brary, where she works.
I visited
Jess Engelbrecht
at her place in Balti-
more in April. She said she loves her job. We were
lucky to join her for a fashion show she assisted
with, where some of her artwork was displayed.
AdamCasler ’06
Hennepin Road Apts.
Loudon Road
Albany, NY 12211
Next Reunion: 10
, 2016
I was able to connect with John Gursky ’07, Drew
Crawford ’08, Kirk Donovan ’08 and Jon Cardinal
in New York City at the end of July for a sur-
prise birthday party for John. We enjoyed the
time catching up and are excited to make this an
annual event for us to reconnect with each other
and our families.
Singing Sinners alumnae
Kaia Klockeman Ellis
Melina Cruz
reconnected in NewYork City at
the end of April.
Trish Smrecak
passed her comprehensive ex-
ams in March and was admitted to candidacy for
her Ph.D. In celebration of her achievement, she
traveled to New York to visit
Josh Nelson
Joel Waite ’07. Trish also spent time backpacking
Isle Royale National Park, an island park in Lake
Superior. She has continued her involvement in
roller derby, despite a busy schedule. She per-
formed field work in Central New York in August
and continued climbing Adirondack peaks.
On September 22, 2012,
Jess Henty
Marc R. Ridilla, a Rice University alumnus.“We met
in graduate school at Purdue University while
studying biology,” she said. Fellow Laurentians
in attendance included myself, Trish Smrecak,
Stephanie Peek
Josh Nelson
Jess earned
her Ph.D. in cell biology from Purdue in Decem-
ber. Congratulations on both fronts!
Emily Sheldon
graduated from Virginia Com-
monwealth University in June, with a Ph.D. in
biostatistics. She moved to Lowell, Mass., and is a
senior statistician at Synta Pharmaceuticals in Lex-
ington, Mass., where she is part of a teamworking
on oncology drug development. Congratulations
on your graduation and new position!
Jennifer Howard
moved to Alexandria, Va., and
participated in her first half-marathon in March
The Rock N Roll in Washington, D.C., was
the race she ran, and she commented that it was
quite the big check off the bucket list.” Jenn
attended the wedding of
Brooke James
Charles Rouse
in August and had a great time
connecting with old friends from college.
Tim Akers
still living in Salt Lake City, is with
a digital marketing agency called WELD, which
works solely in the outdoor industry with clients
such as Yakima, OARS Rafting,,
Suunto/Amer Sports and others. He is really en-
Habari Gani?
Swahili for "What's the News?")
I compiled this column in Arusha, Tanzania, where St. Lawrence and KSP
Katie Gauthier Donnelly
and I led a summer program for Na-
tional Geographic Student Expeditions (NGSE). Outside of Tanzania, Katie
is programs coordinator at Microfinancing Partners in Africa (
- in St. Louis, Mo.
Pat McLaughlin ’05
KSP fall ’04) also led an NGSE program. His was a
wildlife conservation expedition in Namibia.
Conor Peterson ’12
KSP fall ’10), his sister
Haley Peterson
Hamilton Col-
lege ’11, KSP spring ’10), and
Alli Diehlmann ’11
KSP spring ’10) were
in Tanzania this summer too. They led a community service program and
safari for Putney Student Travel. This fall Conor begins dental school at
the University of Buffalo, Haley is starting law school at the University of
Maryland, and Alli is a massage therapist at a chiropractic and wellness
practice in Portland, Me.
Former St. Lawrence Swahili lecturer
Dr. Sangai Mohochi
traveled to
California last spring as part of his work with Kusoma International-LMEF
), an educational organization he founded while
teaching at Stanford.
Steve Alexander ’03
KSP fall ’02) and wife Marianne are the new parents
of a baby boy, Arlo, born in April!
From Riga, Latvia,
Arturs Saburovs ’10
KSP fall ’09) writes, “Since March
I have been serving in the diplomatic service for the Ministry of For-
eign Affairs of the Republic of Latvia. My current portfolio is Norwegian-
Latvian relations and Nordic-Baltic cooperation. I’m thankful to the St. Law-
rence environmental studies and government departments for providing
me with academic preparation for my service in diplomacy.”
Dan Shafer ’08
KSP fall ’06) is director of operations at Crop to Cup Coffee,
a direct-trade coffee importer. He wrote,“(Last) spring I made a coffee sourc-
ing trip to the Southern Highlands of Tanzania and the Guji Region (Zone) of
Ethiopia. I was looking for coffee-growing communities that are exclusively
comprised of small-holder farmers (no plantation or estate coffees) and com-
munities that our company can add value to.”Dan also made coffee sourcing
trips to Burundi and Uganda in 2011, and added,“While I’meager to get back
to Kenya (as a KSP alumnus), it has been great working around the rest of
East Africa.”
Ajiri Tea
), a producer of award-winning Kenyan teas
founded by
Ann Funkhouser Holby ’79
KSP fall ’78) and her daughter
Sara Holby
Bowdoin College ‘08, KSP fall ’06), has introduced Ajiri Coffee.
Kate Holby ’12
who is nowwith Ajiri full-time as its VP of sales andmarket-
ing, writes, “We are thrilled to launch a new product that will employ more
women and send more orphans to school.” One hundred percent of Ajiri’s
profits support the education of orphans, and local women are employed
to handcraft product labels from dried banana bark.
The KSP center in Karen has lost a long-servingmember of its
Hussein Bonaya
a center
security guard) since 1988, passed
away in April from complications due to injuries sustained in a road acci-
dent in August of last year. One former student wrote that she will remem-
ber Hussein “for his genuine nature and commitment to the KSP students.
He would always greet us with a smile and we would often practice our
Swahili with him. He will be very deeply missed.”
As always, your news and photos are welcome. I look forward to hearing
from you.
John Linsley ’04 (KSP fall ’02)
So. Black Ave. Apt. LL | Bozeman, MT 59715 |
(978) 500-6342
A participant on the fall '06 KSP, Dan Shafer '08 (second from right) of
Crop to Cup Coffee meets with coffee farmers, agronomists and export-
ers in Mbeya, Tanzania. See his update in this column.