Callahan, the son of Jim Callahan ’81.
I have finished my two terms on the Alumni
Council. It was a truly amazing six years, working
with people who love SLU as much as I do. I highly
recommend it to anyone who has the chance to
Fran Russo-Cress ’80
Converse Street
Longmeadow, MA 01106
Next Reunion: 35
2016 (
cluster with ’81, ’82)
Steve Lubrano ’81
Goodfellow Road
Hanover, NH 03755
Next Reunion: 35
, 2016 (
cluster with ’80 ’82)
Teri Podnorzki Gay
is the author of two new
The Wife Who Came with Workboots (And
Other Stories of Life and Love in Charlton Country)
a memoir, is available at
-, while
Spirit and Presence of Place:
Georgia O'Keeffe and Alfred Stieglitz in Lake George
a monograph, available through the Lake George
Historical Association. Her book on the women’s
suffrage movement in rural east-central NewYork
was reviewed in the winter
St. Lawrence
Karen Helle Nemiah ’82
Oldfield Road
Fairfield, CT 06824
Next Reunion: 35
, 2016 (
cluster with ’80, ’81)
John Bailey
practiced“mellow”mightily all sum-
mer, "hanging by our pool, sipping a chilly one,
planning for my next murder mystery or work-
ing on the next software sale or designing a new
website or just snoozing.“ Seems he is adjusting
nicely to life after innkeeper. His business, Deadly
Fun Events, hosting Murder Mystery Weekends
aroundVermont and at nearby inns, mostly keeps
him out of trouble. Wife Debbie works in QA/
Regulation at New Chapter, a health supplement
company in Brattleboro, where she is "enjoying
the challenges of learning a new industry after
surviving six-plus years in the education field."
That is, when she is not chasing down the four
Bailey men in her life. Eldest son Marsh Bailey
spent the summer working on the schooner
out of Rockland, Maine (raise your hand if
you are jealous), before hitting the books again
in pursuit of his maritime license. Number Two
son Nick graduated from Brattleboro Union High
School and headed out to Missouri for boot camp
in connection with his Vermont National Guard
duties. Youngest son Owen is in fifth grade.
Summer fun was clearly on their minds as
Helen Carter ’83 and family managed
to keep themselves entertained with a vacation
week at Canaras. As dictated by tradition, fam-
ily and fellow alums
Gael Gallwey
and Charlie ’86 and Marieke Brown Carter
n were there for a family reunion. Billy had
just graduated from Bowdoin; Doug is a senior
at Endicott College; Peter is a senior at Canter-
bury School; and Elise has entered middle school.
The Bergners also found time for a New York
City dinner rendezvous with
Rob McCarter
Trish Pohanka
Trish, who lives in Chicago,
was on a business trip to the East Coast in her
role as director of merchandising for European
Imports, Inc., a division of Sysco. Not one for all
work and no play, Trish’s passport gets plenty
of good use, most recently in Milan, Singapore
and Bali for some fun.
Elizabeth Gates Clay
has been trying to dissi-
pate tension in her work as a physical therapist as-
sistant near Boxford, Mass. She has a son who is a
junior at Bucknell and a daughter starting her ju-
nior year in high school. Not ones to be accused of
rushing the glory of fall, Beth, husband Bruce and
their daughter are anxiously counting down the
days until ski season starts again at Sugarbush.
Janet Lappe Zoino
has got the Zen calmnailed.
Not one to let the deadline of Christmas, New
Year’s or even Valentine’s Day intimidate her into
releasing Christmas cards if she is not ready, she is
calmly preparing her mailing for this year. “So far
I have my 2010, 2011 and 2012 Christmas cards
collected,”she reports.“Hopefully I will be sending
the packet this summer!” Stay tuned for her news
in the next column as I wait patiently.
Regardless of where or how your summer and
fall have been treating you, take a deep breath
and release slowly. Youmight still find your karma
at the bottom of a leaf pile. Until next time....
Eric Kozlowski ’83
Fernboro Road
Rochester, NY 14618
c) 585-230-7400
h) 585-461-3784
Next Reunion: 30
May 29-June 1, 2014 (cluster
with ’84, ’85)
I received a wonderful photo and note from
Elizabeth Vigsnes Bates
The Off-the-Wall
Hall, which was on the second floor of Whitman,
had a 30-year reunion in Washington, D.C. They
gathered from Maine, New Hampshire, Con-
necticut, New York, Virginia and Maryland, dedi-
cated themselves to a minimum of museums and
pledged to maximize re-connecting. The group
Betsy Nichols Joynt
business own-
Margaret Snyder McKay
in international
Patricia Day
Strong McGovern
Dana Widen Sut-
executive travel with AAA),
Shanan Raines
psychologist) and Elizabeth (part-time actress).
They agreed that the role of parent was the most
rewarding and challenging. The group has 12
children among them. Their children range in age
from 10 to 25, including a Chip, Natalie Bates ’12.
David Streett
was kind to set up a 1983 page
on Facebook. More than 100 alumni have signed
into the closed page. Scan the page and send a
note to anyone to be invited to join. Many have
said they are coming for Reunion next year. For
those who missed the 25th I can share that every-
one has put on a few pounds, lost a bit of hair, and
failed and succeeded at many things. Once you
pull into Canton, it just doesn’t matter; turn up
Park Street and connect with some friends.
Myers Cameron
who has a wonderful Facebook
profile picture, is coming. So are
John Quinn
Dave Helgans
Let’s continue
connecting on the page.
Washington, D.C., was the backdrop for a 30-year reunion of Off-the-Wall Hall (2nd Floor Whit-
man) the last weekend of April 2013. For details on the lives of these members of the Class of
see the class column.