From the perspective of someone who follows
energy issues closely and who is particularly con-
cerned about the current Jurassic-era state of
technology involving fracking and related issues,
it is apparent that we are indeed fortunate to have
someone of Dan’s caliber doing what he is doing.
Absent quality people like Dan, we would really
be in big trouble. So, a big thank-you to Dan for
being environmentally conscious and in thinking
of the future.
He and Barbara have been happily married for
years. They have four beautiful and successful
daughters and nine grandchildren who are “the
light and the joy of our lives,” Dan says. “Our girls
all live near us so we are able to gather as a fam-
ily (quite a large and boisterous crew) very often.”
Now that the kids have“flown the nest,”they have
more time for travel: Italy, Hawaii, Alaska, Bermu-
da, Costa Rica, Cabo San Lucas, the Panama Canal,
the Bahamas and the Caribbean (several times).
Greece is next on the bucket list,”he says.
They get back to Canton regularly since Barbara
still has family there. “You may recall that I was a
faculty brat,’ so SLU is not only my alma mater
but was also a big part of my life growing up,”
Dan says. “I take the time to visit campus when-
ever I am in town and find the University has both
changed and remained the same over the years.
It remains, however, one of the most beautiful
campuses I have ever seen and a place associ-
ated with some of my fondest memories. The late
s and early ’70s were turbulent times, but we
still managed to have a lot of fun and make some
great friends.”
Marty Buckoski
lives in the Boston area and is
an account executive with The Sullivan Group, an
insurance brokerage firm based in Worcester, or
as they say in Boston,“Woostah.”Marty has stayed
in touch with his brothers from Sigma Pi and got
together with almost 30 of them last spring. I’ll
see if I can get some notes from Marty on who is
doing what.
Barbarajean Schaefer Blodgett ’72
6763 25
th Street North
Arlington, VA 22213
Next Reunion: 45
, 2018 (
cluster with ’73, ’74)
Greetings all! In June I worked with contractors
on a new kitchen in my condo near D.C.; drove to
Syracuse to move Molly out of her college apart-
ment and place her things in storage until late Au-
gust; drove her to Columbia University, where she
spent the summer living while interning in the IT
department at Ralph Lauren; and traveled out to
Denver with my 87-year-old mother, who stayed
there through Labor Day at my sister’s home. Be-
tween that, and watching over two toddler grand-
sons fromtime to time, I’d say crazy about covers it!
I might have put mileage on my car, but
Woods Cloonan
definitely has me beat — she
travelled to Spain and Morocco in late May-early
June. Her travel savvy is truly remarkable. Retire-
ment has provided ample opportunity for her to
continue her wanderlust!
Facebook friend
Judy Howe
says, “No question
that for many of us, tracking old friends and stay-
ing in touch has opened up a whole new world
of connectivity."
Then, there are classmates and friends who cor-
respond with me the old-fashioned way. I re-
ceived a “Gettysburg Battlefield Detail” postcard
Earl “Steamboat” McElfresh
a small Phi Sigma Kappa gathering in Fairfield,
Conn., on May 29. The informal gathering in-
Jeff Petersen
Steve Jones
and Steam-
boat, joined by John Murphy, Jim Melville, Zach
Kent, Wes Loker and Jay Wolstenholme from
the class of ’73. “It was great,” said Steamboat. “I
hadn’t seen some of these guys since the Nixon
presidency! The conversations were ricocheting
around the table but we all more or less caught
up, closed the place and headed home. These are
the good old days too!”
Jay Jenkins
felt inspired to writeme after seeing
a photo of a bunch of Kappas in the last maga-
zine. Apparently, he recognizedmany faces and it
brought back fond memories. He remarked that
while he played hockey and was an ATO on cam-
pus, he drifted to a more unstructured lifestyle
after graduation: “My wife of 38 years and I have
bought a winter home on St. Simons Island, Ga.
Mary and I summer at our lake home in south-
eastern New Hampshire and have three grown
kids, all completely different, scattered in New
England. I've done a bunch of different things,
inevitably itchy after too long a stint at any: Prep
school teacher/coach, art gallery owner, historic
home renovator and builder, and founder and di-
rector of a non-profit.Time lines overlap, and some
of these were done simultaneously. Overall, I'm
thrilled with what I've done and created, happy to
have lots of time left for sports and playing music,
for grandparenting, and generally appreciating
life now that the stresses are nearly gone.” While
the “reunion thing” was never high on his list, Jay
is very appreciative of his St. Lawrence education
which contributed to his“Bohemian, always push-
ing against the mainstream”way of living.
Mike Keenan
touched base with me during
the Stanley Cup finals between the Boston Bru-
ins and Chicago Blackhawks. Some of you will
remember that he coached both teams during
his time in the NHL, so he wasn’t partial to ei-
ther side. It was great to see two of the “original
six” NHL teams in the finals, and have a former
St. Lawrence player on each squad: Rich Pever-
ley ’04 with Boston (now with the Dallas Stars)
and Brandon Bollig ’12n with Chicago. Mike ap-
parently still“has coaching bug, will travel”; later,
it was announced that he had signed as head
coach of Metallurg Magnitogorsk. The team’s
home is in Russia’s Ural Mountains.
Linda Tirelli Herrmann ’73
Lebanon Hills Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15228-1819
Next Reunion: 45
, 2018 (
cluster with ’72, ’74)
Our 40th reunion was GREAT! I’d like to thank
Rob Sypher
their committee for all their hard work. Thank you
also, Rob, for themargarita party – what a fun way
to spend Saturday afternoon!
Before the reunion, I received updates from sev-
eral classmates who could not attend, so I’ll start
with their news.
Jim Rudd
has been back to Canton several
times as part of his career. Since graduation,
he has worked his entire career as an athletics
trainer, starting as an assistant with the Phila-
delphia Eagles, then going to grad school at
the University of North Dakota. He has worked
at a New Jersey junior college, and was head
trainer at Kansas State, curriculum director at
West Virginia, and director of sports medicine
at Valdosta State, then headed back to North
Dakota in 1989 as director of sports medicine.
What Are We Doing?
At its 40
Reunion, the
Class of ’73
unscientifically surveyed itself, to learn where it has gone,
what it does, and more. Several questions (regarding recycling, smartphones and minivans, for
example) were inconceivable when they were in college. Some of the findings from the 50 re-
sponders at the class banquet:
have lived in more than 5 states
have lived in 3 countries
have visitedmore than10 countries (onepersonhas been tomore than40)
have Chips (children who went to St. Lawrence)
are not coffee-drinkers
exercise daily
recycle regularly
still have a landline phone
have foresworn desktop computers, and use only a laptop, tablet or smartphone
volunteer for two or more organizations
have donated 50 pints of blood
have owned a minivan
went into education, by far themost popular career field among the class
went into politics