Bonnie Steuart Taylor ’77
Fosbak Drive
Vienna, VA 22182
Next Reunion: 40
, 2017
Reunion Weekend was a fun-filled, beautiful
weekend in the North Country. It was hot, but no
rain fell until we were all safely inside the Newell
Field House for the Alumni Dinner. Many, many
thanks to
Gayle Viebranz Welch
for co-chairing the ’77 por-
tion of the cluster reunion planning. I met Barba-
ra’s daughter Caitlin ’15 at registration – and she’s
her spitting image! Thanks also to Darcy Rieman
MacClaren ’78 and Mo Leonard Missert ’79 and
several other dedicated alums for staffing and
stocking an excellent hospitality suite in Rebert!
The weekend kicked off with many attending a
boat tour of the Thousand Islands in Alexandria
Bay. It was perfect weather and a great oppor-
tunity to see the beauty of the area.
Mary Pat
was aboard; she lives in Orchard Park, N.Y.,
with husband Frank and four sons, ages 18-24.
Also enjoying the cruise were
Pamela Stringer
Lockheed Martin contracts specialist, living in
Baldwinsville, N.Y., and
Meredith ToddWaheed
an internist living in Geneva, N.Y. Meredith told a
great story of joining the Peace Corps after gradu-
ation and being stationed in Afghanistan – an ex-
ample of the many unknown adventures of our
classmates (hint: it’s never too late to write your
class reporter)….
Seen and heard at Reunion:
Deb Odell Bragg,
who has retired from IBM; her older daughter
graduated from Georgetown and her youngest
is at UCLA, and was about to row in the NCAA
crew championships;
Amy Kane Phelps
in Boston;
Jane Funkhouser Smith
Lynn Ruane Tuttle
whose youngest had just
finished her first year at SLU, and only one week
after Reunion, Lynn attended the Tony Awards in
NewYork City;
Sue Ellison Lackmann
who helped carry the ’77 parade banner (Dave is
president of Burnham Commercial near Lancast-
er, Pa., and their daughter is at Wake Forest this
fall); and
Martha Clabby Kjolseth
who lives in
Oslo (she moved with her husband for a “tempo-
rary” assignment that has lasted 23 years), so she
undoubtedly wins the Traveled Farthest award!
In close contention for that prize are
anet Werther Griffin
who traveled from Min-
neapolis, as did Sue Dodge Heiring ’78.
Neilia Phillips Kelly
are enjoying
their two grandchildren. The middle of their three
daughters coaches basketball at Brown.
has a commercial lighting company and
works with his eldest son; he also has triplets, two
of whom just graduated with one left to go, so
he’s about to get a hefty raise!
Libby Gretz
drove from Charlottesville, Va.,
where she lives with her physician husband,
Randy, and volunteers as a master gardener. It
was fun to see
John Bucher
and meet his lovely
wife, Susan. John is a dentist in Guilderland, N.Y.,
with two daughters.
Paul Gallagher
came from
Toronto, where he works for the Florida Panthers
not sure if he lives in Toronto but I had thought
so); his son plays professional hockey in Nova Sco-
tia, and he was well-dressed in his“appropriate for
all occasions”tuxedo t-shirt! A brief chat with
ol Woods Budd
at the Alumni Dinner revealed
she had just retired from the biology department.
How did the years go so fast?
A special Reunion shout-out must go to the
Carnegie ‘Fab Four’:
Candy Collins Murphy
san Nye
Laura Hansen Pedersen
Burnett Criss
freshman quad roommates who
have committed to reuniting every five years at
Reunion and haven’t missed an opportunity yet!
Barb and
Doug Criss
live in Old Forge, N.Y.; Candy
is senior vice president at First Mariner Bank in
Baltimore; Laura and her husband, Rick, have
run Pedersen Farms in Seneca Castle since 1983
her organic asparagus may be found in many
Wegmans and they also grow hops for area micro-
breweries); and Susie Nye has her own cooking/
writing/blogging empire, ‘
Around the Table,
includes frequent spots on New Hampshire televi-
sion. She’s also doing a great job caring for her el-
derly parents, including her feisty 90 year-old dad!
Joe Davitt
emailed his regrets, saying, “It’s un-
likely that I’ll make it back from Indianapolis.” Joe
returned to campus two years ago, along with
many others, for a wrestlers’ reunion, and was
amazed by the many changes to campus.
That’s my Reunion report – or rather, what I can
remember! To those I didn’t catch up with, please
email or drop me a note on Facebook with any
updates I surely missed.
I’ll conclude with the source of many paragraphs
in many columns over the past 35 years –
Steuart Robertson
If she hadn’t had the fabu-
lous broadcasting career which has taken her to
nine states since graduation, there might have
been a fewmore empty columns, so thanks, Holly!
Her newest move is to Georgia: as of June 15 she’s
Raycom Media's new vice president and general
manager of ABC affiliateWTVM in Columbus.
Joel Collamer ’78
Hassake Road
Old Greenwich, CT 06870-1329
203-698-0677 (
203-820-4523 (
Next Reunion: 40
, 2018
Darcy Rieman MacClaren
and I, along with
reunion development chairs
John Callahan
Dave Wiederecht
extend our sincerest thanks
to our planning committee for all of their hard
work, willingness to pitch in and for making our
th Reunion a great success:
Caroline Nycum
Barr, Art Bigsby, Mitch Brown, Sue Beucher
Cady, Bruce Carlisle, Paige Asplundh Cum-
ming, Suzanne D’Amico-Sharp, Sue Drolet
Ferguson, Gordon Gannon, Mark Kaufman,
Candy Arquit Martel, Mark Mayfield, Michael
Quinn, Betsy Schwartz Riccio, Michelle De
Luca Smith
Henley Smith
We also thank
the many others members of the class who
anonymously pitched in as necessary tomake the
weekend a success.
It's estimated that close to 100 classmates made
it to Reunion, far exceeding the initial target
which Darcy and I had set. The weather was quite
cooperative and we’ve received many very posi-
tive comments. This column (oldmedia) is intend-
ed to complement our (new, dynamic media) ’78
Facebook page, so please feel free to post all your
news, reunion photographs and comments there.
Reunion provided numerous opportunities to
catch up with fellow alums from ’77 and ’79 and
even with several ’76ers, and to reflect on our SLU
memories and re-establish ties. I received numer-
ous emails expressing sincere regrets at not being
able to attend Reunion, along with updates. Sev-
eral have already made a serious commitment to
attend our 40th Reunion in five years!
Numerous alums made a pit stop in Lake Placid,
including yours truly, to enjoy the hospitality of
Mike Quinn’
s (Bongo’s) “Mexiquinn” Restaurant
for sustenance, refreshments and entertainment
as they made their way to and from Canton.
Mark Mayfield
Steve Rhoads
got Re-
union off to a great start on Friday evening at
the student center.
Thadine Isenberg Wight
have cel-
ebrated their 34th wedding anniversary! She
continues to work at St. Lawrence’s international
education office. Gary retired recently, after 34.5
years, as senior probation officer with St. Law-
rence County. He decided it was simply time to go
and some health issues made the decision that
much easier.
They have three sons. The oldest, Nick, 30, mar-
ried last summer and is a senior financial analyst
with Brighthouse Network Solutions in Syracuse,
N.Y. Their second, Matthew ’08, is employed with
the Harvard Management Company in Boston.
Their youngest, Scott, 16, is actively involved in
the college search, in pursuit of electrical engi-
neering. Gary and Thadine report that they “have
absolutely no idea where that interest comes
from,”while feeling "truly blessed by their sons."
Rich Chamberlain
had been planning to come,
but in early May he experienced some troubling
health issues following a routine bicycle ride, and
an assessment indicated urgent coronary bypass
surgery. Rich and I traded numerous emails and
fortunately, he’s recovering quickly from the sur-
gery and we’re all hoping for a full, swift recovery.
Rich was posting very vigorous encouragement
on Facebook for the Boston Bruins in their playoff
run, which I interpret as a very good sign.
Despite numerous attempts to lure “grumpy old
Tom Legg
to reunion, he said he was un-
able to make it, and blamed Joanne’s work re-
quirement. In a follow-up call, Joanne clearly said,
Tom, you could have gone by yourself!”
As a follow-up to Reunion,
Beth Lewis Thorp
emailed a photo of a ’78 group taken recently in
Randy Hewitt, Karen Warlich Nelson,
Lucille Renkin Campito, Beth Lewis Thorp,
Betsy Martin Sanders
Steve Bajjaly
other usual members of their group, who were
unable to join them this time, are
Dan Farrell
They spent the
weekend at Karen's lovely Florida home, coming
from all over the East Coast. The group has got-
ten together almost yearly since graduation at
various locations: Philadelphia, Albany, the Thou-
sand Islands, on a cruise ship to Nassau – and on
campus, of course!!