Jim Goodspeed
is still working as an insurance
broker, even though he sold his firm to a larger
organization two years ago. He is the incoming
president of his local Rotary Club and was look-
ing forward to going to Lisbon for the upcoming
international convention. Jimalso has two grand-
sons, Jackson and Paxton.
Cathy Ball Church
have also re-
cently retired, Jerry after 32 years teaching
audiology at Central Michigan University and
Cathy from teaching special education and
then working with special education student
teachers. They look forward to traveling, most-
ly to see their three daughters in Austin, Texas;
Philadelphia; and New York City.
I have many more classmates to report on, but
my space is limited; I apologize to those who will
have to wait until the next magazine to see their
updates. I do think it’s important, though, to in-
clude the sad news that
Ronald Paice
of Colches-
ter, Conn., passed away on May 10. He is survived
by his wife, Kathy Herson ’72, and sons Brian and
daughter Erin. For more, see“In Memory.”
Sandra CicconeWagner ’74
Walking Path Place
San Diego, CA 92130
Next Reunion: 40
May 29-June 1, 2014
We are saddened by the passing of
Dave Jen-
in June. Dave had an outstanding career
in professional athletics, both as a prolific punter
for the NewYork Giants and the Jets and as a radio
commentator. He represented St Lawrence with
class and dignity and was a very special person.
He will be sorely missed. Our condolences to his
family. For more on Dave, see“In Memory.”
In June, I began teaching immigration law and
supervising the immigration clinic as an adjunct
professor at the University of San Diego School
of Law. In May, I represented St. Lawrence at a
college fair for high schools in north San Diego
County and spoke with many interested high
school students who understood there was more
to NewYork State than NewYork City.
Our 40th reunion will take place May 29 to June
1, 2014.
What reunion activities, entertainment,
tours, etc. would interest you and your family? For
those whose last time at St. Lawrence was for our
graduation – what would bring you back to cam-
pus? For those who attended previous reunions
what would make this reunion special for you?
Send me an email or call and let me know your
suggestions. I am also on Facebook, so you could
contact me that way as well. Meanwhile, please
let me knowwhat you and yours have been doing.
Carol Owen ’75
Lake Village Drive
Durham, NC 27713-8952
919-544-2121 (
Next Reunion: 40
, 2015
Snail" mail — nothing. Email — nada. Phone
calls — zip. We would love to hear about your ac-
tivities/trips/family reunions/children/grandchil-
dren. Please keep in touch!
Mary Izant ’76
Harcourt Drive
Cleveland Heights, OH 44106
Next Reunion: 40
, 2016
In response to my question in my email blast to
classmates on June 3, “Did you know the Rolling
Stones began their first U.S. tour today, June 3, in
I received many fun replies.
Peter Hewitt
wrote,” I was at the first Rolling Stones concert
tour when they came through Syracuse, N.Y., that
summer of ’64. We sat up in the first few rows as
guests of Danny Biasone, the owner of the Syra-
cuse Nationals NBA team. There were five or six
other bands, including the Standells, who had the
hit song “Dirty Water” (
Peter added, “I started a new job a few months
ago with LifeSource Water Systems, as EVP/GM,
Commercial Division. The cleantech company
is headquartered in Pasadena, Calif., operating
since 1984, and manufacturing/selling large com-
mercial-grade and whole-house water filter and
conditioning systems. It’s a little out of my Silicon
Valley wheelhouse of Internet/mobile/comput-
ing technologies but practical, loads of growth
potential, and fun just the same.”
Pamela Vogan Lynch
wrote that she retired in
after 35 years as an art instructor, including
years as the director of art K-12 for the Oneida
City School District. Since then she has become a
member and trustee of the Central NYWatercolor
Society, and a trustee on the Oneida City School
District Foundation Board and publicity chair for
its fundraising events. “Proceeds support student
scholarships and special program teacher grants
each year,” she explained. “I also am a member
of the Collections Committee for the Madison
County Historical Society and have developed
and taught a series of Heritage Handicrafts work-
shops as a volunteer. Her and husband Richard’s
son, Zachary, is in a doctoral program in ecology
and evolutionary biology at Emory University in
Atlanta. Daughter Kaytlynn, a junior at William
Smith, will spend the spring 2014 semester in
Rome as part of her art history major.
Bill Durkin
wrote, “And to think that we were
freshmen only eight years after the Stones’ tour."
He was planning to spend a weekend with
Jeff Seely
at Jeff Pierce’s daughter’s
wedding on the Cape in June. His youngest son,
Alec, is in the Class of 2017.“Glad to have another
generation up there and look forward to return-
ing to Canton as a parent,”he commented.
The always-reliable responder to my emails,
Scott Shabot
said his son Benjamin was grad-
uating from submarine school and would be
posted to the USS Greensville, based at Pearl
Harbor, Hawaii. He had been to Brevard, N.C., for
its White Squirrel Festival.
Our Sydney, Australia, correspondent,
wrote in June, “
Lisa Gaylord
and her
daughter Melissa are here visiting fromMadagas-
car, where Lisa works for Rio Tinto. They walked
the beaches and spotted a few whales."
Congratulations to
Mary Munro Shubert
her extended St. Lawrence family in the Lake Plac-
id, N.Y., area. She wrote,“We are brand-new grand-
parents! Our daughter, Molly Shubert Hann ’03,
had her first child June 3! Henry Hann was born
in Saranac Lake, where Molly lives with her hus-
band, Steve Hann ’97. She practices law with Erin
E. Hayes ’01, and has an office in Lake Placid.“How
about those SLU connections!”Mary said. Indeed!
Speaking of SLU connections, Mary sent a pic-
ture about a mini-reunion with“a few of the girls'"
at the home of
Leslie Roberts Petersen
in Con-
necticut in June. She said they called it their 41st
reunion since they all met in 1972. From left are
Paula Judson Stack, Carol Carson-Lein-
hart, Maggie Lingner Schweinfurth,
Megan Huddleston
I was sorry to miss the SLU Alumni Cleveland In-
dians Game in May (against those dreaded Detroit
Tigers); it has proven to be a fun event and is host-
ed by Paul Dolan ’80, chairman and CEO of the In-
dians, in the owner’s loge of course…best views in
Josie Lowden Chapman
and John attend-
ed, along with Cindy Treat Hollister ’74 and John,
Andrew Coleman ’02, Edward “Ned” Baker ’86,
Rob Berick ’89, Lawrence Crowther ’80, Pat Feath-
ers Kelley ’74, Thomas Kelly ’85, Carol Schneible
Lewis ’80, Jessie Lewis ’14, Haley Preston ’13, Mi-
chael McPhillips ’11,Thomas Roulston ’81, Andrew
Sikorovsky ’88 and David Turben ’88. I wish some-
one had taken a picture…next year for sure!
Clearly enjoying the Thousand Islands boat
tour were Class Reporter Bonnie Steuart
Taylor ’77, left, and Pam Stringer '77.
For more, visit