FALL 2012 | St. Lawrence University Magazine
One of them is
Kathleen Perkins Col-
son ’79
KSP spring ’78). Colson is
founder of the BOMA Project, a Ver-
mont-based organization that supports
poverty alleviation through an innovative
micro-finance and business development
program in northern Kenya. Accept-
ing the University’s 2010 Sol Feinstone
Award for Humanitarian Service, Colson
said “KSP-ers (are) having a tremendous
impact on the continent – from law to
technology to wildlife conservation to
water projects and livestock and com-
munity development. Our influence and
understanding of the continent, gleaned
from a semester of immersion and chal-
lenge, is profound.”
Colson has also created ways for other
Laurentians to exercise their altruistic
interests in Africa. BOMA Fellows con-
tribute to her program, and one of them,
Sarah Ellis '04
KSP fall '02), was re-
cently hired as BOMA’s director of new
program development and evaluation in
Kenya. And among BOMA interns in
the U.S. have been
Lyndsay Bisaccio '09
KSP Summerterm '08),
Haley Feickert
KSP summer ’09),
Carly Pearson
KSP spring ’11),
Steve Kiplagat ’12
Stanzi McGlynn ’10
KSP spring '09)
Bond Longley ’12
KSP fall '10).
Colson is emblematic of St. Lawrence
KSP alumni whose continued involve-
ment in Africa is contributing to positive
change and improving understanding of
the continent. Evident in their work are
a spirit of cooperation and collaboration,
and palpable enthusiasm for Africa.
The KSP introduces students to some
of the most critical issues in African de-
velopment and presents an opportunity
to understand how these challenges are
being addressed. Post-KSP, alumni have
become involved with programs and
projects connected to various causes, es-
pecially in educational development:
Chris Bunting ’93
KSP fall ’91) and
Chachu Ganya ’96
a member of the
Kenyan Parliament, co-founded the
Northern Kenya Fund (NKF), which
since its inception in 2004 has sup-
ported more than 400 high-achieving
students in attending secondary school
and college. Also involved with NKF is
Deb Kmon Davidson ’94
KSP spring
who sits on its board of directors.
Class of 1998 alumni Joost de Laat
KSP spring ’97) and
Caroline Ar-
KSP fall ’96) founded
Africa SOMA in 2005. The education-
focused nonprofit grew out of the work
the couple continued in Kenya follow-
ing their KSP experiences.
Kelsey Redpath ’11
Kenya Summer-
term ’09) returned to Kenya last fall
as an intern with Education for All
Children (EFAC), working with EFAC
scholars in the Rift Valley. Through
EFAC, Kelsey’s family sponsors a girl to
attend secondary school, a connection
that was the pathway for her return to
Public health
Public health is a hot development topic
and a field that many St. Lawrence stu-
dents and KSP alumni are keen on. KSP
independent study placements in public
health and other medically-geared orga-
nizations are also popular. One who's
been inspired in this field is St. Lawrence
Amanda Pearson ’92
KSP fall
who recently completed her master’s
degree in public health at George Wash-
ington University. Others have found di-
rection from KSP Co-Director Wairimu
Ndirangu’s community-based summer
course in Kenya, Healthcare Delivery in
a Developing Country:
As part of her recently completed grad-
uate studies in public health,
Franz ’06
KSP spring ’05) interned
in Tanzania with Africa Bridge, a non-
profit that supports orphans and vul-
nerable children.
Kristen Cahill ’96
KSP fall ’94) is
the medical director of the faith-based
humanitarian organization EQUIP
Liberia. Prior to moving to Liberia in
Our influence and understand-
ing of the continent, gleaned
from a semester of immersion
and challenge, is profound.”
Kathleen Perkins Colson ’79,
The BOMA Project
McLaughlin ’05
measures a new
transect in preparation for
conducting a primate survey
among the calderas of Bioko
Island, Equatorial Guinea.