St. Lawrence
welcomes submissions for
Final Thought
should be no more than 500 words long and should in some
way reflect upon the writer’s St. Lawrence experience and
what it has meant :
Elizabeth “Lisa” Robbins Cissel
Bridgeport, Conn., passed away on December 13,
She was a sister of Delta Delta Delta, stud-
ied abroad in Kenya and majored in economics.
She taught science and history at Greens Farms
Academy for 13 years; her love of nature and
working with children led her to launch three dif-
ferent elementary school science programs. Her
survivors include her husband, John P’07, and
daughter, Elizabeth“Ellie” ’07.
We have also learned of the deaths of these
Laurentians; memorial notices may appear in
future issues:
Marjorie A. Darken ’36, Dec. 18, 2012
Irving Fein ’36, Aug. 10, 2012
Edwin C. Northrup ’42, Sept. 15, 2012
Margaret Schultz Callaghan’44, May 1, 2013
WilliamA. Hoag ’44, April 25, 2013
Frederick S. Dennin ’45, June 16, 2013
BetteHitchcockCampbell ’46n, April 21, 2013
AliceWalsh Kennedy ’48, July 11, 2013.
HowardW. Mumford ’49, April 29, 2012
E. Jane Broome ’50n, June 7, 2013
Albert J. Ciarcia ’52, July 26, 2013
Sigurd Gulbrandsen ’52, May 15, 2012
Dwight J. Mayer ’52, May 22, 2013
Robert R. Packer ’52, Jan. 6, 2013
Wilma M. Hoover ’53, Jan. 12, 2013
Anthony Chapman ’56, May 9, 2013
Joan Mackay Good ’56, May 10, 2013
Gerald E. Hilger ’58, April 23, 2013
Edward D. Tolles III ’60, June 29, 2012
Edwin N. Kastuck ’71, Aug. 23, 2012
Robert B. Hopkins ’94, April 16, 2013
Faculty and Staff
Two retired St. Lawrence employees, both of
whom joined the University community in 1979
and retired in 1992, died during the spring:
Josephine Bouton
first worked as a secretary
in dining services, then was promoted to book-
keeper, a position she held until her retirement.
She was also involved in special event planning.
Wilfred Demers
spent his career as a painter;
his son Jim is a member of the Facilities Opera-
tions staff.
In Memory Policy
We will publish in “In Memory” detailed
memorial notices of the passing of Lauren-
tians if we receive the information from a
family member or friend in the form of a
previously published notice (typically from
a newspaper). Please send such notices to
Shayla Snyder Witherell ’11, Advancement
Services, St. Lawrence University, Canton,
NY 13617 or
. We
will provide the name and, if available, date
of death of others of whose passing we learn,
and the complete list of recent deaths can be
found on the University’s website at alumni.
The designation “n” with class numerals
indicates that the individual did not gradu-
ate from St. Lawrence.
The designation “M” with class numer-
als indicates that the individual earned a
master’s degree from St. Lawrence in the
year given.