FALL 2012 | St. Lawrence University Magazine 23
for Travel Research Grants. Both
programs are administered by St.
Lawrence's Center for Interna-
tional and Intercultural Studies.
Today’s lab will be
underwater off El Salvador
Some courses include a travel
component, as well. Associate
Professor of Biology Brad Baldwin
who has taught in the Adiron-
dack Semester – has concluded
his Marine Biology class with a trip
to El Salvador, where students go
on diving expeditions and teach
children in a local school. Associ-
ate Professor of Global Studies
Martha Chew Sanchez has taken
students to the U.S.-Mexico bor-
der region as part of the course
La Frontera: Cultural Identities on
the U.S.-Mexico Border.
Abigail Ross '15, of Guilford, N.H.,
participated in a two-week ex-
change program in France while
in high school, which she said
prepared her for the First-
Year Seminar in France she
took in spring 2012. She told
a reporter for
USA Today's
College website, "When I
heard about the program
at St. Lawrence, I couldn't
say no. "For several years,
the University has offered a
spring First-Year Seminar that
is based in Rouen, France,
but begins in Quebec and
includes a trip to Senegal
taking students to three
countries that have French
as their primary language.
Ross said studying in a foreign
country during the first year
helped her become immersed
in the program, before course
work and college life in general
became too overwhelming.
It will be strange to go back to
St. Lawrence next year and no
longer be a freshman," she said.
At the end of the first semester, I
felt like I was just starting to adjust
to college life, so I think it will be
interesting to go back to school."
The place where I redefined
Trinidad and Tobago was the
place where I redefined myself.
While studying there, I discovered
there were undocumented Viet-
namese laborers, and began re-
search. Now, thanks to a Fulbright
grant, I’m able to continue the
research I started four years ago.
After my work is complete, I hope
to have enough data to write a
Andrew Le ’10
Fulbright Grant Recipient,
Trinidad and Tobago
St. Lawrence news coordinator
Macreena Doyle enjoys travel with-
out having to write papers, take tests
and do all those student things.
The Adirondack Semester’s classroom might be in a yurt or in the
woods, but it certainly isn’t in a building.
London FYP
Adirondack Semester
New York City Semester
Washington, D.C.
Nashville, Tennessee
When I heard about
the (France) program
at St. Lawrence,
I couldn't say no."
Abigail Ross '15