FALL 2012 | St. Lawrence University Magazine 1
Cover: Jonathan Foster-Moore ’13 captured
this image of Courtney Davis ’13, “running
to hug the tree because she thought it was so
cool,” he says. Both students were on the Ke-
nya Semester Program (KSP) in spring 2012.
As John Linsley outlines in the pages ahead,
along with embracing trees, many KSP alumni
embrace the idea of giving back after college
to a continent and its peoples that gave them
so much as students. The impact is similar in
St. Lawrence’s growing number of off-campus
learning opportunities, as Macreena Doyle
describes in her article.
Photo by Jonathon Foster-Moore ’13.
A Wo r d f r om t h e P r e s i d e n t
On C amp u s
1 0
S p o r t s
1 4
P h i l a n t h r o p y i n A c t i o n
2 0
G l o b a l C amp u s
2 4
B a c k t o A f r i c a
3 0
F r om t h e A r c h i v e s
3 1
C l a s s No t e s
3 4
P i c t u r e Pe r f e c t
6 9
F i n a l Th o u g h t
L aur e n t i an PORT R A I T S
Veronika Horvathova ’12
Taking in the Big Picture
Ralph Lawrence ’64
A Buggy Fit for a Queen
University Magazine
Vol. LXI | Number 4 | Fall 2012
St. Lawrence University has sustainability as a core value.
This magazine
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post-consumer fiber paper, in an eco-friendly process that recycles
virtually all chemical, paper and metal waste. It is printed on Forest
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Pena l t y Box
We transposed two letters in
Carolyn Gioia’s first name in the
headline of her profile in our
summer issue, and five proof-
readers all missed it, proving the
publishing axiom that the larger
the type, the harder it is to spot
a typo. And we placed Owen D.
Young in the wrong class in our
story about the renovation of the
Josephine Young Room in the
library that bears his name. As
Barney” Brown ’40 reminded us,
Mr. Young graduated in 1894.
We regret these errors.