FALL 2012 | St. Lawrence University Magazine
Laurentians gathered in Boston in
June with faculty, staff and students
to learn about the University’s sustain-
ability initiatives, including the new
Sustainability Semester and its urban
component in Boston – and to enjoy
local farm-fresh hors d’oeuvres. Valerie
Lehr, dean of academic affairs; Cathy
Shrady, associate professor of geology
and coordinator of the Sustainability
Semester; Louise Gava ’07, the Uni-
versity’s sustainability coordinator; and
David Pynchon ’14 were on hand to
discuss the program and related ef-
In the spring of 2013, a dozen stu-
dents will participate in the inaugural
Sustainability Semester, an off-campus
living-learning program on a farm
property near campus that will
encourage the students to consider
sustainability from both a local and a
global perspective. The Boston com-
ponent will give students the chance
to explore issues such as transporta-
tion, housing, food access, pollution
and environmental justice.
For more information on the semes-
ter, visit stlawu.edu/academics/experi-
Anyone wishing to support the pro-
gram may contact Thomas Pynchon,
associate vice president for develop-
ment, at 315-229-5583 or tpynchon@
Interest in the Sustainability Semester can be found among students, faculty, administrators and
alumni. Enjoying a gathering in Boston were, from left, Cindy Tina ’15, president of the Fruit for
the Future Club, which aims to establish a permaculture garden on campus; Associate Professor of
Philosophy Baylor Johnson; Associate Professor of Geology Cathy Shrady, coordinator of the pro-
gram; David Pynchon ’14; Dominic Brennan ’15; and Louise Gava ’07, St. Lawrence’s sustainability
Whit Haynes ’10
Sustaining a New Off-Campus Semester
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Green Lab: Students in St. Lawrence's new
Sustainability Semester will study and do
research in this greenhouse on a farm near
Canton that will host the program.