in the Northeast working for his son, John,
and for
Charlie Cohn
cleaning up his woods.
Lura Sheldon Clark
have been enjoying
Charleston, S.C., and were heading to Isle Perrot,
Que., for the summer. Each year on their drive to
Canada, they stop in Canton to see the campus.
Ivan Lennon
and Susan have celebrated 42
years of marriage and saw their son, Colin, gradu-
ate in the Class of ‘96. Ivan also has a daughter
and five grandchildren. A retired instructor at the
Midtown Athletic Club, he has made frequent
trips to Ireland researching family ties. There’s an
Irish TV documentary based on his father, George
Elaine Hollenbeck Stewart
lives in Titusville,
Fla., in an RV and golf resort. She loves the resort
life because she can kayak and bike. Before retire-
ment, she owned a recruiting firm for computer
and engineering professionals. Elaine’s on the
board of the Homeowners Association and chair
of the finance committee, sings in the church