FALL 2012 | St. Lawrence University Magazine
was accompanied by his son. Eugene Darrow’s
daughter, Joan, graduated in 1974.
Don O’Brien ’49, whowas also in the Navy, joined
in the festivities. Missing were Paul Durkin ’45,
Walt Hluch, ’47, John Quirk ’48, Art Hilkert ’47,
Gene Maloney ’47 and Meredith “Buzz”Smith ’46.
They are in the Computer Navy Loop (CNL), which
is constantly being sent around. These men are
so loyal to St. Lawrence even though they were
on campus only a short time. They talk about the
good times they had and the good education
they received. Health issues and previous com-
mitments prevented these“regulars”from attend-
ing. Several attended in 1995 when the Class of
celebrated its 50
Ann Miller Hilchie ’46
Indian Oaks Drive
Apt. I-309
Vero Beach, FL 32966
Next Reunion: 70
, 2016
You can see three ways to reach me. I looked at
the“In Memory”section of the website; either we
are all healthy or deaths are not being reported.
So please let me know that you are alive!
We have just opened a new $28 million nursing
facility on our campus. This is a new concept in
nursing care, with six neighborhoods and lovely
private rooms sharing a shower and toilet with
only one other room. There is also a spa in each
wing. It is very attractively decorated, with beauti-
ful gardens and patios to enjoy the outside. This
has brought many visitors.
Hope to hear from you soon. Let’s keep the com-
munication open!
Guilford“Chip”Forbes ’47
Trailwood Court
Bingham Farms, MI 48025-4669
Next Reunion: 70
, 2017
AliceWalsh Kennedy ’48
Smoke Rise Village II
NewHope, PA 18938-1275
215-862-2344 (
Business and Fax)
Next Reunion: 65
May 30-June 2, 2013
I called
Betty Moore
Billy Biggs
at the end
of June. They live in Sarasota, Fla., and spend
summers in Hammond, N.Y., near the Thousand
Islands. They have 17 grandchildren and three
great-grandchildren and many family reunions. I
think that’s the record for our class. Let me know if
any of you can beat it.
Betty Myers Francois
came from the Adiron-
dacks to visit her son Tom ’76 and family for Fa-
ther’s Day. They drove into New York City to see
her two granddaughters, who live in Brooklyn.
She was fascinated with their roof garden and the
beautiful view of the city. When I lived in NYC, our
roof was called “The Beach” -- we would go up to
get our summer tan.
Marge Sabia Crotty
moved in May from Califor-
nia to Las Vegas to be near her daughter, Jennifer.
I called her in June and it was 108 degrees.
I received a letter from Jean Stewart Neuber ’49’s
daughter, Julie Neuber Bishop’76. We’ve kept in
touch, and I always enjoy news about the fam-
ily. Jean’s daughter Sally Neuber Kelly ’80 and Dr.
David Kelly’78’s son, Sean ’15, took a St. Lawrence
course in Kenya for the summer.
Carmen Tringali Carbone
is always busy. Her
latest is a private tour of the White House. She
lives in Reston, Va., and takes advantage of living
near Washington.
I’m still not retired, and enjoy my prom business
every spring – my dress shop is called Applause!
I also go to the gym. My son, Kevin, lives nearby.
He’s a jet-ski racer with many trophies, and has
been to theWorlds.
For information about becoming a reporter for this
class, please contact Sharon Henry, 315-229-5585
, or Kim Hissong, 315-229-
Next Reunion: 65
, 2014
Barbara Grouls Audet ’50
Bent Tree Circle
Ft. Myers, FL 33907
Next Reunion: 65
, 2015
Jack and Janet Tag O’Loughlin ’51
Lake Dornoch Drive
Pinehurst, NC 28734-3579
Next Reunion: 65th, 2016
Bob Cackener
and Helen, who live in Queens-
bury, N.Y., are proud volunteers emeriti at the
Saratoga Performing Arts Center. The Cackeners
have been volunteering since the 1960s, and, as
a result, have received complimentary passes
to all concerts by the Philadelphia Orchestra, as
well as the New York City Ballet programs. Helen
said that it was an ideal opportunity to become
acquainted with many people, as well as hear
and see so many talented artists. We would enjoy
hearing from other ’51ers, who, we are sure, have
volunteered in many varied fields before and
since retirement.
We had a nice note from
Katie Connors Con-
Janet’s roommate in Dean-Eaton Hall our
freshman year. “We had the corner room on the
first floor, so enjoyed a first-class view of the pass-
ing parade,” says Janet. “Lots of fun.” Katie and
live in Loudonville, N.Y.
We are happy and excited to report that Erin
O’Loughlin, the daughter of our son Bob ’75 and
his wife, Laurie, is a member of the Class of 2016.
She came east from California, and traveled even
farther east to be a participant in the First-Year
Program in London. Erin joins others in her fam-
ily who claim St. Lawrence as their alma mater,
including her aunt, Pat O’Loughlin ’79, and Pat’s
husband, Dave Cameron ’77; her late uncle Don
Tag ’57; her grandmother’s cousin Marilyn Bryson
Briggs and husband Ray ’52; and their daughter
Joanne Briggs Steadman ’78.
We hope that she will enjoy her time in the North
Country as much as we did, because it was defi-
nitely one of the happiest times in our lives!
Members of the Navy V-12 training unit on campus during World War II reconvened at Reunion 2012. From
left are Bell Herndon ’47, John Nill ’47, Tom Ridenour ’48, Fred Zito ’47 and Eugene Darrow ’47.