FALL 2012 | St. Lawrence University Magazine
There is also an option for a se-
mester of study at Fisk University,
a historically black institution in
Nashville, Tenn.
In the good old summertime
In addition to the traditional
semester-long programs that take
place in 18 countries – including
new additions such as the Czech
Republic and Jordan – interna-
tional study in the summer has
become a popular option for
students. Some programs take
place in countries where the
University does not offer semester
programs (Ireland, Ethiopia and
Mexico, for example). Summer
study is ideal for student athletes
who don't want to miss a sea-
son of training or competition. It
has also become important for
science majors who must take
required courses in prescribed
sequences and find it difficult
to be away from campus for a
There are a variety of options
for students who want to study
in a location where the Univer-
sity does not offer a program or
course, too. St. Lawrence is a
member of the International Stu-
dent Exchange Program (ISEP), a
network of 275 colleges and uni-
versities in 39 countries. Through
ISEP, St. Lawrence students have
recently studied in colleges in
Chile, Germany, Sweden and
Northern Ireland.
Options exist for independent
study, too. Travel Enrichment
Grants are available, to students
participating in off-campus pro-
grams who are connecting an
academic or personal/extra-cur-
ricular interest with study abroad
or with intercultural experience
within the U.S. Students who wish
to pursue independent study
and research on international
or intercultural topics may apply
I felt at home there
In just one year as a student at St. Lawrence, I spent a month
in Thailand, a semester in Australia and a month in Ethiopia. I
went back to Australia after graduation because I felt at home
at James Cook University when I was there, and that feeling
has become more fulfilling as I’ve embedded myself in teach-
ing and my life here.”
Theresa Petray ’06
Lecturer, Department of Anthropology, Archaeology and
Sociology, James Cook University
Cranbrook, Queensland, Australia
I stay connected
I spent a year in Spain, and when I graduated from St. Law-
rence I wanted to be back in Madrid. I worked with children
ages 3 through 11, teaching them English and aspects of
American culture. Now I’m teaching Spanish in the U.S., but
I stay connected to Spain. My students write letters to the stu-
dents at the schools I taught in. I love sharing my experiences
from Spain with my students and broadening their understand-
ing of the world.”
Dana Bisbee ’07
Spanish Teacher, Durham Community School
Durham, Maine
Bob Cowser