FALL 2012 | St. Lawrence University Magazine 39
home is filled with canoeing, hiking and enjoying
the natural surroundings.
Real estate continues to fascinate
Lois Langtry
enough that she is still involved. However, mak-
ing jams and jellies is her great pleasure in life.
The ones that do not get consumed eagerly by
friends and family serve as gifts and contributions
to bake sales. Eye surgery and complications for
Ken and Lois’s back problems cancelled winter
travel plans. Visits from family helped to ward off
the frustrations and disappointment.
It was wonderful to get a note from
Sue See-
vers Dietrich
with specifics about her literary
ventures. Her quiet life in Maine is punctuated
by her writing. She has just finished an historical
The Viking’s Daughter
based on a series of
Icelandic sagas about the Norse in Greenland and
their attempts to settle in North America at the
turn of the 11th century.
This is Sue’s second novel. The first, a small fan-
tasy set in the time of King Arthur titled
was published in 1999 under the name Susan J.
Seevers. Both are available on Amazon. Two oth-
er books are in the works. Since daughter Ingrid
sent her oldest off to Colby-Sawyer in New
London, N.H., this fall, Sue is hoping to visit Peggy
Hammer, who works in the same town. Suemain-
tains contact with
Joan Lake Hacker
Honey” Jore Moore
as well as
Shirley Wood
Griggs Irving
although she insists
she is tightly wrapped in her own cocoon.
Here in Canton, life continues to astound and
confound. My golf game is slipping, my luck in
bridge fluctuates dreadfully, reading is still a
pleasure, mah jongg continues to puzzle, the
golf tournament I chair is doing well, and family
is wonderful. This year I attended a high school
graduation in Maryland, a college graduation at
Middlebury, a 13
dance recital in Boston, and
St. Lawrence softball games in Ft. Myers to see
granddaughter Brady Cooper '15. I also visited
grandsons at Eckerd College and Chaz on his way
to Salisbury College.
My gratitude knows no bounds to all of you who
dropped a note. For the others, please take a few
minutes to do the same for the next magazine.
The deadline will roll around in no time. Please
make this column a priority, especially if your
name does not appear here. We have a reunion
coming up next year, and I am hoping for a large
number of you to begin to make plans to be here.
That means putting it on your calendar now! Put
it on December, so when you get your new calen-
dar, it will be conspicuous and fresh. Obviously,
we need help in working on the development
and planning sides of the reunion.
has agreed to helpme on the planning
side of things, and we welcome any ideas, sug-
gestions, and lots of volunteers. Let’s have them!
Linda Marlow Castle ’59
P.O. Box 766
Honeysuckle Hill
Lexington, VA 24450
Next Reunion: 55
, 2014
As I scanned Reunion photos on the St. Lawrence
website, I noticed a very nice photo of
Ruth Car-
ling Budlong
so I gave her a call and learned that
she was there to receive the Sol Feinstone Award
for Humanitarian Service. This goes to a graduate
who “through devotion of his or her resources
or personal effort, has demonstrated deep com-
mitment to the advancement of the freedom of
people to pursue and attain personal, profession-
al and economic fulfillment.” Through her work
with American Association of University Women
in the 1960s, she promoted adult education, and
in 1973 the Connecticut Legislature established
Charter Oak State College, whose purpose is to
serve individuals who can’t complete a college
degree through conventional means because
of family, job or financial responsibilities. Today
that systemhas graduatedmore than 11,000men
and women from all over the United States. Well
done, Ruth!
Ruth joins two other classmates who received
University recognition, both in the 1990s.
received an Alumni Citation for his sev-
eral tours of duty in Vietnam as a Navy chaplain
and for his continued service counseling veterans.
Dorothy Toth Beasley
received an honorary
degree, recognizing her appointment as the first
woman on the Georgia State Court of Appeals.
I recently had a phone conversation with Don.
Both of us had been very saddened by the news
Don Pickard
s death. The two Dons had been
both high school and college friends. “Pic” and I
became email friends after our 50
Reunion. Don
told me that he finally was able to reach Jackie,
Pic’s”wife. I trust that she has received comfort in
knowing how well liked and respected he was by
his many St. Lawrence friends.
While these three have been recognized in very
public ways, all classmates deserve to be congrat-
ulated for your willingness to help with reunions
and fundraising. Our Reunion attendance has
always been outstanding, and your continued
monetary donations even in these difficult finan-
cial times have continued.
This brings me to Class of 1959 Scholarship. It
has reached a milestone: book value is $79,073
actual donation value), and the market value is
at $88,453.00 (book value plus appreciation/de-
preciation). This does not include planned gifts.
So, thank you one and all. I had hoped to have
the name of the recipient by this June writing, but
alas, the scholarship awards will not be known
until later this summer. Ruth and I are so pleased
that so many have continued to complete your
pledges. Scholarships are becoming more and
more important, and we are well on the way to
becoming a significant one.
AnnYounger Moore ’60
Brookside Drive
Wilbraham, MA 01095-2122
Next Reunion: 55
, 2015
Hulit Pressley Taylor ’61
Surrey Lane, NW
Washington, DC 20007
Next Reunion: 55
, 2016
After a long “absence,” I was delighted to hear
He and Inge were in Hawaii
for the month of April. They spent three weeks on
Oahu and took a week’s cruise to four of the other
islands. “The Grand Canyon of Hawaii on Kauai is
absolutely magnificent,”they declared.
Beth Anne Freilich Gordon
and husband John
had an interesting trip to Omaha, Neb., for the
Berkshire Hathaway stockholders meeting in ear-
ly May. Despite the fact that 35,000 people also
made this trip, she said it was a unique experi-
ence. The highlight of the trip for her was a visit to
the Joslyn Museum, a beautiful art deco building
made of Georgia pink marble with an exquisite
art deco fountain in the indoor courtyard and two
very large Dale Chihuly installations. Beth Anne
now owns six Greyhounds – two are 12 years
old, two are nine and the mischievous pups are
months. She’s gotten into agility with one of
these. “Whether I can race around with the dog
at an agility trial remains to be seen,” she com-
Summer seems to be the season for reunions. In
June, before excursions to icefields in Alaska and
Jay Fleisher
aka Flogger) had a mini-
reunion with Jeanne Baldo White ’59 in Bruns-
wick, Maine, when attending his grandson’s high
school graduation.
Another classmate heading to New England was
Gene Hays
. “
The extremely hot and humid Flori-
da weather had me head to my vacation home in
New Hampshire for the annual family reunion in
August, which I treasure,”he said.
had a reunion with former co-work-
ers. “I worked for the same company (many dif-
ferent assignments and offices) for 36 years and
many of us get together every six months,” he
explained. “Many of us were 25 years old when
we started and worked together all those years.
Some came from the West Coast and one from
Jack Fancher
and Barbara went to Hancock,
N.Y., for his annual high school alumni dinner. He
was unable to attend his actual 55
class reunion
because he had a one-man art show at the same
time. “For more than a decade I stuck with water-
colors exclusively,”he said. “For three years I have
been returning more often to oil painting, which
I did more than 40 years ago, and enjoy it…. We
are both busy with local organizations, art and
music. So we never lack for something to do.”
Floyd Sandford
sent me some beautiful photos
he took in Morocco when he and Sharon were
there in June. They toured Casablanca, Rabat
and the ancient city of Fes, and then explored
Marrakech. “If you haven’t been there yet, put it
down as a destination on your bucket list,” Floyd
Cinnie Baldwin Luscombe
was planning to
spend the end of August on Long Beach Island,
N.J., with her daughters and their families.