FALL 2012 | St. Lawrence University Magazine
The college scrapbook of
Guy Eaton, Class of 1903
recently came into the
University’s possession, thanks to the alert efforts of Bob ’85 and Susan Nicolais
Weaver ’85. The thick, heavy, tattered book is crammed full of memorabilia and
artifacts from the turn of the 20th century, including dance cards, receipts for
Incidentals,” Tree Holiday (today’s Moving-Up Day) programs, a train ticket to
New York City, and a hand-made Valentine card.
The report card shows that Eaton, who became a Greek and Latin teacher in New
Jersey, took a classical course load of physics, Latin, logic, Greek and English in the
spring of his junior year. And a playbill proves that University students staged operas
downtown 110 years ago.
One item indicates that the sophomore class had 23 students, only one from
outside New York State. There’s a ticket for “Simville’s Elaborate Scenic Revival of
Shakespeare’s Immortal Tragedy of Love and Passion, Romeo and Juliet, (by) An
Adequate Acting Company,” and a Class of 1903 Freshman Banquet Program with a
menu that included “SLU Cake.” Among many toasts printed within is “The Class
of ’03, by Miss Bertha Wood: ‘The wisest was a Freshman once, just freed from bar
and bolt; As noisy as a kettle drum, as leggy as a colt.’”
Guy Eaton’s scrapbook may be perused by appointment in the University Archives.