FALL 2012 | St. Lawrence University Magazine
Nancy Lansing Hoffmann Len-
and Mary Burk’s daughter and husband were
also on hand.
On our way home
Mimi and I stopped
in Lake Placid for a
visit with Hal and
Nancy. Hal had
his latest project,
a 15-foot bay skiff.
He had previously
built an Adirondack guideboat. The bay skiff
is a sailboat, something like a Lightning. It is a
beautiful piece of handiwork which Hal hoped
to have in the waters of Lake Placid in time for a
gathering of similar boats being staged by Natalie
Bombard-Leduc ‘52.
You may have seen the photo of a gathering of
kayaks on Fourth Lake which graced the “center-
fold” of
Sports Illustrated
earlier this year. One of
those thousands of kayaks was captained by the
Waddie Kalil.
Write to me! Classmates are always glad to hear
what you are doing.
Joyce SullivanThompson ’55
Garrison Road
Glens Falls, NY 12804-2036
Next Reunion: 60
, 2015 (
cluster with ’56)
I am pleased to report that our next reunion,
in 2015, will be a cluster with the Class of 2016.
Please make plans to be on campus!
Someone reported once that “no news is good
news.” I hope that is the case for our class. Please
keep in touch via letters or telephone. I hope you
all had a happy, healthy summer.
Priscilla Harvey Schroeder ’56
Windbrook Court
Westlake Village, CA 91361-3538
Next Reunion: 60
, 2016 (
cluster with ’55)
I’m pleased to report that our next reunion, in
will be a“cluster”with the Class of ’55. Mark
the date now!
We have an Olympic athlete in our class!
Kloppenburg Ferry
qualified for the National Se-
nior Olympics by winning gold medals in doubles
tennis, 100-meter track and long jump at the
Ocean State Senior Olympics. Way to go, Doris!
Doris and Bob ’59 play tennis and bicycle every
day. They enjoyed a trans-Atlantic cruise to the
Azores, Portugal and Spain.
It has beenmany years since we have heard from
Marshall Whitfield
He said, “I thought it was
time to report I am still alive!” He has stopped ski-
ing and doesn’t ride the Harley Davidson as much
growing old is not for babies”! He still bikes
for his cardio workout. He raced bicycles until
he was 55 years old and was awarded a national
medal in 1988. He and his wife, Sue, have two
grandchildren in Denver and a house there for
visits. They live in Durango, Col. He signed off by
saying hello to everyone and added, “I do still go
to weight training with the other old jocks who
have parts missing.”
Lucy Tower Funke
have adopted a
chocolate lab, Bear. Bear loves swimming in the
pond on their new property. Fred is also fishing
with son Dave on their pond, in a new canoe.
Sue Belden Rice
and Randy send greetings from
the little mountain village of Lincoln, Vt., where
they havemade their home for 23 years.They also
lived in South Korea for 16 years. Sues goes to
the gym regularly and works two or three days a
week as a clinical social worker with the Counsel-
ing Service of Addison County. In addition, she is
occupied with her spinning and dyeing yarn busi-
ness, Rice Paddy, as well as playing the ukulele
as a founding member of the Vermont Ukulele
Society. Randy works out at the gym three days
a week and is an active member of their church’s
men’s group. He is in charge of the Interces-
sory Prayer Ministry and teaches an adult Sunday
school class. In addition, he is responsible for the
visitation outreach to the sick and shut-ins. Their
lives are rich and they are finding many opportu-
nities to be of service. That is what life is all about!
Ann Clough Garlock
and Bud ’55 travel to
Florida for six weeks and Bud skis at Mont Trem-
blant in Québec and other destinations the rest
of the winter. Their grandson, McKenzie ’14, had
two incoming first-year students visiting for the
summer. Bud organized a fishing trip to Northern
Memories are powerful motivators.
What we remember and how we choose
to remember can bring us closer to
people, places and things…or can pull
us farther apart. This is particularly true
with regard to our relationship with our
alma mater.
When I gather with St. Lawrence friends,
I am always struck by the fact that our
conversation revolves around positive
memories from our college experiences.
In reminiscing together, we grow closer
to one another and we grow closer to
St. Lawrence.
During our four years in college, each of us no doubt had a few neg-
ative experiences, and those produced negativememories. We could
focus on those. But in my experience, St. Lawrence people don't do
that. Laurentians are optimistic, positive people who focus on posi-
tive memories. When we do so, we reconnect and re-engage with
St. Lawrence. This enhances our own experiences in the present, and
it can motivate us to take actions that will enhance the experiences
of current and future Laurentians.
So our St. Lawrence memories are less about the past (as pleasant
as it was), and far more about the present and future. In a recent
edition of this magazine, President Fox reflected upon an important
observation by the legendary Laurentian Owen D.Young. Young said
to paraphrase) that when he met a man he always wanted to know
whether the man remembered his college. In remembering our be-
loved college, we acknowledge the value that our experience there
has added to our lives. We recall all that was given to us, and that mo-
tivates us to pay it forward in time and talent (through volunteer ac-
tivities that support the University's mission), or in financial support.
Regardless of the type and size of our contributions, they all matter.
As we help to enhance the experiences of current and future Lau-
rentians by re-engaging and giving back, we help them build their
own memories. Those memories will, in turn, motivate them to give
back in the future. The beautiful cycle of Laurentian engagement
Take some time to really reflect upon your St. Lawrence experienc-
es. Reconnect with some St. Lawrence friends you haven't seen in a
while and reminisce about the good times you shared. Remember…
and then re-engage. The positive memories will enhance your pres-
ent, and your increased engagement will enhance the experiences
of students and alumni to come. Memories are powerful motivators
Stephen Todd ’92
Alumni Executive Council President
YOUR Alumni Counc i l
The Make-Believe Story with a Real Ending