Jim semi-retired in 2004, meaning he teaches
a full load and advises all majors for half pay.
In a few more years, he will fully retire and stay
out on his small farm raising chickens, cows and
a garden. Jim has been married since 1975 to
Elaine, a native of Grand Forks, N.D.; they have a
married daughter, Jennifer, who lives in Fargo.
Chris Boscamp Doyle
wrote that she is in Stam-
ford, Conn., working full-time as a stay-at-home
daughter! Unfortunately, she had to leave her
friends, home and job in Florida when her dad
died since her mother is mostly bedridden and
can get around only in a wheelchair. Chris doesn’t
know what is in store, but she does plan to go
back to work, at least part-time, as soon as she
can. She wished she could see everyone at Re-
union, but that wasn’t in the cards and she sent
her best wishes to all.
Now onto news from reunion attendees!
Tony Polvino
reported that after so many years
off the grid, he was delighted to have caught up
with so many people. He was particularly im-
pressed with how well most of us have stayed in
shape! Tony lives in Annapolis, teaches in the city
of Baltimore, and was looking forward to spend-
ing the summer working construction, taking
some workshops, and visiting his daughters and
grandchildren in Maine.
Marcia Corbett Meegan
and Dennis live in El-
lington, Conn. She is still enjoying teaching high
school Spanish and keeps in touch with
Linda Townsend Fox
getting together with
them every year in New Haven for the Yale-St.
Lawrence men’s hockey game.
Cheryl Grandfield
has spent 12 years in an in-
dependent investment management business
with her husband, Richard Dodd, and is having
way too much fun to think about retiring. They
still live in Greenwich Village in NewYork City, and
have no plans to move yet.
After a long career as a corporate banker,
is living in Center City Philadelphia and
works part-time assessing the financial perfor-
mance of non-profits.
Kevyn Salsburg
retired in 2009 after 31 years
with IBM. She has lived in St. John, U.S. Virgin Is-
lands, since 2001 and founded a vacation villa rent-
al business, St. John Condos,
Explore & More, the children’s museum
Claudia Dosch Newton
helped start in
is expanding and moving to Buffalo in
Claudia is the educational coordinator.
John retired from public school in 2008 and
started Mandala School. He also is an adjunct
professor at SUNY Fredonia. They regularly work
with their son, Matt ’09, who bought a home-
stead house for $1. Their daughter, Julia, is a se-
nior at St. Lawrence.
Following graduation,
Bill Lyons
worked for
many years, both as a teacher and as an admin-
istrator, at the Fessenden School, Brewster Acad-
emy, and Chapel Hill-Chauncy School. In 2000,
he started Independent Thinking, a firm work-
ing with independent schools throughout the
country, helping place senior administrators and
school heads. He lives in Watertown, Mass., and
also has a home inWolfeboro, N.H.
After a long career as a writer of histories and bi-
ographies for teenage readers for publishers such
as Scholastic and Enslow,
Zach Kent
has eased
into retirement and is now able to indulge in his
avocations of traveling and volunteer archaeology.
Among other retirees are
Stuart Pratt
he and
his wife now live in mid-coast Maine) and
Perry Yester
and husband Russ, who are look-
ing forward to fulfilling their “bucket list.”
is also retired, summering in Cranberry
Lake and hoping to see more of his Phi Sigma
Kappa buds soon.
Mary Granai Corrigan
that retirement has been a joy and that“Four gen-
erations tumble around each other almost every
day. Life is good.”
An Ogdensburg resident,
David Sickler
is an
area manager for the NewYork State Department
of Labor in the North Country. He has spent 20
years helping the unemployed in St. Lawrence
County find employment. David has two daugh-
ters, Laurel and Rachel, who live in Vermont.
This was Rob Sypher’s first visit to SLU in 30 years.
After driving from North Carolina to Canton (an
mile loop), he was pleased to find that noth-
ing has changed with his old buds, and his wife,
Julia, now understands what a formative experi-
ence four years at SLU represent. He enjoyed re-
connecting with so many alums and commented
that the campus is bigger with excellent labs and
wonderful student hosts.
Wes Loker
is living in Redding, Conn., and is
winding down his career with a repping firm in
New York City. He and his wife, Karen, are enjoy-
ing their grandchildren, ages 2 and 4. He invites
anybody traveling to New England to stop by –
they are at the gateway to the North!
Bob Taddeo
recently celebrated his 36th wed-
ding anniversary and continues practicing as an
internist in Connecticut. He has two children, Em-
ily (mother of his two grandchildren, ages 2 and
and Evan, pursuing a Ph.D. in pharmacology at
the University of Virginia.
Nancy Sala Connor
have three sons
the youngest just graduated from Dartmouth)
and five grandchildren. To quote them, “Reunion
was fabulous! Our SLU is looking incredible!”
The distinction of being the Reunion attendees
with the most grandchildren (7) goes to
Joseph Sluzar
Their children
live in Marblehead, Mass., and Southlake, Texas,
and Debbie is proud of herself for going skydiv-
ing with her son!
Sue Ann LaMantia Brown
lives in Delmar, N.Y.,
and is vice president of service operations for
MVP Health Care. She and Thomas were expect-
ing their first grandchild, a boy, in July.
Diana Applin Howe
is a student adviser at the
University of Scranton and enjoys comparing aca-
demic programs and student opportunities with
those at SLU. Prior to her university work, Diana
did advocacy and counseling at the Women’s
Resource Center, a domestic violence and sexual
assault service center in Scranton. She has three
grown children and five grandchildren, lives on
the edge of the Poconos, and spends free time
doing lay ministry and music at her church.
The Colonial seaport of Wickford, R.I., is where
John Machata
lives the good life” with Candie,
Anna, 13, and Nate, 11. John is a family doctor
who works on a micropractice model and bikes
and gardens for fun.
After graduation,
Paul Sengakis
worked at
various airlines, beginning with Aer Lingus, until
the tragedy of 9/11. Since then, he has had sev-
eral jobs in different hospitals, currently Emblem
Health in NYC in their government programs de-
partment on a contract for Medicare coordination
of benefits (something we’ll all need someday).
He has also been a Ronald McDonald House vol-
unteer for more than 18 years and says“talk about
profiles in courage.” He and his wife Linda (sister
live in NewYork City but frequent-
ly escape to their condo in Provincetown, Cape
Cod, and love to travel.
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